Looks R Deceiving 48th Dead Horse in NY This Year

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that the Standardbred Looks R Deceiving is dead after breaking a leg in the 9th at Vernon Downs Sunday. Yes, they die on the harness tracks too. This is the 48th kill at NY racetracks this year.

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  1. Thankyou for ALL you do to help spread awareness of the horseracing industry!

  2. Shame on all those who bet on racing. You are supporting an industry that abuses and kills young horses daily at tracks all over the country.

    RIP Looks R Deceiving, your torment is over.

  3. Yes Patrick the harness horses are the forgotten ones. They suffer as the gallopers do.
    My late father worked tirelessly to ban those terrible whips they use – he investigated and found they were made of cane. Fortunately he got the support of a prominent politician and the cane whips were replaced with a whip made of a different “kinder” material but sadly still very long. The drivers kicked up a stink resulting in them getting back their cane whips and the racing authority authorized for the cane whips to be painted the same colour as the short-lived replacement whips so no-one would notice! It beggars belief. I cannot look at a harness race with those poor horses entrapped in all that gear. What gets me the most is that the horse must remain in the trot and yet the drivers flog them to go faster, so what does a horse naturally do when beaten to go faster? he tries to go from a trot to canter and then to the gallop BUT the horse is restrained and prevented from doing this. It is so very cruel.

    My daughter once worked at a trail riding place. She rode her favourite who was an ex harness. He had the loveliest nature and she tried so hard to get him out of the trot, to no avail. The other guides would canter or gallop past her but she just stuck with this horse mainly because none of the others would ride him and he would end up on the kill truck. It was very sad, and you know he couldn’t walk normally, it would be half walking half trotting. This is what harness racing did to this noble horse. The only comfort was that he had a taste of kind treatment.

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