Love On the Road Dead at Del Mar; Summer’s Death Toll Stands at (At Least) 17

According to the Del Mar stewards, 3-year-old Love On the Road is dead after breaking down (Equibase: “pulled up in distress”) in the 5th yesterday.

My count, which comes directly from the Stewards Minutes, has Del Mar at at least 17 dead horses this summer…

7/6-7/12: 3 dead
7/13-7/18: 1 dead
7/19-7/25: 2 dead
7/26-8/1: 3 dead
8/2-8/8: 2 dead
8/9-8/15: 2 dead
8/16-8/22: 1 dead

Plus Pure Tactics 8/23, Divine Tale 8/30, Love On the Road yesterday.

Racing apologist and San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Ed Zieralski, feeling a bit prickly over attacks on his precious game, writes this in response to the death totals:

“PETA’s figures [basically in sync with mine] on horse fatalities at Del Mar are wrong. The organization has been taking the number of horse deaths listed on the Del Mar stewards minutes each week and adding them to Del Mar’s totals. All horses that die of illness or injuries at any Southern California track that trains horses for Del Mar are included in the stewards’ minutes. PETA’s numbers reflect that.”

To which I respond – even if true, what (moral) difference would it make? Instead of saying (at least) 17 horses have died at Del Mar, we could simply say (at least) 17 horses have died at Del Mar or while being “prepared” for Del Mar. The end result, no matter how desperately the hacks try to spin it, is the same: There are (at least) 17 dead bodies on the Del Mar ’15 ledger. And that is that.

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  1. As we were protesting Saturday at Del Mar, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind the death toll would rise this weekend and it did. 17 horses since the Summer meet in July started. I learned with many ugly, vile, and cruel comments said to me Saturday and my fellow protesters, when you protest, state the facts loud and clear. Always state the facts. They couldn’t answer why these horses are drugged. Every one of them. 99.9% of them on Lasix at minimum plus pain killers and all the other drugs masked by the Lasix. Many told me they don’t mind seeing dead horses. They would kill ’em themselves. This is the mentality of some out at the track. It’s barbaric and we call ourselves civilized? Of course, these people are incredibly ignorant to say such a thing.

    Wealth is not dollars as you see people flash in their glitz and glamour out there. It’s a real joke to see these people handing over money to bet on a horse to win for entertainment. None of them will ever leave this earth with their money but they will leave (we all will) with what we know are crimes against our fellow man and crimes against innocent animals. They will answer for it.

    On another note, in California, they drug test (supposed to) 1st place winners and 2nd and 3rd place are random leaving the rest untested. It’s simply another joke. Self-policing. No real regulations or real penalties for its violations because many of them keep doing it and allowed to come back and do it again. Think about where the money goes for the violations!!!!

    Nevertheless, this blood sport is going to continue to take lives because the industry’s owners and trainers and vets and jockeys know they can get away with the mayhem and the states profit from them.

    Get on the horn and ask your senators and Congressmen to cosponsor the Udall Pitts bills serving to deregulate interstate betting in horse racing. This is where 90% of the betting comes. It gives the horsemen incentive to win at all costs! It’s the only hope. Not the answer but it reduces incentive which is why it’s so lucrative to begin with. This is the beginning of the end. This is where it begins. I’m all for banning race day medication too but we need to snip the industry from the roots.

    Then, race day medication must end! Did you know it was voted down recently in California not to have an authorized third party to administer the Lasix? They want their trainers and wealthy vets to do it so there are no checks and balances or monitoring. They don’t want to be caught doing their dirty drugging and doping.

    I’ve said enough. Please please please take steps to voice your support for the Udall Pitts bills affecting all US racing. It’s the Teller All Gone and Coronado Heights bills named after horses who perished. Just call or write and ask them to co-sponsor the bills.

    Deaths associated with training for races is all the same. We know it. They know it! It’s DEATH! Premature and unnatural. It’s animal cruelty and needs to be criminalized!

    • Thank you, April. Keep it up. We racehorse supporters are thousands strong and we’re not going anywhere.

    • April,

      I am so proud of you for voicing our cause, and standing up to these ignorant bettors. You have real guts April, you go girl!!! I wish I could have participated, but I am with you all the way…..

