2-Year-Old Dead at Belmont

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Disappear Here is dead – “euthanized on track” – after breaking down while practicing at Belmont yesterday morning. At the time of her death, the filly was being prepped for her first race. She was two – on the maturation chart, the rough equivalent of a kindergartner. This is horseracing.

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  1. And what would an apologist have to say about the catastrophic breakdown and subsequent death of little Disappear Here? Oh that’s right…she was BRED for it. She DIED doing something she LOVED. She must have taken that damn bad step that about 1,000 racehorses take every year. Right, apologists…you’ve got nothing and you know it.

    RIP Disappear Here. To those of us who fight and will continue to fight for your “brothers and sisters”, you were more than “just one of those deals in the business”. MUCH more.

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