Mondor Dead at Finger Lakes – 71st Dead Horse in NY This Year

3-year-old Mondor is dead after breaking down in the 1st at Finger Lakes yesterday – euthanized, says the Gaming Commission, on-track. She is the 71st horse to die on or at a NYS racetrack this year. Please stop betting on horse races.

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  1. According to, connections as of last start were –
    JOCKEY: Oscar Gomez
    TRAINER: Rafael Ramos
    OWNER: Rafael Ramos
    BREEDER: Susan Baldrige

    12: 3-3-2 for $78,890 (averaging $6,574 per start)
    This 3 year old filly began racing as a 2 year old on 13 Sept 2014 and won her very first start in a Claiming Race, her claiming price being $40,000.
    Her first trainer and owner appear to be Donald Barr and Barbara Houck, respectively.
    As at 16 April 2015 her claiming price was $45,000.
    She was claimed on 24 May 2015 for $25,000.
    New trainer and owner appear to be Kieron Magee and Gumpster Stable, respectively.
    On 10 July 2015 she wins her race and her claiming price was $5,000 she was not claimed.
    On 27 July 2015 she wins her race and her claiming price was $7,500 and she is claimed.
    New trainer/owner is Rafael Ramos for one start only on 20 Aug 2015 when she breaks down
    and is “vanned off”.
    She was up for claiming for $12,500 in her last fateful race.

    This is horseracing.

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