      Marlene Thornley

  2. April, thank you for your post and for the “protest” at Del Mar. I wish I could have joined you. I can imagine what some of these Neanderthal’s comments were. As you well know, this despicable enterprise continues because of the those who are delusional, in denial, addicted to gambling as well as those who do not care about animal cruelty. People in the business and those who support it are an negative in any society. They have no soul.

    All who oppose animal cruelty need to band together and make our voices heard through the support of the Udall Pitts bills and use of the media available. Raising public awareness is important because racing is so clever at covering it’s ugliness.

    Racing must be held accountable for it’s lawlessness.The fight will not be easy but, as we know, anything worthwhile is never easy.

  3. Thank you Rose for your kind words of support and truths!

    I think the operative words are exactly what you said: delusion and narcissism. Delusion is what drives people to live for one thing — themselves. This delusion is derived from narcissism. Everyone needs to read a recent article (see below).

    But first, the comments made at Saturday’s protest were just that. Delusional and narcissistic. I was told by a mother of 2 children (while her passive husband following her– we call them “Wilburs” from where I’m from) to “F” off because I didn’t know what I was talking about. Yet, the facts (always the facts) tell the story and the truth. You have dead horses!!! How can I not know what I’m talking about. How do horses “get dead at a race track?” These people are delusional and delusional comes from narcissism. You may find this article below very interesting and honestly it does fit this industry and every other industry that exploits animals (and humans) for their selfish gain.

    Trust me, before God opened my eyes (for I had no clue) to the cruel and barbaric nature behind the horse racing industry, I saw selfies taken over and over and over again out at the track while the race goes on with death and destruction in the background. Take a step back and you would think I was speaking as if were in Medieval Times. Are we really a civilized country? Or, just an illusion?

    One old man came up to my friend on Saturday and told us all that you will never end horse racing and for us to go home that we were wasting our time. My friend asked him why are you here? He said I have to make a living. I told him we will never give up!


    Our protest on Saturday drew some media attention! I had to return to Los Angeles but those that live in San Diego will go at it again today! It’s closing day at Del Mar until they have their 2nd meet this Fall (Oct 29th). Can you believe it? They are adding another DEL MAR meet because one of California’s race tracks (Hollywood Park) shut down to pave the way for the new NFL stadium in Inglewood, CA.

    Pray for the protesters in San Diego today! My gut is that another precious horse will perish. Cool as Ever at Del Mar!

    • April, you are right. Corey Nakatani went down and was injured, and his horse was euthanized.

  5. Another precious 3 year old needlessly sacrificed for someone’s entertainment. It is sickening. RIP sweet baby, run free!!

    I just heard that “Wise Dan” has been retired, due to a tendon tear. This horse was amazingly talented, and had come back from a serious bout of colic, which is when he should have been retired. This horse was 7 years old I believe, and been through hell and back. Had the owner and trainer had any common sense or feeling for these beautiful gelding, they would have done right by the horse and retired him sound. But they never know when to quit, and must race them till they drop. Shame on all of you – Charlie Lo Presti and Morton Fink, he made you all rich. He did everything you asked of him and more, and you let him go down this way. I blame the both of you for ruining him. He deserved so much more.

    Marlene Thornley

    • Yes, Marlene, these people don’t know when to quit. The greed is palpable. At one point during Wise Dan’s career the owner, Morton Fink, was quoted as saying it is hard not to run him all the time, he is such a CASH MACHINE !

      • Rose,

        These men make me sick, all they see are dollar signs and make their money off the backs, blood, sweat, and guts, of innocent creatures. They have no soul, no humanity, but I truly believe in the saying “what goes around, comes around”, and I hope they get their due, for what they have done to this beautiful gelding who did everything for them. I hope they both rot in hell !!

        Marlene Thornley

        • I agree he should have been retired after his colic episode. But I am sure the tendon injury is minor and will not affect his quality of life. I do believe they care for Wise Dan, and mistakenly believed he really missed racing and wanted to make him happy. I do not believe it was out of greed.

          • Maurina, I respectfully disagree. The only mistake in horse racing is racing. Period. You are either for it or you are against it. Making concessions like this is exactly why the injury and death occur. Excuses. You better believe it’s about money. Do you think these people would race these horses without money as an incentive?

