An Ugly Weekend at Canterbury Park

The banner Canterbury weekend was completed Sunday with the following incidents:

In the 3rd, Mr Hempens Feature “bled” and was “vanned off.”

In the 5th, Matted in Gold “broke down” and is almost certainly dead. In that same race, Castle Queen “was hard used then bumped by injured rival…and faltered.”

In the 8th, Clever Expansion “was vanned off appearing sore.” In that same race, Bella Parvati “was used up and stopped.”

All this came after three other “equine athletes” were ambulanced off Saturday.

Good, clean fun.

Please stop betting on horseraces.


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    Alex Brown “deliberately stayed away from the gory stuff”

    “I wanted to create a resource that anyone could watch and from which they can learn. Some of the discourse that deals with this divisive issue is either biased to the point of view of the publisher / writer, or is so visually horrifying that no one wants to watch. I deliberately stayed away from the gory stuff. Now I just hope people watch, and it creates discussion.”

    Apparently it is a three part series on horse slaughter produced in a video form.

    • Brown is pro-racing and worked for Steve Asmussen. He was threatened by any comments that were even a pinch anti-racing on the blog he started, and anyone who merely questioned the pro-racing slant of topics there was promptly banned. He’s no friend to the racehorses.

    • Carolyn, I have had several very unpleasant encounters with Brown. He made his living in the racing industry for many years and, therefore, is a “mouthpiece” for racing. He has spoken out against slaughter but not against the drugs, racing babies before they are developed, the joint injections, and the deaths on the tracks. In my opinion, Brown is a joke and has very little credibility.

  2. I think antislaughter is the only subject he is vocal about besides retirement of claiming horses. He must notice the treatment of horses and says nothing about it. I am very disappointed in his leadership in horse welfare. The Fans of Barbaro on his site contribute to horse rescue but still most are proracing. They do a lot of handwringing and worrying about big name horses but are not against racing. Seems like if they love the horses as they say they do, they would be channeling their energy for something positive.

  3. Not to add more confusion with a reply to Jo Anne from Jo Anne but I so agree. To profess to love horses and to approve of racing them are mutually exclusive. If anyone knows that, I do, and I have to live with that now. To profess concern for horses and then earn your living off the backs and eventual broken legs of these magnificent beings is perverted.

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