6-Year-Old Killed in 4th Race at Parx

6-year-old Quotable is dead – “humanely euthanized,” says Equibase – after breaking down in the 4th yesterday afternoon at Parx. The pitiful animal had been exclusively a claimer for the past three-plus years; in the last five months of his life, he was made to endure four different trainers and three different owners. In all, Quotable was put to the whip 27 times before being killed. For gambling.

Please stop betting on horse races.


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  1. QUOTABLE a rising seven (7) year old entire from foaling date. 27 starts: 5 wins, 8 2nds and 2 3rds for $186,890 (averaging $6,922 per start). He began racing as a 2 year old (a baby).

    According to equibase.com, connections of last start were –
    Jockey: Julio A Hernandez
    Trainer: William S Rose
    Owner: Kenneth M White
    Breeder: Michael W Jester

    He had 4 different trainers in the past 5 months and in the past 3 years endured running in the sinister claiming races –this is disgusting! In his lethal race he was up for claiming for $5,000.
    How about a bit of transparency and disclosure racing industry?????
    I have a suggestion – beside the saddle no. apply the following words –
    “SLAVE up for sale for $….. YES I’M JUST A RACEHORSE”.

    Yep, just pass the poor bugger around and around, money passing around and around until the horse breaks down suffering a painful catastrophic injury. He broke down in his right front (foreleg) no doubt a bone fracture injury. Oh but he was “humanely” euthanased as if to imply that they did the right thing by him… oh please! This horse was raced into the ground until his body broke……. UTTERLY SHAMEFUL!

    The horseracing industry unfailingly continues to reveal its total disregard for the welfare of the racehorse.

  2. I actually watched the last race American Pharaoh would run in and oddly enough, his jockey actually said he just hoped he’d–(The horse) would get through it without being hurt. HELLO!!! I thought, ‘Oh that’s nice— he’d like to see him live through the race, as opposed to like NOT running and being assured of a somewhat nice retirement.’ Hopefully he won’t end up at a slaughter house when he’s too old to breed. When will people get it.

    • Interesting isn’t it Carol – jockey appears to be revealing what most jockeys know these horses go through. Believe me, as a serving stallion American Pharoah has a laborious job ahead of him and they live such solitary lives, it is cruel in my view. The horse is a herd animal. Some idiots in the industry laugh about the great sex life they have. Well nothing could be further from the truth! Some serving stallions die from exhaustion having to serve far too many mares. Often they are forced to serve when they just don’t feel up to it. And as for the teasing pony, oh my heart breaks for them as well. Exactly! when will people get it?
      Certain people in the racing industry just don’t ever “want to get it”!!!

  3. Quotable – rest in peace you gentle soul. Just another victim who was born to be a profit slave for the horse racing industry. You spent the last 3 years running for your life. You had to pick-up a pay check to ensure a stall, and some feed. As soon as those checks stop coming, you could have ended up like many at the kill auction, and then the slaughter house. Let’s not forget that while you ran in the claiming races you were making money for many people. You filled races for the track, you were a number to bet on for $2, you brought money into the wagering windows, and you made money for your different connections. While you ran your fanny-off for everybody, while most likely sore, you were probably pumped up with drugs to decrease the pain, but you ran. They may have even known about your soreness, but ran you any way because claimers are better dying on the racetrack than to become a financial liability for the connections it seems.

    Geldings are especially vulnerable. There are no grassy paddocks guaranteed since you can’t breed, and based on your track record, you can’t be a stallion. Unfortunately, there are many like you looking for homes, but the homes are far, and few between. The industry knows this, and the connections usually do as well. So it’s possible that many view geldings like you as a disposable commodity. Dirty trash that’s no longer wanted. What do people do with trash? Well, they get rid of it.

    I want to let you know Quotable that you were not disposable to us horse lovers. We love you. We don’t support what they are doing to horses like you. I worked with many geldings like you. You are the foundation of the horse racing industry because you represent about 90% of the runners on tracks.

    The horse racing community focuses on, and promotes the big races, with the big name Trainers, and the Friends Retirement Community, but they never tell the whole picture. The real picture for racehorses like you.

    You are carrying the horse racing industry literally on your backs. You have big hearts. You give it all you got knowing that you may get a feed tub at the end of the race. You run for your life. You are the real world of horse racing. Sadly, many of you die running for your life. This is horse racing. It’s a pathetic circus.

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