3-Year-Old Beil Beil Dead at Charles Town

I have confirmed that 3-year-old Beil Beil is dead at Charles Town – “broke down” in yesterday’s 8th race, euthanized on the track. This is horseracing.

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  1. Approximately halfway to maturity you are dead, Beil Beil. You were killed at the “Bullring” by a corrupt animal abusing gambling business. R.I.P Beil Beil your miserable unnatural existence is finished.

    And to add insult to the abused athletes, the WSJ had an article just prior to the Breeder’s Cup which said many of the breeding farms in Kentucky were open to the public so the fans and potential fans could hear “the story of the horse” !!! Now, if that is not the epitome of the rampant deceit in this business I don’t know what is.

    The REAL story of the horse is abuse and death at the track or the slaughterhouse before or not long after reaching maturity. And that, racing fans, is “the story of the horse” in a nut shell.

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