Two “Athletes” Killed on the Louisiana Downs Field Yesterday

By practically every measure, football is the most brutal of American sports, a game of full-contact ferocity played at a warp speed by modern-day gladiators. That said, how many NFL players do you suppose died on the field this past Sunday? How about all of last season? How about in the entirety of its history, a history that dates back almost a century? In fact, only one professional football player has ever died in a game (and that of cardiac arrest). That’s it. Last evening at Louisiana Downs two 3-year-old “equine athletes” were killed in the span of an hour:

Contangold in race 5 (Equibase had him as “pulled up in distress.” “In distress”? Yes, in the process of dying.); Starry Madelyn in race 7.

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Fact is, horses die on American tracks every…single…day. A sport? I would call the mere suggestion fatuous and inane, but in the face of wholesale carnage, those adjectives don’t quite cut it. Vile and abhorrent is more like it.



  1. Yes, those words do define the world any sane compassionate person would witness the killing of this kind and congenial species in. Add ghoulish and barbaric as a modern day blood sport.

    We assume athletes are not dying but keep in mind tha the sports industry is as virulent on the human scale. Youngsters are goaded to viciousness as young as 4-5. While my own boys were growing up, their friends tested their mettle at football. Every season, we had many badly injured – broken legs, collarbones, head injuries. The actuality of the carnage is NOT exposed as a reality. We would never have known of the brain injuries and tragic endings for many professsional football players if it were not for the obscure neurologist connecting the dots

    No, Patrick, we live in a world manipulated to a frenzy of violence in the name of “tradition”. Why? Reality sets in when we look at the type of food we eat, how it is produced and the consequences.

    The industry of meat obliterates any hope for peace, dreams of a clean environment, or kind consideration of the lives of others (in particular, nonhuman species). 91 percent of the destruction of the rain forests in Brazil were to accommodate meat animals. Those leather chews? Ran forest destruction. It is a fact that because we allow the degradation of animals who do not exist except with permission to die a mechanized death – we as a species, as a global society – cannot perceive the level of hatred for compassion built into the permissive profiteering on the backs of whichever pawn is used to create wealth, be it – our children participating in “school sports,” our dogs, chickens, stallions (you get the drift) fighting and killing each other, slow killing by the sword of mammoth bulls, dying racehorses (any horse sport really), cattle degrading our ecosystems to dust and sand and fouling the streams and waterways, the horrific practice of isolating newborn dairy calves. – the hormone of grief is in every glass of happy milk, concentrated animal farms (producing 107 times the waste all humans do but untreated – creating the threat of pandemic sickness from e.Coli, salmonella) reallly – the destruction of our health system by the ignorant overuse of antibiotics and drugs for causing quick growth.

    All the “advances” in animal sports drugging has come from the “meat” industry. Think about it. We cannot cure the boil (of TB killing) until we remove the cause of the mindset.

    You cannot be an environmentalist, nonhuman rights advocate, human rights advocate or a religious follower if you do not understand your participation in the evils you disavow. The meat industry, the rodeoing, the dairy (and eventual meat), the bikilling of the fishing industry, the ridiculous GMO attempts.

    The power to change all of this is in my hands. I did. I stopped participating. Everything I do know is with a clear conscience. UN in 2006 advised us, as a global community, to terminate the meat industry. For various reasons. One reason would be see clearly the encouragement and acceptance of violence as a “necessar evil” and stop the torture and killing of these beautiful kind TBs.

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