2-Year-Old Sky Devil Killed at Finger Lakes

2-year-old Sky Devil is dead after breaking down in the 5th yesterday at Finger Lakes. “Tamed,” exploited, killed – all before even remotely finishing puberty.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Rest in peace Sky Devil. You were so full of life, beautiful with your glossy bay coat and diamond blaze. You will always be remembered.

  2. Four races in less than two months, this baby of a colt that shouldn’t have had any riders on his immature body is now dead. Sickening results of an abusive gambling industry – damaged, dead horses.

  3. Please don’t send these notifications to me anymore. It’s TOOOOO heartbreaking. I had two horses as a child, and horses are my favorite animal. I can’t stand to hear about these horseracing wrongs. Thanks.

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