“Returned Bleeding From The Nostrils” and Other Casualties From Tuesday

Tuesday at the races…

Delaware Park
U So Wild – “broke down” – most likely dead

Fairmount Park
Diablo Mabee – “returned bleeding from the nostrils”
Cherokee Mate – “pulled up in distress,” carted away by ambulance

Indiana Grand
Hartmans Komet – carted away by ambulance
Fixated – “fell after crossing the wire,” carted away by ambulance

Mountaineer Racetrack
Slot Machine – “took a bad step breaking down” – most likely dead

Parx Racing
Yellow Mountain – carted away by ambulance
Fantastic Voyage – “pulled up in obvious distress,” carted away by ambulance
So Outspoken – “fell over the sixth jump”

(source: Equibase)

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  1. Slot Machine. From the extreme of racing 2 y/o’s, at the other end of the “red flags spectrum” is Slot Machine who didn’t have his first start until the age of 6. This 6-year-old bay gelding has had seven starts since his first race in March of this year. All for owner/trainer Burton Sipp. Google this creep. It will make you sick.

    Slot Machine had three starts for Sipp in May;
    -May 3, finished 10th of 10
    -May 16, 2nd of 7
    -May 31, 9th of 9…nearly 40 lengths behind. Made $61 for Sipp.

    Then his next start was on June 20…7th of 7, 33 lengths behind…another 61 bucks for Sipp.

    Then Slot Machine was made to race again on July 14. He only made it about half way through the race.

    40 lengths behind, 33 lengths behind, broke down. We see this time and time again. But no one says a word or does a thing in defense of the horse. Slot Machine was waiting for someone to help him. No one did.

    I have no problem saying I hate this industry. Every day horses are crippled and/or killed. Every day. EVERY. DAY.

    I am so damned sorry…again…Slot Machine. SO damned sorry.

  2. Thank you as always, Patrick, lest we never forget. Joy, thank you for taking it emotionally upon yourself to make this horse more than a number to us by providing the sad details of his torture at the hands of this evil being that the “good people” in racing STILL haven’t figured out a way to get rid of him! Give me a break. They don’t want to. He fills races and they don’t care how he does it and with what poor horse.

    Across the nation, through simulcast wagering, people bet on Slot Machine (no doubt many laughing at the name, not knowing the horrendous life he led racing to his death for them) and THAT is why the racing industry and it’s “good people” would not stop this horse (clearly not competitive) from being entered and will not kick out the likes of Burton Sipp because he finds these horses and fills races. Filling races makes money not just for Burton Sipp but for the billion dollar racing industry (including the “good people”) and it makes that money day after day on the wagers bet on horses like Slot Machine.

    Money and animals do not mix–Sea World, circuses, etc. GAMBLING and horses is 1000 times the suffering and death. It is indefensible.

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