The Broken Bodies, 7/27/15-8/2/15

The following horses were casualties on American racetracks last week.

Dead, “Humanely Euthanized,” “Broke Down” (racing-speak for dead):

Mojo Workin


To Erin Again

Sleepy Jean

Fast Moka Too

Innovation Economy


“Vanned Off” (carted off by ambulance, good chance dead):

Moonlit Sonnet

Spun Hard

Cherokee Warpaint

Lucky Lipstick

RC’s Diamond Boy

Strong and Tough

Fdd Take the Cash

Oskee Wow Wow

Chicks R My Thing

Mr. Montagu

Mother May I

Lewis Vale

Successful Diva

Queen Tracy Afleet

Smooth Bert


Collymore Place

The Duck of Reed

Miss Your Smile

Kama Corona

Jr Rock Star

Z Big Apple

Victorious Jess Jet

Rio Chama


Fly Private

Noble Laureate

Tiz But a Dream

Vf Corona N Fire

El Zancas


images (4)

“Bled,” “Returned Bleeding From the Nostrils”:



(source: Equibase)

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  1. You sadly forgot to include the other two horses killed at Saratoga on August 2nd in this list. You mentioned them in a separate article, but they did die the same day, same track as Innovation Economy. :'(

    “Jackson N Leonard, broken sesamoids – euthanized after being vanned off.

    Kathy’s Reward, shattered cannon – euthanized on track.”

  2. Lewis Vale @ Del Mar this week was reported by the San Diego Union Tribune, which always follows up and reports on such things, as having bled through the nostrils but was reported as being fine the next day. We will see whether he races again. Just want to set the record straight.

    • Perhaps you should read a bit more carefully – I did not report either of those two horses as dead. So, yet again, try as you and others have, the credibility of this site remains unimpeachable.

    • “Retired” to WHERE, Mindy? A rescue which will take on the financial burden of diagnostics, treatment of the injury, and daily care?…”retired” only to be euthanized?…”retired” to an auction?…or slaughterhouse?

      • Patrick , you are so clever with words, “broke Down , racing speak for dead” doesn’t leave much for the imagination does it what is does do , is allow you to weasel out . You know what the say about Ass u me.

        • I allowed your comment to demonstrate (yet again) how little you apologists pay attention. Neither of those horses were listed as “broke down” (dead); in fact, they were both in the “vanned off” column.

    • I would really like to know, Mindy, where Smooth Bert was retired to. Not “maybe” to X, “maybe” to Y, or “maybe” to Z…to whom and where did Smooth Bert retire? Because I’ll tell you what, this industry likes nothing more than to mislead the public.

      • write to his connections and *ask*, you don’t find out things by not asking, but it does allow you to blindly accuse and speculate

        and for the record, I’ve never bet a penny on horse racing, and I never will, so I’m not contributing anything to the horse racing industry

      • here you go, I’ve done half the work for you, both his owners and trainer have Twitter accounts, though the trainer’s isn’t super active, but you can still try
        @BonaStables & @leahgy

  3. yes, they are in your “vanned off” column, but you clearly indicate at the head of that column, that you believe that most likely means dead, when it does not always (how about Sarah Sis in the ’15 KY Oaks? she was vanned off from that race – you have her under the heading, “Reported as “vanned off” – left via ambulance, a better-than-even chance of dead” – she came back to win her next two races, and is currently in training at Arlington…her being pulled up was the act of a compassionate rider who sensed she wasn’t getting a hold of the ground, had no chance, and pulled her up to ensure she didn’t injure herself trying to keep up, then she was vanned back to her barn as a precaution, while a vet updated the public, live on TV), and you have noted updates to your lists next to horses’ names on other pages when more information becomes available, please do so with Smooth Bert & Jewel in the Sky, note next to their names that there’s *not* a “good chance” they are dead, that their status has publicly been noted elsewhere (I provided links as evidence)

