Spasella Dead at Charles Town

I have confirmed that 4-year-old Spasella was euthanized yesterday for an injury he suffered in the 2nd at Charles Town eight days ago. In all, the gelding had been put to the whip 16 times; at the time of his death, he was still a maiden claimer.

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  1. Thanks for this Patrick, another voiceless, helpless, magnificent noble horse SACRIFICED for what? And SPASELLA was euthanased some eight (8) days after suffering a race injury. Again no transparency or disclosure as to the nature of the injury which the public has a right to know. Assuming that the injury was not so serious that horse required immediate euthanasia to put him out of his agony, then it appears to me that such injury resulted in an assessment that the horse was no longer able to race or, perhaps, not a viable proposition to continue on racing (e.g. $$$ cost of vet treatment to “fix” the horse) therefore this young gelding was disposed of – THIS IS HORSERACING!

    Patrick, can you tell me which State Racing Commission has jurisdiction over the track Charles Town. If the system is anything like it is here, the racetrack clubs/entities are completely separate, although they are answerable, to the State racing authorities where i am. If my memory serves me right, Gina seemed to be saying that it is the Commission that needs to be contacted rather than the racetrack club, and I agree that it doesn’t hurt for the relevant track to be contacted as well (re Shamrock Road – Presque Isle Downs track – not Ohio but Pennsylvania Racing Commission) after all the incident occurs (and I’m talking about any horse here) on their premises (particularly from a legal point of view this is relevant).

    Also, does horseracing take place in ALL of America’s 50 States?

  2. They wait to put the horse down–people have a tendency to forget after a few days…..less PR to hurt the industry. Not the same as it happening on the track in front of thousands. Too much of this going on—horses are not machines and this use of a whip–wrong—to push the animal by inflicting pain, and then the doping with “legal” drugs–Good Lord—this is not racing. They are taking beautiful animals and forcing them to perform as if they were a race car. Exploiters. The entire industry needs to be shut down unless they take racing back to what it was. No drugs No whips. Older horses and a lot fewer races. Fair. The sped may not be there, but no horse is going to break the sound barriers and they better stop pushing for that. Nothing will ever be good enough for profit—-push push push faster faster faster more $$$$ more $$$$–disgusting.

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