Big Looie Becomes Ninth Dead Horse at Saratoga Since May 1

From the NYS Gaming Commission: Big Looie “sustained injury breezing on the Saratoga MT [this morning]. X-rayed. Euthanized.” Prior to dying, the 8-year-old was whip-raced 51 times. Arrogant Saratoga, by the way, has now killed nine since May 1.

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  1. A sad ending to a sad life. Racing abused him and then killed him. At 8 yrs., Big Looie should be in his prime but instead he succumbed to his tired injured body and mind.
    This is what racing does to horses.

    How can any decent human support such blatant cruelty ?

    R.I.P. Big Looie.

    • Rose, great question. I am beginning to wonder if there are any “decent” humans in horseracing and that includes those that support the maiming, and killing, of our beloved horses as well as the folks who actually race them.

  2. If you look at Big Looie’s last race 7/31/15, he was trying to bear out on the turn and then drifting out with the “rider applying a stronger grip on the left side”. This is a clear sign of a physical ailment, the trainer must know that. Everyone on the backside knows this. A horse that has won 10 from 50 running straight now bears out? NYRA oversight has to be non existent. Back to the track to work out? Mortality insurance?

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