Fit to Rule Del Mar’s First Racing Kill of Summer

Del Mar recorded its first racing kill (three others died in the first week, though not, as far as I can tell, on raceday) of the summer when 6-year-old Fit to Rule broke down (sesamoids, says the Daily Racing Form) and was euthanized in the 2nd Saturday. Last summer, 16 equine athletes died at the hallowed track. This is horseracing.

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  1. Another death – FIT TO RULE – a 6 year old gelding. According to the chart reveals “broke down, vanned off” on 25 July 2015.
    Surprise, surprise, the Racing Authorities did not reveal this horse’s death. However, a newspaper obviously had the information and stated it was his sesamoids and he was euthanased. He likely suffered the injury on or near the turn, tremendous stress on the horse when trying to manoeuvre a turn at speed, being bumped and jostled. Given this horse’s history, I believe this breakdown was inevitable. To have gone through hands eight (8) times tells me that this horse had an adverse issue. But who cares? yep, just pass the poor bugger around and around, money passing around and around, until the horse breaks down suffering a painful catastrophic injury. And a gelding of course.

    According to FIT TO RULE’S connections as of his final fatal start were:
    Jockey: Flavien Prat
    Trainer: Gary Stute
    Owner: Todd Brown, Mark Eaton and Gary Stute
    Breeder: Marvin Little Jr.
    Earnings: $118,850 for 23 starts and 4 years of racing.

    According to FIT TO RULE’S racing history is as follows:
    Unusual racing history – passed around a bit.
    2011 – 2 starts
    2012 – 5 starts
    2013 – 3 starts
    2014 – 8 starts
    2015 – 5 starts

    Doug O’Neill was his first trainer and Fog City Stable and George Bolton his first owners when he was a 2 year old. On 8 October 2012 FTR did not finish, pulled up and vanned off. On 21 December 2013 FTR again did not finish, pulled up and vanned off.
    Then on 9 March 2014 new trainer and sole owner is Mark Glatt.
    Then on 9 May 2014 new trainer is R Owens and new owner is Randy Marriott.
    Then on 5 June 2014 new trainer is Peter Miller and new owner is Rockingham Ranch.
    Then on 17 July 2014 new trainer is Jerry Hollendorfer and new owners are Jerry Hollendorfer and George Todaro.
    Then on 10 August 2014 new trainer and sole owner is Steve Knapp.
    Then on 24 May 2015 same trainer with Randy Bassett and Steve Knapp as owners.
    Then on 21 June 2015 his final trainer Stute and owners Brown, Eaton and Stute.
    On my calculation, this horse had been passed around eight (8) times in a 4 year period.

    Then on 25 July 2015 no more trainers, no more owners – THE HORSE IS DEAD!

    • Thank you, Carolyn, for taking your time looking into a bit of Fit To Rule’s history. The writing was on the wall for this poor gelding. He didn’t stand a chance.

      RIP Fit To Rule. Your enslavement is over. Your suffering ceased. The death of this disgusting industry didn’t come soon enough for you…maybe for your “brothers and sisters”. We’re trying, we won’t stop.

  2. Please end ALL disgusting sports that put animals at risk, all racing of any kind must be stopped, horses, dogs, no animal should have to suffer at the hands of we humans. Sometimes the way we treat animals one wonders how “human” we are

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