            Maurina, rethink your position because I couldn’t have you advocating on my team. You would be easy prey by this industry. They would eat you alive just like they do the horses.

            You don’t sound ill-willed but your position is weak and not acceptable if you want to liberate horses from racing.

            Take a stand one way or the other. Don’t be luke warm. It hurts the fight!

            • Actually that is not true. That is YOUR view Life is not so black and white. There are lots of people who love racing – just not the way it is now. If you see it as black and white, then you must be like PETA, right? You must agree that no animals should be used for anything by people. I raced horses, and they were not injured. I plan to race another. There are horses who love racing. John Henry was one. Wise Dan is another, There are horses who are loved by their owners. There are trainers who care about the health of their horses. No, they are not on TV, they are not famous, they are not necessarily rich. And if you eat meat, you are a hypocrite to boot. ALL animals are sentient creatures.

              • Very sad too hear this coming from your mouth. Why are you participating on a site that adamantly opposes a man-made death sport for animals? Why? Go race your horses! We don’t need infiltrators. I spotted you so easy. We don’t need you. You are wasting our time.

                People like you always change the narrative to PETA or eating meat. Irrelevant. DEAD racehorses RELEVANT.. End of story. I don’t need to banter with an infiltrator. You support horse racing? Tell people on this site. Don’t hide behind the horses. That’s further abuse!

                • I’m here because I want facts. When people ask me questions, I want to have factual answers. I oppose the abuse in horse racing. But horse racing is not inherently abusive. People make it abusive. the problem with fanatics, like yourself – is that you do not want facts, you do not totally know the whole story, you don’t care about truth. And so when you talk one listens and nothing changes. People WILL listen to those who are knowledgeable. And you are a hypocrite if you eat meat. A horse is not more alive or intelligent than a cow or a pig. So where is your love for them?

                  • Facts? You are one delusional woman! You know the truth. You know the facts. You insult my intelligence. Pathetic. I don’t eat meat but that doesn’t change dead racehorse facts. All racehorses are drugged during their career. From breeding to death, these horses suffer. You and your end game is exactly who and what I’m going to expose. You can’t compromise wicked. What’s your real name, Maurina1951? Convince yourself but I have no use for people like you. You are just another horse killer. I’m done here!

  6. I was told in 1989 while at standard bred racing in Edmonton Canada that they have even Put peanut butter directly into a vein to see what would happen,undetectable how barbaric people are.
    keep up the good work.

  7. Well done April! Protests outside a race meeting are very embarrassing for them, they also resent any media presence/exposure. They are in fear of the unsuspecting public being made aware of what is really going on with these noble horses. For far too many decades it has only been the people within the industry that knew the ugly truth.

    They can say go home you’re wasting your time. The bad news for them is that we’re not going to go away and we will continue to speak up on behalf of the long suffering voiceless racehorses.

    And thank you for your excellent posts.

      • Exactly Paco and thank you for caring. Spread the word, the more people are aware the better chance these horses have.

  8. The California Horse Racing Board website clearly breaks down the data separately for each track. The Union-Tribune reporter and the CHRB authorities who are trying to say the data is mixed are offering a very arcane and tortuous “explanation” for the sad truth. They have a great investment in making it look like removal of the Polytrak would reduce the number of deaths, when in fact, it is not the surface that is the problem in racing.

  9. A horse went down in the third today. The replay is not available, nor is the chart. I’m worried we have our 18th.

  10. “TIRPITZ stalked between horses then inside on the turn, lost his action behind and fell, unseating the rider into the stretch and was vanned off. “

    • Thank you Jan – interesting that the media article makes much of what the so called “famed” jockey has achieved and nothing about this horse’s life and sacrifice. Oh well, after all, it was just a horse! And why didn’t they euthanase him on the track? Yes, well even with the green screen around sometimes an euthanasia doesn’t always go according to plan. So put him on the ambulance when he’s in agony because it’s more important that the public doesn’t see the euthanasia on track.

