Beauregard Sopo Dead at Delta; Two Others Dead in NY

3-year-old Beauregard Sopo is dead – the victim of a presumptive breakdown last night at Delta (race 8). I say presumptive because this is all we got from the (Equibase) chart: “BEAUREGARD SOPO dueled from between foes early, clipped heels entering the turn, was pulled up and euthanized.” Pulled up and euthanized. And that’s that.

Also, the NYS Gaming Commission reports two more dead racehorses:

3-year-old The Lewis Dinner, November 15 at Aqueduct – “chronic post op throat infection from throat surgery 45 days ago, resistant to treatment – euthanized.” The Lewis Dinner was last raced in June.

7-year-old Rush Now, November 17 at Finger Lakes – “diagnosed with colic, surgery not an option – euthanized.” I’m guessing that surgery was “not an option” at least in part because Rush Now was a lowly $5,000 claimer toiling away at a cheap track, and after 49 “career starts” (last one October 17), there wasn’t a whole lot more to mine.

This is horseracing.

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  1. “CLIPPED HEELS” = jockeys racing too tight – abusive riding with no regard for the safety of the horses.
    Did BEAUREGARD SOPO ask to be raced up so close to another horse, resulting in him being so squeezed for room, that he clipped heels? No, the horse never places itself in such a dangerous potentially lethal situation. In my view, this horse died because of the negligence of either his rider and/or other riders, due to the fact that they were “dueling” (reckless riding). And the racing authorites condone this practice? they are also just as guilty.
    It was this 3 year old gelding’s 9th start have earned $38,755 with an average of $4,306 per start.

  2. THE LEWIS DINNER – this 3 year old filly first raced on July 18, 2014 and as at the date of her death had raced 9 times 3-3-2 for $260,125 averaging $28,903 per start. To have successfully placed 8 times out of her 9 starts would have made her very valuable especially her future in the breeding barn. She became sick, was operated on, treatment unsuccessful and then she dies. One can only wonder what part an insurance policy would’ve played – I suspect, a big part. She suffered and died for the so called “sport” of horseracing.

  3. RUSH NOW – this 7 year old gelding first raced on July 31, 2010 and as at the date of his death (November 17) had EARNED $612,039 averaging $12,491 per start.
    49 starts 14 wins, 9 2nds and 3 3rds. In his last start at Finger Lakes he was up for claiming for $5,000 and “faded in the final furlong” according to the Chart.
    Over 5 years of racing and no thought of retiring him to pasture after earning a huge amount of money. Yep, a gelding – just race them into the ground until you squeeze the last drop of blood out of them. His life as a racehorse resulted in his excruciatingly painful colic before he was finally euthanased. This is horsracing.

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