How Do You Think Whipping Usain Bolt Would Play?

A sport?

Finger Lakes, Tuesday:

2nd race – “BROADWAY MUSIC GAL [who won]…was never in jeopardy while never letting up with whip – whipped to wire.”

3rd race – “DOMER…opened up daylight and then was under the whip for the win.”

5th race – “LADY RHUBARB [who won]…under the whip was all out to last. PARIS SUNSHINE…under extreme right handed pressure gained and just missed. LUCKY SOCIANO…drifted out in the lane while under left handed pressure and rallied wide.”

8th race – “CONGAROO…under the whip for the score.”

9th race – “CAT RUN THE GREAT…under the whip proved clearly best.”


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  1. i hate whipping anyone.anything.especially innocent & helpless things for forced labor

  2. I just watched a video that explained the whipping and does it hurt? There is a new whip now, used in UK which is not suppose to hurt as much because the end hitting the horse is padded. There is also suppose to be a difference in overhand and underhand. Underhanded is suppose to hurt less. It was explained that the jockey is not hurting the horse because they are hitting the flank and the silks under the saddle. If this is true, why are the horses being whipped over the finish line? Whatever happened to talking him across the finish line? Horses learn to come out of the gate when the bell goes off and the gate is opened, they are taught to run faster when whipped. Why can they not be taught to run faster when talked to? Any type of hitting an animal is abuse. Please stop betting on the horses.

  3. The racing industry claims that because it is “padded” (and that’s really stretching its description – just a piece of vinyl over only part of the hard shaft of the whip) it does not hurt the horse. The seam (stitching) on both sides of the whip is extremely harmful and some jockeys have been known to deliberately angle the seam to make contact with the horse while vigorously whipping away, resulting in the horse’s skin being broken. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that when a living creature whether it be a human, dog or horse, is hit with a whip that creature will experience both physical and psychological pain.

    The so called “padded” whip is cosmetic – fooling the public into believing that because it is “padded” it doesn’t hurt the horse. The whip has a solid rod underneath a piece of thin vinyl padding and horses often get hit with the non-padded section of the whip. The jockey’s whip is used to force the horse to run faster even though the horse is doing his best, suffering fatigue, whilst his central nervous system is telling him to slow down.
    Some jockeys lift up the whip and point it right beside the horse’s eye towards the end of the race (contact with the whip often makes a horse shift out abruptly from the pain and collide with another and/or lose ground which can cost them the race). Horses suffer this psychological pain with the jockey threatening to inflict physical pain on his body with the whip.

    For anyone to suggest that it doesn’t cause pain is ridiculous, and for argument’s sake, if it didn’t, why would jockeys use whips in the first place? And why is it necessary to have whip rules?

  4. Whipping racehorses is abhorrent!

    Most of the time, jockeys hit the horse on the very sensitive flank area. And this is in breach of the international whip rules in horseracing.

  5. Horse racing is abhorrent and idiotic as well as inhumane….it’s days are numbered.

    • Agree, Devin miller. And BTW, to those who scoff at our exposing of this horse-killing industry in an attempt to hasten its demise…you say “Horse racing will never end and it’s naive to work towards that end” – frankly, I don’t see animal abuse in general ever ceasing to exist! – but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop trying!

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