      I once saw footage of a jumps horse suffering a shocking catastrophic limb injury during a steeple race, jockey jumped off and called an attendant to get him off the track because the field was coming around for the second time (long distance) and they could not be interrupted, the race had to go on. Attendant pulled this horse along with a broken leg and the horse in agony is trying to make ground on 3 legs. Green screen goes up and they stuffed up with the euthanasia and you could see the horse going crazy and almost got away from them. The light of the day shone through the screen and you could see the shadows of the vet et al attending him and then you saw the shadow of the horse and what he went through. This of course was filmed by an independent person on track. On another occasion the green screen collapsed when the horse went down on being euthanased – gasps and cries from the crowd.

      TIRPITZ a three year old gelding
      According to, connections as of last start were:
      JOCKEY: Corey Nakatani
      TRAINER: J Eric Kruliac
      OWNER: Kings River Ranch
      BREEDER: Bridlewood Farm

      It was this horse’s 5th start only and in his last start he weakened and came home 7th.
      For just 4 starts he earned $18,670. Money for connections and what did this young horse get from this gambling activity –

      DEATH and a very undignified one at that!

      • JOCKEY: Corey Nakatani – History of whipping (I don’t use the sugarcoated word crop) violations!

        He is a disgrace!

  11. Last year there were 16 horse deaths at Del Mar. This year, they surpassed that by one. Although they raced a few more days than last year, this is unacceptable. And the California Horse Racing Board, once again, has done nothing about it. Someone should file adverse action charges against the CHRB with the State Personnel Board and put an end to this carnage. They should also picket and protest at the tracks until something is done about this miscarriage of justice.

  12. Someone should file criminal charges against Joe Harper and the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. These thugs need to be brought to justice.

    • Yes, criminal charges.

      We have animal cruelty laws in this country yet racehorses that die right in front of us are exempt from the laws designed to protect them from us. But look at who goes to these races. Have you seen them? They are morons and vile people. The horsemen are worse. Look at these horsemen (all of them) : breeders, owners, trainers, jockeys, exercise riders, etc. Many of them have criminal records and have been under investigation for their dirty deeds. All public record. They are useless to society. You have hard working Americans who struggle to provide for their families and then these millionaires profiting off of animal cruelty and they think they are talented people? This blood sport lures people under the guise of glitz and glamour and the horsemen are pure scum!!! No excuses for any of them.

  13. Agreed April. Apparently the California Horse Racing Board had a meeting, had to do something about public perception re whipping racehorses, especially after American Pharoah’s merciless flogging in the Derby. Brainstormed and came up with, what was in their view, a brilliant idea – we’ll get rid of the whip being called a whip and we’ll call it a RIDING CROP!

    A dictionary definition of “whip” is an instrument used to hit animals or people.
    (sometimes jockeys get hit with a rival’s whip during a race).

    A riding crop is principally designed to back up the natural aids such as the leg, seat and voice of a rider. Used in dressage, show jumping, eventing, pleasure riding, etc.

    Just how stupid does the CHRB think the public are???

    • Riding crop and whip are the same. There is no difference. Both can cause pain. Crop just sounds nicer.

      • Riding crop and whip are not the same, they ARE different as i explained in my previous post. Of course they both can cause pain.

      • Maurina1951,

        Carolyn is right on target, and has summarized perfectly why Wise Dan should have been retired after his severe colic incident, and why his owner and trainer are complete idiots, and have shown no concern for the health and welfare of their 8 year old horse. No they still had to run him of course, and then he injured his ankle, and after that they intended to run him again in the Breeders Cup, when they discovered he had a “tendon tear”.

        You want facts – here they are:

        For your information a tendon tear is a very serious injury, and most of the time it is career ending. As stated by Jennifer G. Barrett DVM, PHD, DACUS she states: “the importance of tendon injuries cannot be understated, as it can be responsible for the development of joint disease, and chronic lameness often follows the initial injury with recurrence as high as 80% of racehorses”.

        Based on the above, his quality of life will most certainly be affected. Carolyn is right, his owner and trainer are so lucky this horse did not suffer a fatal injury. It’s the same old story, they send them out to race with previous injuries, which cause many to fatally break down. THEY NEVER LEARN, and why, because they are all consumed by the allure of QUICK MONEY, and to hell with the horse.

        Take off your blinders Maurina1951, these are the cold hard facts. They could have killed this magnificent gelding with their stupidity, and carelessness, and there would have been hell to pay. “They really thought he loved to run and that’s why they brought him back”, what a line of crap! They brought him back for the money, it is as clear as day. WAKE UP!!!!

