Another Dead (To Erin Again), An Earnest Plea

I have confirmed that 4-year-old To Erin Again is dead after breaking down at Charles Town Thursday night (race 2).

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As the 2015 carcass list grows, we at Horseracing Wrongs implore you, the American public, to stop supporting this sordid industry. Please. For the horses.

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  1. I have a FB “friend” whose posts show up in my newsfeed. I will not name this individual but I have no doubt that she is a good person who truly loves her OTTB. However, in one of her recent posts she talks about her beloved TB and, according to her, he “loved racing and was born to be a racehorse”. She then goes on to say that her horse raced from the age of two until five and those races took a toll on his “poor ankles”. His left ankle which is his “good” ankle has been getting worse and he has 8 chips (fractures) in that ankle. This person loves her horse dearly and is doing everything within her power to keep him comfortable. I have no idea how old this horse is currently, but I do know, from reading her post, that racing “maimed” her horse. What I find totally unbelievable is that she states that her horse “loved racing”. Really? Did the horse tell her that he “loved” having his ankles destroyed by the age of five while he was still a baby? This story isn’t an aberration. It happens every single day in the horrific world of horseracing. I am always at a loss for words when I hear stories such as this one. Just to be clear, I am thrilled that this horse is loved and safe with his owner, but what about the thousands of other horses that are maimed on a daily basis? I firmly believe that the majority of people who support racing are simply delusional.

  2. I feel sick, as it is being reported that “Innovation Economy’s” breakdown was fatal. This beautiful baby was only 4 years old. 3 fatalities at SARATOGA TODAY… AND THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING OF THE MEET. I can’t wait to wake up one morning when racing is no more….

    Marlene Thornley

  3. TO ERIN AGAIN a four year old gelding having his 12th race start.
    According to
    His first trainer was Gary Gullo and owner was Thomas Boyan. Later Gary Gullo becomes the sole owner.
    In his first start he was regarded as “no impact” and if I have read correctly came home 32 lengths last.
    Second trainer is Anthony Farrior and new owner is Ultra Championship Racing.
    Third and final trainer is Jody L Caison and owner is Patrick Borders for his last two starts.
    Eleven (11) of his starts were Claiming Races.

    TEG had 12 starts from Nov 2014 to July 2015 with no proper lay-off to recover, rest and give his body a chance to mend. One sure way of ruining a young noble horse.

    Another young helpless horse in the racing industry DEAD!

    These horses are being sacrificed all in the name of “entertainment”, “sport”, greed for money and fame and GAMBLING!

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