Summer Entertainment at Alameda County Fair: 6 Dead Racehorses

The 2 1/2-week meet at the Alameda County Fair in California – “Oak Tree at Pleasanton” – has come and gone, leaving behind a pile of dead racehorses (information direct from the California Horse Racing Board):

On June 20, 7-year-old Schilling broke down – “intra sesamoidian leg rupture” – while training. Euthanized.

On June 21, 3-year-old Run Like a Million broke down – “bilateral sesamoid fractures” – while training. Euthanized.

On June 26, 6-year-old Distinctive Yolie “went agonal and died” (on the track) after the 4th race.

On June 27, 4-year-old Kriscraft “went down breaking out of gate [7th race], would not rise, back legs non-weight bearing – euthanized at the scene.”

On June 30, 2-year-old Decisive Choice broke down – “multiple fractures” – while training. Euthanized.

On July 5, 4-year-old Dr. Buffum broke down – “ruptured suspensory right front lateral branch” – in the 7th race. Euthanized.

This is summer entertainment?


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  1. Went “agonal?”. Never heard of that! So I looked it up and my heart sank.

    Agonal respirations is an abnormal pattern of breathing and brainstem reflex characterised by labored breathing accompanied by strange vocalizations and myoclonus. Seen in cardiogenic shock or cardiac arrest. And is sometimes the last breaths before death.

    We must interfere with the abusive destruction of these magnificient and giving beings who have been such a friend of man.

  2. Agonal is also related to hypoxia which is the extreme deprivation of oxygen. So this horse was pushed past its ability to take in oxygen causing heart failure. This horse ran while dead.

  3. Makes me wonder how much we humans have evolved/progressed since the days of the gladiators !

    I see where 4 horses were killed at the Calgary Stampede. I believe at least 2 were in the chuck wagon races. Chuck wagon races of all things…are they serious !!! It sounds downright juvenile to me.

    • That’s what racing supporters always love to claim in defense of this industry, isn’t it ginajudd!…”they love to run”! Well horses also LOVE TO EAT!…so shall we set a 50-pound bag of grain in front of one and place bets on how long it will take before he finishes it off? STUPID excuse. ASININE.

  4. Is this summer entertainment? Certainly not for me or for those who are against animal exploitation. There is no excuse for this human depravity…yes, DEPRAVITY…because this is the perfect example of depravity which is defined as “moral corruption”. For those who still support the sick industry of horseracing, read the descriptions as to how these horses died.

    – intra sesamoidian leg rupture
    – bilateral sesamoid fractures
    – went agonal and died
    – went down…would not rise…back legs non-weight bearing
    – multiple fractures
    – ruptured suspensory right front

    Multiple fractures? Bilateral fractures? For those that profess to love horseracing, you must also come to terms with the suffering of these magnificent animals. You can no longer plant your heads in the sand and ignore the suffering YOU have caused through your support of an industry that is abusive to the animals that you profess to love. Human depravity at its finest…

  5. Right janwindsong…agonal breathing is the breathing pattern of a being while in the actual process of dying.

  6. National Chuckwagon Championship yearly Labor Day at Clinton, Arkansas. Described as a team of 4 thoroughbreds pulling a wagon. Oklahoma also has them. These people are demented and cruel. There is a petition on in favor of stopping this carnage. Isn’t this something the FBI should be working on?
    Also thoroughbreds are not built to pull much less race with wagons. Talk about hell!!!!!!

  7. Where are all of the apologists? Nothing of any worth to say about these 6 DEAD horses in only TWELVE DAYS of racing fun? That’s a dead racehorse every other day! Got nothin’?…I didn’t think so…

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