        Marlene Thornley

        • The only facts this website gives is the number of deaths of racehorses, the punishments (hardly) which are meted out to jockeys for whip violations, etc. I am not here for information on horses or racehorses, as I see few people on this list with that knowledge. As for tendon injuries, they range from a mild strain to catastrophic failure. I doubt Wise Dan has more than a very mild strain. MANY OTTB’s live quite good and active, and even competitive lives with old tendon injuries, osselets, ringbone, etc. I have a young mare who had chips in her ankle and fractured sesamoids. Her owner had surgery done to remove the chips, and the mare is sound and happy. Your ignorance is why people like you get little respect when trying to change things. You talk out of your hat about things you know nothing about.

      • Maurina1951

        You wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the face!! You are just another poor excuse for a human being, pro-racing supporter, who is void of morality, and in the constant state of denial. We have no use for your kind here, and we detest everything you stand for.

        We will continue to fight for the innocent TB’s, maimed, abused, neglected, killed, and exploited, from your beloved industry. You people are the lowest of the low, and deluded by your own ignorance, and not worth the spit in our mouths.

        Marlene Thornley

  14. Maurina51
    “believed he really missed racing and wanted to make him happy” Are you serious?
    hey Mort and Charlie, I’m sick of being in a paddock and enjoying life after 23 wins… I miss racing and it will make me so happy to be beaten with a whip when seriously fatigued and have my damaged body pushed beyond its limits once again!
    This gelding was foaled on Feb 20, 2007 and as I understand it he was put back into training recently (after suffering a serious bout of colic) and suffered a tendon tear which apparently definitely had nothing to do with his ankle injury and it is interesting that this public claim has been emphasized. How do they know that it didn’t have anything to do with his previous injury?

    According to, connections as of last start were:
    TRAINER: Charles Lo Presti
    OWNER: Morton Fink
    BREEDER: Morton Fink
    TOTAL EARNINGS $7,552,920 (averaging $243,643 per start)
    31 starts of which 23 were wins and 2 seconds – absolutely amazing and what a champion.

    WISE DAN was one hell of a magnificent racehorse and horses like him don’t come along that often. He was a gelding and they cop the worst of it with no $$$ future in the breeding barn so they are raced for as long as possible.
    It appears he last raced on Oct 4, 2014. Why would anyone bring this horse back into racing given his history and when in a few months he’ll be 9 years of age (racing age and foaling date age)? WISE DAN was high risk because of his age, had done 30 starts, had suffered a fetlock injury and the fact that he had only very recently resumed training, in readiness to race again, after having eleven (11) months off. When will the racing industry take its own veterinary research scientists’ expert advice seriously?

    Dr Chris Riggs, BVSc, PhD, DEO, Dipl. ECVS, MRCVS, head of Veterinary Clinical Services at the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

    I think this horse was extremely fortunate in that he did not suffer a catastrophic limb injury – imagine the outcry…..! Don’t these idiots learn anything at all from Barbaro, Eight Belles and the others. According to a media report, they were trying to get WD to the Breeders’ Cup.
    And you MORTON FINK and you CHARLES LO PRESTI are extremely lucky that WISE DAN is alive today because you would never have been able to live it down if he had come to grief and it would be on your consciences forever – oh stupid me, as if you selfish people would have a conscience.
    WISE DAN is going to be pain free for the rest of his life – I don’t think so.

    WHY did he come down with colic???

  15. Carolyn and Marlene, with all due respect, please stop engaging this Maurina1951. She is precisely the “element” I saw out at the protest on Saturday in San Diego, CA. I smell them coming a mile away. They are of no use to our cause and will take you down a path that puts you on the defensive. Your information and knowledge is spot on. We all know the truth!

    The “Maurina1951’s” of the world try to make themselves feel better by undermining the facts and the truth. They can’t escape either. But for racing and the gambling that goes with it, these horses would not die unnaturally and prematurely like they do. It’s pretty simple. Do as you please but engaging her is a waste of your time, energy, and takes the focus off the real cause here: animal rights and return to freedom. Maurina1951 is irrelevant.

    I just hate to see you waste another key stroke on this person.

