Slot Machine: “Took a Bad Step,” Dead

I have confirmed that 6-year-old Slot Machine is dead after breaking down – “took a bad step” – Tuesday at Mountaineer. In his two races before dying (June 20, May 31), Slot Machine was whipped to consecutive last-place finishes – a combined 85 lengths back. 85 lengths back. The person most responsible – trainer/owner Burton Sipp.

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  1. This poor horse is better off dead. Whipped to the end (twice). Breaks my heart.

    • Beckie…what you say is true. It breaks my heart, as well. What a sad, sad thing to think, say, believe…that Slot Machine is better off dead. But it’s truth.

    • Arlene, but the Racing Director (Ms. Williams) told me she had no proof that Mountaineer horses were sent to slaughter. Williams couldn’t remember the story of No Day Off, a Mountaineer horse whose story was filmed at HER track. No Day Off was followed, by the film crew, to a Canadian plant and, yes, she was slaughtered. Oh, and let’s not forget that she also has the blood of Deputy Broad on her hands. Good ole Williams….she cares nothing about the horses but is determined to protect the scum bags that fill the cards. Pretty typical in the racing industry….

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