Wild Hardships Dead at Finger Lakes; 75th NY Kill This Year

The line on 5-year-old Wild Hardships’ run in the 7th yesterday at Finger Lakes (Equibase): “broke awkwardly, trailed, appeared in distress…pulled up…vanned off.” Turns out, the career claimer with five different trainers in less than two years was vanned to his death (NYS Gaming Commission): “fx RF carpus, euthanized.”

Next horse up.

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  1. This has gotta end!!!!!!!!!! We must all write our Congressmen to cosponsor both Udall/Pitts deregulation bills. It’s not the answer but it deflates the cash cow to win at all costs!

    Everyone needs to do a part. Calling and emailing these state’s racing commissions and their trainers. Just do it! It is easy to voice complaint and protest. There has to be public outcry. People have stood up for so much less!!!!!! I’m sick of this disgusting evil that’s ratified by the states. I’m fed up! My FB page is going up this week. Please join it. It is going to complement everything Patrick does to expose the cruelty except from a different angle. People will know the truth!

    Thank you Patrick for all your hard work and research and consistent exposure!! You are so appreciated! We need your activism to stay strong!

    • I’m all about exposing this horse-killing industry, April! THANK YOU for your amazing support and hard work! THANK YOU Patrick for everything you do!

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