Katmai Unleashed Dead at Finger Lakes

7-year-old Katmai Unleashed, reported as “pulled up, vanned off” on yesterday’s Finger Lakes chart, is in fact dead – euthanized, says the NYS Gaming Commission, for fractured sesamoids. In his penultimate race just six days ago, Katmai finished dead last, 25+ lengths back. This is horseracing.

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  1. Not to make light of this , but what is a penultimate race ? I would be guessing you met to say his/ her maiden race.

  2. What were they thinking??? It looks like they were trying to get rid if him. Seems a little soon since his last race with such a poor outcome of 25 lengths back for last. Should have been retired… RIP

  3. Starting a horse just 6 days after such a poor performance is outrageous. Something was obviously wrong with the horse when he was last, 25 lengths off the winner. So who is looking out for the horse…? certainly not the owner or the trainer. The short answer is, of course, NOBODY !!!

    Katmai Unleashed you are at peace and none of these low lives can abuse you anymore.


    The 3 year old SAY DAT WHO is another racing industry death despite the fact that he never raced. Bred by the racing industry, registered and named by the racing industry and into training. Horrifically and cruelly injured, dumped at a slaughterhouse in an unspeakable condition and then, after a far too long period of time in terrible pain, he was finally euthanased.

    According to equibase.com, this 3 year old bay gelding’s details are
    Breeder: Margie K Averett
    Foaled: 7 February 2012
    Sire: Etbauer
    Dam: Prestons Star (by Star Programmer)
    Owner and Trainer are not known

    And what are the racing authorities doing to identify the person who dropped SDW off at the slaughterhouse, the owner, the trainer and the farrier (SDW was wearing new race plates)? NOTHING!

  5. I agree, Carolyn. Racing wants nothing to do with such an outrage but silence gives consent !

    Whoever sent this horse with such an appalling injury to the auction needs to be prosecuted for animal cruelty. The information is out there and it should not be difficult to uncover. The horse may not have raced but was registered with the Jockey Club and so was in the system. Someone needs to be held accountable for animal cruelty. The breeder knows who bought the horse and the Jockey Club knows who the registered owner was….

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