Lainy’s Sweetness Dead at Remington

I have confirmed that 4-year-old Lainy’s Sweetness is dead after breaking down in the 9th at Remington Friday night. The filly was being raced for the seventh time.

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  1. And the blame is strictly on the trainer. Necropsies have proven that horses who break down in races (and I am sure it’s true for training as well) had pre-existing conditions. Conditions treated and masked by drugs and other methods, which trainers claim are for the good of the horse. It really is sickening. And I am sure if racing authorities were not as bad as those trainers, some people would speak up. But racing is filled with cowards – from jockeys, to grooms, to trainers, to stewards, etc.

    • That’s right, Joanne…and that’s why WE – good people! – are doing something! And we, all of us together, are making certain evil does not triumph! Racing is dying…triumph will not belong to that deplorable industry,

  2. This is animal abuse! Iam a animal activist and I am against horse racing! Very cruel treatment!

    • You are right, it is abuse. Where else can an animal be beaten?? Where else are animals used at such a young age? It is no different than dog fighting. It is animals being abused for people’s entertainment and greed.

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