Dead: Charitable Star at Charles Town, Nine Innings at Batavia

I have confirmed that Charitable Star was euthanized on the track after breaking down at Charles Town Thursday night (race 4). She was three years old.

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Nine Innings is dead after breaking down at Batavia (harness) last night (race 7). He was nine years old.

Young, old (relatively, that is), Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds – it matters not; the Racing grinder doesn’t discriminate.


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  1. Time for the owners and trainers to run the race. It’s good to see things from the other side of the fence. So make sure you run fast, because, if you don’t, things will get real ugly for you. Hear you like the whip. Good thing cause that’s what you’re getting.

  2. Thanks again Patrick.
    I’m very sorry to learn (but NOT surprised) that ‘Charitable Star’ broke down at just 3years old.
    Of course,no one was seeing ” Fractious, Legs Splayed, Head in Mud, Gash, Limped Off” either!!

    Nor listening to these thoroughbreds voiceless pleas “Country Roads…Take Me Home”….West Virginia….

    VETS…Obviously… a PROFESSIONAL shortage exists in WV but at CharlesTown more than ever

    and Dr. BOUCHER….WEIR…etc…far too swamped with other lame…injured…spent…unwanted….
    at Mountaineer and Barberinos (newly purchased by Burton Sipps)

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