Four Dead at Los Alamitos

From the Los Alamitos Stewards Minutes, September 18, race 2: La Victoria Light “broke down at or about the 1/16th pole…fell to the track surface…was transported to the Receiving Barn [and] euthanized.” Dead – at two, in her second ever race.

The California Horse Racing Board also reports that Los Alamitos had three other kills in week ending September 20 – identities of the victims, however, were withheld. (California is not as transparent as they want the public to believe.)

This is horseracing.

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  1. California Horse Racing Board sees fit to disclose the identity of the death of 1 racehorse (La Victoria Light) and at the same time sees fit NOT to disclose the identities of the deaths of 3 other racehorses.

    All 4 deaths occurred at Los Alamitos.

    Non-transparency and non-disclosure – what are they trying to hide?

  2. It continues……they shouldn’t be allowed to race these lovelies at two years of age……Of course, there are so many other problems that also have to be addressed…….

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