“Under Constant Urging”; “Bled Profusely”

At Belterra Park yesterday afternoon (Equibase):

In the 3rd, Ladies Drink Free “drew off late under constant urging [whipping].”

In the 5th, Agile Wonder “was under constant handling [whipping] to the wire.”


In the 6th, Fayegotaway “stopped and was vanned off [carted away by ambulance].”

In the 7th, Social Affair “drew off under firm handling [whipping].”

Same race, Vamping the Win “was eased and vanned off [carted away by ambulance].”

Same race, Hezasmoothcat “stopped and returned sore.”

And over at Charles Town, in the 4th, Rick the Bartender “bled profusely.”

This is horseracing.

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  1. AMERICAN PHAROAH mercilessly beaten 32 times in about 35 seconds in the Kentucky Derby.
    Victor Espinoza putting 110% in his whipping technique – arm above shoulder height, he puts so much force into striking that he’s almost off the horse and i can see Espinoza’s mouth displaying the enormous effort into inflicting this brutal beating with a WHIP upon this voiceless noble horse.
    ESPINOZA the perpetrator
    AMERICAN PHAROAH the victim
    Yes, a crime committed.
    AP was doing his best and one only has to look at his eye and mouth to see the pain he was suffering from the whipping which was vigorously successive one hit after another, there was no mercy for this innocent creature and he was seriously fatigued at that stage.

    This photo makes me feel physically ill every time i look at it.

    Future generations will say did we really do this to horses? Yes we really did.

    The whipping of racehorses must be outlawed – it is inhumane and a barbaric act upon an animal.

    • Just to add that if one looks closely you can see the whip marks and indentation on American Pharoah’s body. I hate to think what a close up full on side angle photo would reveal. As someone said when he came back in the enclosure he looked distressed and there were visible whip marks.

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