Halloween Ugliness

From American horseracing tracks yesterday (Equibase):

In the 2nd at Del Mar, “W. GILES reared and fell backward in the gate at the start and unseated the rider. The stewards conducted an inquiry into the start before ruling W. GILES was the cause of his own trouble.” “The cause of his own trouble.”

In the 6th at Hawthorne, “LITTLE DONKEY DONK wouldn’t load into the gate then raced in the second flight early before being pulled up and vanned off.” “Wouldn’t load – [eventually] vanned off.”

In the 1st at Keeneland, “PRIME ENGINE was a bit reluctant to load, broke sharply, tracked the leader three wide, remained a solid presence under pressure to mid stretch, gave way and was reported by the stewards to have bled.” “A bit reluctant to load…remained a presence under pressure – [subsequently] reported to have bled.”

In the 5th at Parx, “SUPER CHICA prompted the pace for almost a half mile then stopped and was eased through the stretch. Afterwards she was reported by the veterinarian to be in respiratory distress.” “Respiratory distress.”

In the 7th at Penn, “JELISE reared in the gate and broke the doors prior to the start then moved up outside early, angled in on the turn then stopped.” “Reared in the gate…broke the doors” – raced anyway, finished last.

In the 7th at Portland, “GABE’S PRIDE reared at the start and unseated his rider.” “Reared at the start…unseated his rider.”

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  1. By their behaviour, these horses are indicating that they are not up to the stressful life threatening task ahead of them. They know how their bodies are feeling better than any human. It is blatant animal abuse to force a horse into the gates, the horse has no voice and the only way he can communicate is by his behaviour.
    WHEN is the horseracing industry going to GET this?!?!?!

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