Replay of Horse Snapping Leg at Charles Town

I have confirmed that 3-year-old Get the Sensation is dead after breaking down at Charles Town last night (race 7). An eyewitness described it thus:

“Her leg just snapped and she went down. Then she got up and tried to walk. Just heartbreaking.”

The gruesome replay (hit “Replays,” Sa 22, race 7); breakdown occurs 1:20-1:29:

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  1. Really ? Patrick , the replay , you really are an ambulance chaser . Pathetic .

  2. Problem is debraolivas78 is that he shouldn’t have ambulances to chase at all because it is avoidable and should never happen. Pathetic are people like YOU who support the abuse for the thrill and the all mighty dollar. Your kind make me sick!

  3. Pathetic? I think not. Bringing the real, unsavory truth about an inhumane industry to the public attention…..

  4. I think this needs to be brought to light, debraolivas78! I mean, one can talk till they’re blue in the face, going over racing’s atrocities. But as they say – “A picture is worth a thousand words”, well, how can you justify this NOT being shown? Not unless you are FOR horseracing and chose to keep your head buried in the sand (or racetrack surface, or turf, or what have you). Patrick, please keep on reporting all of this!

  5. WestBorro Bapthist Church , right here , exploiting people’s pain . You people think it don’t hurt the people involved You are damn straight it does . Nobody wants to see this happen , but it is life , you can put any spin on it you want , you can pat yourselves on the back when you post , because of what you believe . It is not one bit different what you do , than the looky Lou’s driving by a car wreck . These horses love to run , they are competitive , you want to destroy that . How are you different than the people who want to don’t want round up wild horses . They suffer in the wild , nobody to end the suffering , the stravation , the thirst in this drought . Where are you now , are you helping the ones burning up in the NW ? Yes , races horses break down , and they are humanly put down. But they have been well taken care of and loved . The majority of you on here know nothing of what you speak . The few women on here posting their hate are like scorned women , their time actually on the track , did not turn into what they thought it should . They jumped in to being an “hands on ” owner , or trainer and got their —s handed to them, simply because they knew nothing . So now they Hate . As for your leader Patrick , he has never stepped one foot on the back side of a race track . He started this after reading Joe Drapes very biased articles , and then , decided to get in the good graces of his gods PETA by having a cause . The really sad thing is , Parrick will not post this ,because it does not suit his agenda , and it just might offend his girls .

    • if horses loved to race, why do 99% of them head to the barn if the rider falls off? You are the one who is delusional and knows nothing about horses themselves, only the brain washing you have gotten at the track. Yes, horses are most often put down humanely, but before that they suffer agonizing and frightening injuries. They suffer pain and fear – for what? For you?????

  6. As for my saying Partick is like an ambulance chaser , no he should not need to , but in life all life , their are , deaths that we all mourn and beleive should not have happened , but , I chose to live life knowing that it might end tomrrow , and and I will not deny a race horse the chance to live the life he was bred for , know they might not know it might end tomorrow , but that is not something they think about , they think about food , water , a carrot , a cookie , being scratched and the chance to go do what they love . Racing God willing. Winning ! I guess none of you have ever watched how proud they are after a race , how their eyes sparkle , how they strut . No I don’t guess you ever have Because you are only looking for the blood . So you go on trying to deny these horses of what they love to do .

    • Just to add this: If racehorses love to run and win, then why are they whipped??? Whipping is punishment to horses and they run to escape pain and punishment. How would you perform at your job if you were whipped? Do you think you’d like it? Would it motivate you to do a better job???

    • debraolivas78,

      You have to be the most delusional, demented, person I have ever come in contact with. How you can try to justify the death and destruction to these magnificent creatures, is sickening to say the least. You have no heart, are void of compassion, and definitely have no brain, and never learned to speak English correctly.

      Love to run you say; these horses are FORCED to run, and then strenuously whipped when they are tired, and going as fast as they can, and many have broken down when their bodies and hearts just couldn’t take it.

      I wish you were a thoroughbred, so we can pump you full of drugs to mask your injuries, crazy glue the quarter crack in your hoof, force you into the starting gate that you are terrified of, while you run for your life being whipped till you bleed, while the blood runs down from your nostrils, and you are only a 2 year old and your bones aren’t even fully formed, and you break down because of the extreme force and stress on your young body. Dead in the dirt for nothing. Dead in the dirt to satisfy someone’s need for entertainment. Dead and thrown into a horse pit like your life never mattered, just like a piece of garbage. The fact that you see nothing wrong with this, shows me that you are also void of any shred of integrity.

      As for the girls on this site, you couldn’t fill their shoes for 10 minutes. They have been on the backside of the track and witnessed the atrocities, which you see nothing wrong with. They have spent their entire lives caring for the horses your blessed industry has destroyed. As far as experience, you couldn’t hold a candle to their knowledge, their love for these horses, their dedication, or their integrity. But you do have a place, make no mistake, we should throw you in the horse pit with the thousands of horses who have given their lives for nothing, so maybe you could get it threw your thick skull, the only difference is the horses lives really mattered.

      Marlene Thornley

  7. All you people who put these poor animals throught all this suffering disgust me. The ones who are not directly involved in it but support horse racing disgust me too. You all talk about horses in the wild suffering well their main causes of those suffering are also inflected by us stupid humans. We have taken over this land, we do whatever we want to and these poor creatures suffer coz of us. But at least the ones in the wild have more freedom. A sport is something that all parties willingly take part in. You really think the horses willingly do that. Don’t kid yourselves you disgusting greedy pigs. Karma will come to all of you. Just you wait!!

  8. Doctors will often put down a horse that develops a nasty infection, reinjures its broken leg, or develops laminitis in its other hooves. A horse that’s unable to stand will develop nasty sores and can be expected to die a slow and painful death.

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