Dead From “Laminitis in Both Front Feet”

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Start It Up was euthanized yesterday at Aqueduct for “laminitis in both front feet.” The 5-year-old mare had been raced 31 times, most recently at Belmont in May. While the state calls it a “non-racing” fatality, make no mistake Racing killed this horse. Born into bondage, exploited for $131,000 in earnings, dead before reaching full maturity – this is horseracing.

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  1. horses are supposed to see a vet every once in a while right???? Even horses out in the pasture see vets..but horses that race often should be healthy…one more reason to shut this cruel irresponsible business down…

  2. This mare endured horrific suffering. The thousands of racehorses that die enslaved in this unnecessary gambling industry would have been better off if they had never been born.

    RIP Start It Up. You were used by the exploiters – industry employees – and they padded their pocketbooks with the “fruits of YOUR labors”. You deserved a life. And we will continue to make certain the public knows the ugly reality of this antiquated industry.

    Thank you, Patrick, for your Horseracing Wrongs….I consistently have co-workers, friends and acquaintances express shock and dismay when they learn the truths of horse racing here on your blog and your FB page. Our numbers are growing in leaps and bounds!

  3. R.I.P. Start it up….You deserved a good life and instead were born into a life of misery. Run free baby, we will remember you!! Marlene Thornley


    A “non-racing” death, nothing could be further from the truth. This mare was under the stewardship of the NYS Gaming Commission. She was also under the care of the trainer LUIS A MIRANDA, the owner F & F STABLE
    (F GARCIA) and the vets.
    Her first trainer and part owner was Richard Violette Jr.
    Her second trainer and part owner was David Jacobsen

    Career 31: 2-8-4 $131,517 ($4,242 average race start)
    Her last 10 starts were in Claiming races
    She had a total of 19 Claiming races the first of which was her 4th race start.
    On 12 April 2014 she was unable to finish her race?
    In Nov 2014 she had only 5 days’ respite between races
    In Dec 2014 she had only 7 days’ respite between races
    In April 2015 she had only 5 days’ respite between races

    And then she had her last race on 8 May 2015 and 9 weeks had passed before she was euthanased.
    Highly likely something was amiss with her two fores before laminitis set in.
    If she was boxed for those 9 weeks then that would only exacerbate the problem.
    It would not surprise me if she had been racing on dysfunctional feet (NEHRO is an example – exposed by a PETA video/investigation).

    START IT UP’s reward for working so hard earning $131,517 – suffering and death!

  5. Breaks my heart for this hardworking , long suffering Mare and the filly Lady Eli. Then again not surprising as we humans cause more pain, misery and terror to ALL the beautiful creatures on earth as well as monopolize and destroy our planet. for all living creatures Great & small. Perhaps if we were gone a natural order can be restored. We don’t seem to be progressing to a better world. anymore. .. past the tipping point ecologically. If a advanced alien race were studying our planet and wanted to cure all miseries , I would bet Humans would be the perceived plaque of our planet.s ills.

    • I agree with you, Marie. And as the human population increases, I fear for the other species on the planet as well as the planet itself.

      I’ve heard it said, there is no more dangerous “predator” on earth than a human without a conscience.

      In racing there seems to be a lack of conscience and no compassion for the unfortunate horse.

  6. The excessive whipping and drugging of racehorses are crimes in New York State. Until we have actual police presence on racetracks, nothing will be done to end the cruelty. Owners, trainers, jockeys and veterinarians involved in this industry are covering up crimes… and getting paid to do it.

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