Victim #12 at Saratoga: 2-Year-Old Country Muse

Two and a half weeks ago at Saratoga, 2-year-old Country Muse was raced for the very first time. Yesterday morning while training at that same track, she died – fractured sesamoids, euthanized (NYS Gaming Commission). This makes 12 kills there since May 1; 74 at all NY tracks this year. Please stop betting on horse races.

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  1. Horseracing cannot be fixed with medication and drug reform. It is inherently cruel. Dangerous. It must be abolished.

  2. There are many anti-slaughter advocates who ADVOCATE horseracing and most, if not, all, believe these horses “want” to run. I didn’t really know they were given a choice. Those are the fence riders who confuse those who need education, all the while killing the horses.

  3. Thousands of animals are hit by cars every month. Let’s abolish driving. Its a sport people n whether your human or animal, you may die from it at any age. Its a sport n sometimes things happen. I’m a horse lover n hate to see them put down too but just like life..when it’s your time to’s your time to go

      • Patrick, I understand the ignorant and unexplainable posts, with a twist of denial, makes you ‘speechless’..but please continue to spread the word of cruelty and abuse, with your factual written words of hope and wisdom, that continues to educate and provide awareness to those who are misinformed.

    • And people have actually asked we why I prefer animals to people! You, Katrina, are a perfect example. Once again, there are those who are simply delusional with a bit of ignorance mixed in.

      • I meant to say…asked “me”, not “we”. So in Katrina’s delusional world, since animals are killed by the thousands when hit by cars, we should just sit by and watch racehorses being killed, and maimed, on a daily basis. With that distorted logic, if race car drivers were killed daily, we should just babble “when it’s your time to go…it’s your time to go”. Sick, and sad….

    • Animals do not get to opt into this sport. They do not get to calculate and accept risk. They do not get to say when they aren’t feeling strong enough to run or if it’s too hot or cold, or the pain in the leg is too much, or they just don’t feel like it. It is run or end up in the slaughterhouse. You can’t even compare a horse’s experience with a jockey’s or a human race car driver. And when trainers who try to do the job “clean” end up leaving the business because they can’t compete against the “chemists”, there is a serious problem. For every honest owner/trainer out there, there are twenty who just use the horses like meat on the hoof, run them too young or old, drug them when they are really too injured to run, and bring on untraceable “cardiac events” for the insurance money.
      Greed has made this an ugly business and the horses are the helpless pawns. Love horses, but hate the business. Yes, pro athletes in sports have injuries, but the human ones are compensated royally and are not killed or sent to slaughterhouses when they are hurt. No comparison here.

  4. Another 2 year old baby dead. It is sickening to say the least, that they continue to race these babies, when their skeletal system and bones are not fully formed. Their soft bones cannot take the great stress and force that is put upon them, and this is what happens, when people are blinded by money; the horses welfare takes a back seat and they end up the victim. I am so sorry for you “Country Muse”, that your life was taken away from you needlessly.

    Racing 2 year olds needs to end now!! How many people would take their 2 year old babies to the gym to lift weights – no one would, because they would undoubtedly become injured from too much stress on their young bodies. This is the kind of punishment they are inflicting on these beautiful, innocent, creatures before they have even had a chance to mature.

    We need people to step up to the plate, and voice their outrage to their Senators, demanding regulation be put into place in this “out of control” industry. It is like the “WILD WEST” IN THE RACING INDUSTRY. They do whatever they please, and they are getting away with murdering these precious young souls who shouldn’t be anywhere near a race track.

    Look at all the lists of fatalities, all these creatures deserved to live a life free from suffering and cruelty. The only way it will stop is through legislation. The only way it will stop is if you speak for the voiceless, who are being decimated every day. It will only take 10 minutes of your time. Don’t just sit there, do something about it.

    Marlene Thornley

    • Marlene, racing two year olds will never end…never. Why? Again, the stall is a valuable piece of real estate and must be filled with a revenue producer. To allow a young horse another year to develop means that additional costs will be incurred and the horse won’t even have the possibility of producing revenue. I know what it costs to keep my horses at home on a yearly basis and the costs are staggering. I remember when Ms. Donna Keen was touting the fact that her two year olds, going through a sale, would be drug free during their workouts and she was quite proud of that…mighty proud. My question is why would ANY two or three year old need to be drugged? Again, it has been proven many times that the vast majority in racing do not run horses “clean”.

      • I totally agree that racing two-year-olds is bad, and unlikely to stop. Owners want return on their investment. But I totally disagree that the costs of keeping a horse at home are “staggering”. Owners could easily put young horses out to pasture for a year at a very reasonable cost. The horses would be moving, which is crucial for bone development and they could be in groups which helps them become confident and psychologically and emotionally healthy. In KY that could be done for a year, at less than the cost of one month with a trainer. I have 12 horses at home, 8 TB’s (one is a yearling), a mustang, a warmblood, and 2 Paints. I recently added up what I spent on hay and grain last year. Just over $6500. I didn’t add up supplements and worming, etc. But I know it was less than $1000. So to keep the horses out 24/7, healthy and looking good, cost less than $700 per year per horse. I do my own trimming (I am a professional), so that does save some cost.

      • Mary,

        It is true the stall is a revenue producer and needs to be filled. I understand why they run 2 year olds, but you are probably right, it will never end, or at least not soon. No horse should be drugged, regardless of its age, and you are right again, the vast majority are not run clean. But I read somewhere that there is pending legislation regarding uniform drug guidelines. I’ll believe it when I see it.

        Marlene Thornley

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