The Casualties, 8/24/15-8/30/15

The following horses were casualties on American racetracks last week:

“Broke Down” – racing-speak for dead

The Mooche, Presque Isle

Acceptance Letter, Charles Town

Divine Tale, Del Mar

“Vanned Off” – carted away by ambulance, better-than-even chance dead

In Da Clear, Delaware

Malana’s Charm, Mountaineer

Running Wish, Presque Isle

All Rise, Saratoga

Dynaskra, Indiana

Hope On the Rocks, Indiana

Knock Rock, Mountaineer

Curly W, Charles Town

Te’s Live Action, Evangeline

Bold and Ready, Thistledown

King’s Fortune, Arlington

Sinfully, Del Mar

Divine Fortune, Saratoga (subsequently confirmed dead)

Greeley Pack, Saratoga

Texas Rising, Canterbury

Rush of Day, Del Mar

British Glory, Gulfstream

Michael With Us, Indiana

Aleandria, Penn

Circus Train, Remington

Brother Louie, Ruidoso

Karen’s Rag Doll, Timonium

Z E E Jess, Elko County Fair, not reported as vanned but “in distress after race”

In Franca’s Honor, Louisiana

Roman Fire, Parx

Mystic Star, Remington

Lagi Lagi, Timonium

Dinero Doble, Elko County Fair, not reported as vanned but “distressed”

Michelle Noelle, Ferndale

“Bled” or “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils”

Union Mettle, Saratoga

(source: Equibase)

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  1. The Mooche…a 4-year-old bay gelding.

    They raced him 3 times in June…he was claimed June 1 then his new owner/trainer ran him only 7 days later on June 8.. the young gelding was claimed again on June 8.

    They ran him twice in July, only 5 days apart.

    Then he was raced 3 times in August. The Mooche broke down on August 25.

    Bought and sold like an object. Business decisions. Just one of those things.

    Not to us, The Mooche. I wonder if you’re waiting for someone to help you. Maybe at an auction. Possibly in the hands of a killbuyer. Any or all are highly likely.

  2. Wasn’t sure if you were going to do chart review – so I did one myself last week. What struck me most was how often the word “tired” was used on the charts. Why are we forcing these poor, old, “tired” horses to run until they die? Also often used – the word “eased.” If you did a list of the “eased” horses, it would put any casualty list to shame. Several in one race. If these horses are too lame to run and have to be eased shouldn’t they be retired?
    I’ve also been reviewing my own records and the list of “never heard from again” is outrageously long. Where did these horses go? The Jockey Club doesn’t know. Reporting a death is voluntary. It’s hard to believe all these missing horses were adopted. If they had been, every citizen in this country would have 2 or 3 in his backyard.
    I’m not in favor of more big government but the racing industry is out of control. They will never reform themselves. Sadly, seems like we need one more agency to watch over these horses. Because right now no one gives a damn. Except you and I and other people on this page. Very, very sad.

    • Jeanette, good question. So many horses are “tired” in the charts yet the pro-racing enthusiasts babble that horses “love to run”. Yes, racing folks, they run because the horse wants to keep up with the herd even when they are “tired”. I have a list of horses that left Beulah Park before it closed and the majority of those horses have simply disappeared, or, as you stated, are “never heard from again”. However, the racing supporters will insist that these horses are in “wonderful” homes and are enjoying a great life in a second career. Oh, and they forget to mention that many have injuries sustained from their exploitation and, if they do survive the rigors of racing, will be relegated to low level work. In fact, a TB that I own, Canuki, had arthritic changes at the age of five…yes, five. Canuki wasn’t even fully grown but think of all the enjoyment the racing supporters experienced as they watched a horse being forced to run. Sorry, racing apologists. You have nothing to defend except a cruel and corrupt industry.

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