Cortado Dead at Parx

7-year-old Cortado is dead – “humanely euthanized,” says Equibase – after breaking down at Parx yesterday afternoon. Please stop betting on horseraces.


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  1. Cortado, a dark bay gelding, won over 160K in his 36 starts – all at Parx and Penn National. His last owner and trainer – Andrea Betancourt and Eli Betancourt – ran him with only a week off in between races in June. Seven years old, used his entire life, and dead before reaching the prime of his life. Those employed in racing and taking the money earned from the horses’ labors are truly depraved.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me when the racing industry states HUMANELY euthanased. As though they’ve done a very kind thing for the animal. However, they fail to state that the reason the horse had to be euthanased was because it suffered an undisclosed catastrophic injury/condition which was the industry’s doing alone and most certainly not that of CORTADO.

    According to, connections as of last start were:

    Trainer: Eli Batencourt
    Owner: Andrea Batencourt
    Jockey: Gabriel Garcia
    Breeder: Michael Jester
    36: 2-6-7 for $161,470

    Four and a half years of racing and his last win was on 31 MAY 2012.

    His last 12 starts were claiming races…… no surprise that he was a 7 year old gelding on the downhill run…


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