Three Need Ambulance at Canterbury Yesterday

This is what passed for entertainment yesterday at Canterbury Park in Minnesota:

In the 2nd, Rockin the Fence was “injured after the wire” – “vanned off.”

In the 9th, Benny’s Glory was “pulled up in distress” (after winning) – “vanned off.”

In the 10th, Sporting Holiday “hit a fallen rival” – DNF. The “rival”? Incisive, who “stumbled badly and fell” – “vanned off.”

One afternoon: three horses ambulanced off the track; as you read this, there’s a good chance that at least one is already dead. This is horseracing.

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  1. How does one walk away from an afternoon like that but then keep going back?!? I despise it all, but when I read that one horse HITS another – just picture that…a running, 1000-pound animal crashing into another 1,000-pound animal – it makes me cringe. I looked up those two unfortunate racehorses and see that Sporting Holiday is a 7 y/o gelding that was away from the track for nearly a year and a half. Midwest Thoroughbreds claimed him in November of 2013 for 16K…he finished 10th of 11 that race. His next race was April 2015, 8th place – for sale for 10K. Then May, 5th place, price tag of $6250. And now in this race where he “HIT A FALLEN RIVAL”, Midwest Thoroughbreds and Dallas Keen were trying to unload him for 4K. Great folks. Such is horse racing.

    • Yep, Midwest and Mr. Dallas Keen are definitely trying to “unload” a poor performer, Joy. Surprising? Heck no because in spite of all the babbling, it really is all about the money and animal exploitation.

  2. I was at Canterbury last night. I love horse racing, but seeing these fallen horses deeply saddened me. I’ve been to dozens of races there and usually will stay for every race. I didnt realize how much they push these horses. I was under the assumtion the state had rules to help prevent these things. But after seeing these yesterday, more needs to be done to protect the horses. I dont recall ever seeing the horse abulance before, but three times in ten races was terrible.

    • Thanks for writing, David. Please know that horses are dying every day on American tracks; I estimate 2,000 annually. And that’s just track-related – racing/training – kills. Many more are brutally slaughtered when their racing “careers” are over. Please take the time to navigate my site. The truth is there for all to see.

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