A 2-Year-Old and a 3-Year-Old Dead at Fresno

The CHRB reports the following deaths at “The Big Fresno Fair”:

2-year-old Ijudge was euthanized after fracturing sesamoids while training on October 11. He had been raced once (at Stockton in September).

3-year-old California Storm was euthanized after suffering a “complete fracture of the right front distal cannon” while training on October 14. He had yet to be raced.

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One comment

  1. Dishearteniing news. With the 11$million that went to UC Davis to monitor drugs and analyze injuries (catastrophic events), you would expect this not to happen. But maybe they do better at monitoring and analyzing after the fact than actually educating the obviously ignorant and preventing the continuing without a hiccup deaths of these kind congenial spirits?!!!!!!

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