Flynn Bug Dead at Belmont; Five Dead for Santa Anita

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Flynn Bug, a 2-year-old filly who was raced for the first time just two weeks ago, “collapsed and died after breezing” at Belmont Monday – a “cardiovascular collapse,” they’re calling it. Again, two, or the rough equivalent (on the maturation chart) of a human 6-year-old. Defend that.

Also, in its latest Stewards Minutes, Santa Anita reports five – yes, five – dead for the week 10/5-10/11. Identities withheld. Even if we were to accept the Del Mar explanation that some may have been killed at off-site training facilities while being prepared to run at SA, dead on the Santa Anita minutes is dead on the Santa Anita minutes. Those five are theirs.

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  1. Died of a heart attack. Alone and in the hands of an unconscious and uncaring custodian. RIP

    As for California – my state – it sticks in my throat to tell you all who fixate on the UC Davis Equine business. Their program is supported in the millions of dollars a year thriugh a percentage of the paramutual handle. That provisio is regulation. It isn’t a cooperative agreement. The legislative body of California passed the rule. It is in their best interest that racing continue.

    The support may have expired, I can’t find – but tell you the truth I stumbled across it while doing other research. At one time, the horse industry was number 2 in revenue and research was needed to bolster the science of management.

    A lot of good it did. UC Davis issued a report for BLM last year that horses in pens not necessarily want or need shade or shelter.

    It goes without saying that humane orgs don’t stand up without working the public to balance whatever support they are wallowing in by these non-human industrialists.

    • janwindsong, are you serious about that UC Davis report? Could you possibly provide a link? It needs to be circulated!

    • The horses don’t “necessarily WANT or NEED shade or shelter”. This is one of the most basic necessities for horses. Leaves me speechless that such an organisation can make such an appalling statement.
      Thank you Janwindsong for the links.

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