    and as for Smooth Bert “retired to where,” I don’t know, why don’t you inquire? write to Leah Gyarmati or Bona Venture Stables, check CANTER and other rescue sites for his name, as I do, for familiar names, regularly

    yes, his type of injury will require a lot of investment and layup, but why assume the worst about his connections? unless you have proof of prior bad acts by them (their horses ending up in kill pens, etc.), you shouldn’t paint them with the broad brush of others, otherwise, you just look like someone who hates all, and is unwilling to allow the possibility that anyone can do right by their charges

    why do you label anyone who challenges your information as an “apologist”? why not thank us for our help in keeping your site, and your cause, as you wish to say, “unimpeachable” by providing the latest information?

    • One, I published your comment and that’s where it will end – I’m not going to rewrite my posts on the word of people (like yourself) who don’t even have the courage to disclose their full names, let alone offer definitive proof that x-horse is alive and well. Two – and more importantly – I have been hard at work on this for over two years and my research (FOIA documentation) has led me to conclude that more than half of the vanned end up dead.

      • yet you will ‘rewrite’ when you find out for sure they died, why not be fair and also report when there’s good news?

        what does my full name have to do with anything, what difference would knowing it make? you don’t know me, I don’t know you, you have my email address, and I have provided websites to back up what I say, with just as credible information as that which you find, for which I commend you, I’m sure it takes a lot of time to read up on the statutes in the different states and fill out the requests for information, I wish definitive (and with specific horses’ names) death information was more readily available to the public via Equibase or the Jockey Club (they may have it, but I think you have to pay)

        what kind of “definitive proof” would you like? you want me to say he’s munching hay in my back pasture right now? you’ll never get it, all I can do is offer you official records from the state of NY and the Jockey Club, the same kinds of places which answer your FOIA requests

    • Mindy…since you “check CANTER and other rescue sites…for familiar names, regularly”, have YOU seen where Smooth Bert was “retired” to? Obviously not or you would have stated such. Let us know when and if you find him. It’s just another day in this industry as young horses, years before their prime, are injured to such a degree that it “will require a lot of investment and layup”…horse after horse, and day after day. For lousy $2 bets. “Doing right by their charges” would be NOT putting them at the increased risk of injury or death by making them race…and NOT offering them up to the scum we all know exists in this industry via the claiming game. There is nothing in this industry that benefits the horse. Nothing.

    • Mindy, you state you don’ bet or contribute to the horseracing industry which begs the question, what is your interest in horseracing, especially when you mention that this site does not report any “good news” about racing?

      The suffering of these helpless voiceless horses is our concern and that is what this site is about.

  4. One last thing, Mindy…you stated the “compassionate rider…pulled her up to ensure she didn’t injure herself trying to keep up”. If that’s the case – horses injure themselves trying to keep up (and I would agree) – then countless horses are set up for injury in every race at every track on every day across this country. This barbaric “sport” SETS HORSES UP for injury and death. Your statement incriminates the industry you attempt to defend.

    • they’re also “set up” to injure themselves when they run around with each other in a pasture, or in the ‘wild,’ it’s just the nature of the beast

      • You’re wrong there Mindy. Horses do not set themselves up to injure themselves when they are running around in a pasture or in the wild. That is an untrue and utterly ridiculous statement. Many a time I’ve watched a herd of 15 thoroughbreds (ex racehorses) gallop at speed across a large expanse of land on a property and they are close behind, in front and beside one another BUT they are never forced to be on top of one another like racehorses are resulting in clipping heels, colliding with one another, bumping one another whilst mercilessly being beaten with whips when they are seriously fatigued. The herd I’m talking about would slow down when they were tired and these horses have the freedom to slow down when their central nervous system is telling them to to protect themselves from injury/incident. It is a fact that racehorses are FORCED beyond their limits and that is one of the reasons why there are so many deaths and serious career ending injuries.
        Have a think about it Mindy – compare the horse in a pasture or in the wild, he has a big say in how he lives and horses are highly intelligent and acutely aware as to what is going on around them. Against his will, the racehorse is confined in a very small space most of the time, usually has 2 meals a day in lieu of constant grazing which is vital for his health, lacks critically important movement which is vital to his health….. the list I have is endless! So how do you think the environment that a racehorse is forced to live in is going to affect him? Unfortunately, like many other authors on this site, i know only too well the answer to that and it ain’t pretty….. Patrick’s lists are indisputable evidence of that!

