Tacticus Makes it 3 Dead at Keeneland in Less Than 24 Hours

Keeneland, one of the nation’s elite racetracks, lost its third “athlete” in less than 24 hours when Tacticus suffered what the The Courier-Journal calls “a fatal fracture” while working out this morning. As was the case with yesterday’s fallen, this was only newsworthy because the 4-year-old colt was “regally-bred,” a multiple stakes winner. But newsworthy or not, three dead horses is still, the paper insists, just “a rough run.”

“A rough run.” Speechless.

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  1. Yes, a “rough run”! A rough life in a rough business and a rough end for the horses.

    And of course, the “officials” are interested in ensuring the horses have no drugs in their systems, so tests are run, right !

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