Divine Tale Dead – “Multiple Fractures to Her Pelvis” – at Del Mar

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that 5-year-old Divine Tale was euthanized after suffering “multiple fractures to her pelvis” in the 10th Sunday at Del Mar. According to the Stewards Minutes, this makes at least 15 dead horses at Del Mar since the beginning of July:

7/6-7/12: 3 dead
7/13-7/18: 1 dead
7/19-7/25: 2 dead
7/26-8/1: 3 dead
8/2-8/8: 2 dead
8/9-8/15: 2 dead

Plus Pure Tactics on 8/23.

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  1. That’s sad!! Why so many valutable horses dying,?? What the hell is going on there
    It shouldn’t be happening!! Fix the problem.. Before other s get hurt n have to be euthanized
    .sue the place or don’t let your horses race there..

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