  5. It is interesting Patrick that since you’ve put up the lists of the names of the horses that have been “Vanned Off” (carted off by ambulance, good chance dead)

    not one relevant Racing Commission has responded by refuting your lists
    not one relevant Trainer has responded by refuting your lists
    not one relevant Owner has responded by refuting your lists

    It seems Mindy cannot prove that Smooth Bert is in fact alive. Mindy has provided the link stating his career ending injury and that his racing days are over – “retired”. It can take 9-12 months to repair a torn tendon and that is with expert veterinarian care and special treatment. So where is he now? Who is giving him the special care he desperately needs? According to, as at the date of his breakdown his owner was BONA VENTURE STABLES. For 18 starts this 5 year old gelding earned $259,324 in prizemoney alone.

    As we know, the policy in the racing industry is to van off seriously injured horses rather than putting them down on the track in full view of the public. If a horse is not seriously injured, jockey hops off and walks horse.
    Of course there is always a horse or two that does recover and come back.
    Of course there is always a bleeder or two that will come back.
    Your job Patrick would be a hell of a lot easier if the racing industry publicly stated whether or not a horse has died after being vanned off. In my opinion, the reason no RC, trainer or owner has refuted your lists is because a very high number of them are in fact dead and the ones that survived suffered a career ending injury and are therefore no longer a commercially viable commodity, so they are disposed of to kill auctions.

    Any industry that has a policy of non-disclosure and non-transparency in relation to vital information as to what occurs in its industry, then it is in trouble. More importantly, the public has a right to know when it is a public industry and the horseracing industry is a very public industry sustained by the public.

  6. Carolyn, thank you for your accurate, wise and knowledgable comments. They are always appreciated.

    Regardless of Smooth Bert’s “retirement” and final destination – and let’s assume he is in a wonderful, loving and forever home for the sake of this discussion – the fact remains, the racing industry is responsible for his injury. The INDUSTRY is…not you, not I, and not Smooth Bert. This is NOT a “feel good story”, apologists. He is hurt and hurt so someone could be entertained or make their living. And that is indefensible.

  7. Absolutely Joy – how dare the horseracing industry refuse to face up to its responsibility to these animals!

    • Yea right.
      There have been numerous times that people have come on this blog to reassure us that a certain horse is now enjoying their retirement from horse racing especially after it’s listed as “vanned-off.”
      When challenged to provide evidence to back up their statement – NOT ONE – comes on here and provides the evidence requested.
      I have repeatedly requested a pic of the upper lip of the tattoo with a time stamp on it.
      It’s not difficult at all since we live in a world of iPhones and Androids.
      In fact, it takes just about 10 minutes or less to provide this.
      So yet again I request from you Ann a pic of RC’s Diamond Boy upper lip with time stamp.
      Until it’s received I don’t accept this information.
      That said, I would be very happy to confirm this information since the majority of racehorses don’t have a happy ending as most of us on this Blog know.

      • You are more than welcome to look him up in TIP. Ralph (RC’s Diamond Boy) has started his show career. We show under Three Sheets To The Wind, you’re more than welcome to come to one of our shows. You can even check his tattoo.

    • He’s a lucky fella, Ann! Since he’s not listed on this post as confirmed dead or euthanized, and is also NOT on the 2015 Killed In Action list, the fact he’s alive is just very good news. I have no doubt there are racehorses who have suffered injuries that live to “tell about it” – of course, their racing owners are DONE with them unless they can possibly squeeze a little more out of their bodies.

      I hope you are going to give RCDB a safe and loving home for the remainder of his life – and not just for as long as you can use him.

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