Lord Cashel Dead at Belmont

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that 4-year-old Lord Cashel was euthanized Saturday for a fractured leg suffered in that day’s 3rd race. (The chart, by the way, gave no indication of a problem, let alone a fatal injury.) This was the colt’s second race; in those two races, he finished a combined 35+ lengths back. This is horseracing.

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  1. R.I.P Lord Cashel. Your life is over before it began thanks to this brutal gambling business that used and abused you.

  2. Lord Cashel’s first race was back in September of 2014 – 6th of 7, “tired”, over 18 lengths back. Owner Michael Ryan.

    His next race, July 11 – 7th of 7, “tired”, over 17 lengths back. Again for owner Michael Ryan. Ryan, trainer Joe Sharp and jockey Manuel Franco got to split the $750 Lord Cashel earned for his efforts. The young bay colt earned a needle to his jugular and a trip to the dead-horse pile.

    But Lord Cashel loved his job, right apologists? His death was just “one of those things”, right? Your DENIAL and INDIFFERENCE is sickening.

  3. http://www.si.com/horse-racing/2015/07/14/american-pharoah-return-triple-crown-bob-baffert

    The link above is from the (July 14) article in Sports Illustrated titled “American Pharoah’s legacy tested as racing career turns toward the finish line”. Interesting read. Especially interesting are the comments made by racing insiders Tim Layden, SI senior writer and author of this article; Bob Baffert, AP’s trainer; and Ahmed Zayat, AP’s owner.

    Let’s start with Layden’s comments;
    -“There is no second act in sports quite like that of a Triple Crown winner returning to the races, a high risk, low reward encore…”. Layden admits that racing is HIGH RISK.
    -“He [American Pharoah] can become more valuable…and he can get injured…”. Again, here’s an admission by Layden that the horse could suffer an injury…the non-consenting horse.
    -“Obviously, if American Pharoah were to get seriously injured while racing…”. Ah yes, Mr. Layden, an admission of the possibility of SERIOUS injury.

    And Baffert’s;
    -“With everything this horse has done for us, we owe it to him to not send him over there [to the starting gate] unless he is absolutely wound up and ready to run his best race.” Two things, Baffert…1) what you “owe” your horses is contingent on what or how much they do for YOU? And 2) I thought racehorses just LOVED to run, so why deny AP that pleasure? Don’t you OWE him that?
    -“The only time he’s ever come back to the barn blowing and tired was after the Derby. “He was empty with a half mile left in the race…I mean EMPTY.” Hence, the beating American Pharoah endured by Espinoza in the Derby stretch run.

    Lastly, Zayat’s comments;
    -When asked if he fears serious injury to American Pharoah [while racing], Zayat answers “Yes and no.” Enough said.

    Yet I wonder if Zayat ever feared serious injury to American Pharoah’s half brother, Xixixi?…the four-year-old ridgling from his own stallion? Xixixi ran 12 times – with Zayat as breeder/owner – until Zayat unloaded the bay in a 5K claimer this past April. Xixixi has run four times since – finishing last in all of those races.

    But Xixixi probably hasn’t “done enough” to have anyone “owe” him anything…

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