    Here’s to racehorse freedom! Blessings!!

  16. April,

    Marina1951 is just another gutless wonder, (won’t even reveal her real name), who is clueless, and you are right irrelevant. I have no idea why they bother to come to this site. We all love you April – Here’s to racehorse freedom!!!!!

    Marlene Thornley

    • Thank you. We will eventually win this war against animal cruelty! Evil always loses. We stand together as one in unity! My belief is God is bigger than all of this! He will give us the power and strength to perservere. For the horses who have given us so much over the centuries, April

    • I posted as Maurina51 because of WordPress. You people are not only ignorant of horses, but petty people as well. How many horses have you actually helped? I have 12 who will with me until they die. All are happy. so happy that I can turn them loose – unfenced in any way – and they not only stay they come when called. I do not abuse horses, and I am not clueless – you should look in the mirror.

      • I suspected you were an infiltrator with your very first post Maureen and when Maurina51 began to post the penny dropped – Maureen Tierney had suddenly stopped posting.

        Your last post – how very sad that you’ve made such a fool of yourself.

        We say it as it is on this site, we state the facts, our knowledge and experiences in the racing industry will always keep us in good stead and our unfailing dedication and tenacity enriches us to continue speaking up for these voiceless noble horses.
        Yes, it might take a while but we will get there in the end.

        • An infiltrator. I just come to see how many horses actually die. The Jockey Club says that very few die, only a tiny percent per 1000 starts. Which I realized immediately is using statistics to minimize the reality. Here I get the facts. That is why I am here. I do comment occasionally, as some of the people who post, do not post what really goes on, but what they imagine goes on. However, I have learned a valuable lesson – if I want people to listen to me, and I do, about changing racing, attacking and insulting them will not be the way to go. If one wants people on their side, it is best not to push them away and make enemies of them. That is a really good lesson for me, personally as I am very passionate and can make the same error you all are making. Less criticism (on my part) and more focus on the positive, rather than blame, will be more productive. I see that now. So thank you! And some of us are actually doing things, other than talking on forums. Oh, and checked out the protest online. Not very many people – you might try being nicer.

      • Maureen,

        Let me tell you that many people on this site have experience working with TB’s their entire lifetime. They have rescued the broken bodies that your industry has destroyed. You ask how many horses have we actually helped, well the number of horses rescued is irrelevant, whether it was 10 horses or 100 horses, they were still lives that were saved by the generous, kind, and dedicated, posters on this site, and I am proud of them and of all that they have achieved.

        Just recently a TB named “Speak the Word” was rescued by very generous patrons of this site. Money was raised to pay for his rescue, and as we speak, he is being rehabbed at a wonderful rescue organization. After his being vetted out, we have learned that he has a badly fractured ankle. You want to know why we get angry, for just this reason. This beautiful bay is only 7 years old, and has been completely destroyed by racing. He will probably never again be able to be ridden, and confined to a pasture the rest of his life, if he is able to heal, and that is a big “IF”. If he cannot stay sound, they will have no choice but to put him down. Another precious beautiful, TB who will have given his life so people could be entertained.

        Do you sense the anger in my words, I hope you do, because I am very angry at the suffering, the breakdowns, the drugs, the abuse, the corruption, and complete exploitation of innocent creatures who deserve a chance to live free from suffering and mistreatment, free from the inhumanity and barbaric killing when they are slaughtered. I am sick and tired of seeing 2 yr old TB’s raced when their bones aren’t fully formed, I am distraught at seeing these babies breakdown and die before their life has begun.

        It is impossible to stay “nice” after seeing all the heartbreaking and unnecessary breakdowns. I have no respect for anyone who has a part in this disgusting industry, and that includes you. Yes, I am angry, and will continue to be angry, until all the killing stops and this industry collapses on itself.

        The posters on this site contribute to this goal in many ways, they write letters to congressmen, governor’s, racing officials, they attend protests, they contribute their hard earned money to rescue broken TB’s, they speak out in many ways about the injustice, they educate the ignorant, and they happen to be very knowledgeable about the industry, and all of it’s sickening practices, they have seen the atrocities first hand with their own eyes. How dare you question their knowledge! As far as I am concerned, you are the enemy, and I have no idea why you continue to participate on this site.

