2-Year-Old Dead at Del Mar, Bringing Total to at Least 7

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that 2-year-old Arranmore Girl broke a shoulder yesterday during a morning workout at Del Mar and was subsequently euthanized. While the newspaper typically (and surprisingly) does a good job publishing Del Mar deaths, their claim that AG is the “third horse to be euthanized at Del Mar this meeting” is wrong, at least according to the CHRB Stewards Minutes:

7/6-7/12: 3 “deceased”

7/13-7/18: 1 “deceased” (Fit to Rule)

7/19-7/25: 2 “deceased” (including, presumably, Rush In)

That makes (at least) 7 dead horses so far this summer at “Cool As Ever” Del Mar.

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    • oyvey247…share this blog with family, friends and acquaintances. Horse racing is declining as there are so many more options for those who gamble. And if the general public really knew what was happening to the horses in this gambling business, they would not become new (ignorant) fans. Share, share, share…let’s not help this dying industry remain on life support!

    • Agreed Oyvey247. It is mega cruelty. Spread the word and encourage people to read this site and write letters to the relevant Racing Commissions and The Jockey Club. The racing industry is a public industry sustained by the public. When people place $2 bets, I often wonder how many of them realize the miserable life of the racehorse and that they are supporting the exploitation and suffering of these helpless voiceless horses.
      An example of one particular horse who suffered horrifically was NEHRO. His owner was Mr Zayat (owner of the famous American Pharoah) who removed his racehorses from the trainer Steve Asmussen who should’ve been dragged before the people’s law courts and severely punished for blatant animal cruelty. There was no justice whatsoever for NEHRO.

      The following link is PETA’s expose on NEHRO, however, I need to warn you that it is distressing.


      And to think that the New York State Racing Commission cleared Asmussen and Blasi of any wrongdoing despite the indisputable evidence/investigation by PETA. And it has been business as usual for these two despicable people ever since. My blood runs cold when I think of the horses in their “care”.

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