        Marlene Thornley

      • Maureen/Maurina51 (whoever you are), how dare you call me, and the others that post here, “ignorant”. I have been involved with horses for well over 50 years and galloped racehorses back in the 1960’s. Petty? Again, how dare you! I ONLY own seven but I have helped dozens more over the years including Speak The Word who left the track one month ago. Perhaps you will remember my posts on his injuries….all four legs look like they have been through a meat grinder and he has a severe fracture in a front ankle. You have twelve that can be turned loose and will come when called. So what is your point? You are either FOR animal exploitation or you are AGAINST animal exploitation and yes, Maureen, horseracing is animal exploitation. If you want to “clean it up”, then knock yourself out. Anyone who really thinks they can “clean it up” is either delusional or incredibly stupid. Arthur Hancock can’t “clean it up” so how can you? Unbelievable…

        I have stated, over and over and over, that this blog is called Horseracing Wrongs, not Let’s Try to Fix Horseracing. If you feel that we are “ignorant” and “petty”, go elsewhere. However, you can’t dispute the fact that racing kills, and maims, horses every single day and then uses slaughter as a disposal system to get rid of an unproductive product. Got it?

  17. But Maureen, I don’t simply want a “change” in racing, I want it gone. Now I’m quite certain you’ll say “but Joy, that’s not realistic” and then will continue with “let’s all work to make things better”. Firstly, I do believe horse racing can and will meet its demise someday…maybe not in my lifetime, but I hope my children will bear witness of its death. Now for sake of discussion – let’s say that racing WILL continue to exist on some level. Well I believe that the horrific neglect and abuse of precious, defenseless children will tragically ALWAYS exist – it’s a sickening and heartbreaking reality of the world we live in. But I will most certainly do whatever I can – educate, advocate, be vigilant – in HOPES that it does end. Just because it seems impossible to bring a “wrong” to an end doesn’t mean we should not try. We owe it to all of the innocents.

    And then I just want to say…about being “nice”…Maureen, I have never called any pro-racing camp members names yet I’ve been accused of it. That being said, I’ve been called many. By quite a number of them. And frequently. It is what it is.

    • I completely understand that, and I respect it. However, I do believe it is better to change racing than to just protest it. Isn’t it better if horses are treated more humanely, if drugs are truly prohibited? It is the drugs that make horses vulnerable to breakdown. Horses are really tough – if they do not get drugs to mask issues. In 2006 I bought a 6 year old TB who had already raced 67 times. I bought him for $300 because he had suffered a suspensory injury. I bought him just to ride and nursed him back to health. True health – no drugs. He became so sound I raced him again. He raced well and frequently. I rode him on the trails, he did not live at the track, he had turnout and he was happy. I have a photo of my 3-year-old son on him. Eventually, as I was a single parent, I sold him to a friend. His did not die, but he did run 106 times. When I bought him, he not only had the suspensory injury, but small osselets and ringbone on one leg. He never took a lame step. Drugs are really the problem. Drugs hide pain, Lasix and Bute have also been shown to de-mineralize bone. Joint injections (very common) actually destroy joints. Stall confinement has been proven to demineralize bone.

    • Well said. Now let’s move on. This woman knows the facts. Researching to see how many racehorses die as if to justify this blood sport as okay if there were a magical number of deaths that would make it right? Ludicrous!

      The death and mayhem resulting from this cruelty masqueraded as a sport is so serious we have bills in Congress right now deciding the future of this inhumane blood sport. These bills have been introduced because of the death, drugs, and corruption (gambling practices) surrounding dead racehorses and serious injuries to both horse and jockey. Just hearing myself say this is barbaric. An animal being forced by man to race its heart out under the influence of drugs and whipped to the finish line is sinister. Not to mention the other things I won’t discuss here racehorses are deprived of…

      It’s not about being nice when animal cruelty and death are involved. It’s about vigilance and moral justice. Nice? Not when lives are at stake. Give me a break! Joy, we can’t get distracted by these folks. If they come around, it will be on their own. Like I said, she’s irrelevant in our fight for animal freedom. You all were nice but the truth is wicked. Why do you think she’s still hanging around? I hope it’s her conscience getting to her. If not, need I say more.

      Moving on….

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