Shamrock Road at 12 Races in 18 Weeks

I have previously written on Shamrock Road twice (here, here). Well, Sunday he was raced – again. That’s 12 times in a little over 18 weeks. Edward Charles Sexton continues as primary exploiter. This is horseracing.

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    This long suffering mare is once again entered to race at Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort on July 11.
    She last raced on February 6, 2017 at Mahoning Valley, and came home 22+ lengths stone motherless last and the chart reported that she was ‘outrun’. She sure was outrun – there were 8 horses in the race and there was a gap of 11 lengths between herself and the 7th/second last placegetter. On June 7, she was vet scratched. She was later entered to run again at Mountaineer on June 26 but did not race. Her connections appear to be attempting to continue to race her into the ground whilst racing officials, the relevant racing commission and the so-called vets conveniently ignore the blatant animal abuse that she is suffering. Halos and Angels is high risk as it has been 5 months since she last raced (see reference to the vet scientists below).

    SHAMROCK ROAD had a workout at Presque Isle Downs on July 8, 2017.
    Previously he has had 3 recent workouts: one in May and two in June 2017.
    He has not raced since November 15, 2016 and I haven’t seen him entered to race – why the hesitation to race him? If and when he does race he will be high risk as the vet scientists have revealed in their research on bone fatigue (e.g. Dr Christopher Riggs – Hong Kong and Dr Chris Whitton – Australia).

    This now 5 year old gelding had 12 race starts in 18 weeks early in his career including 9 starts as a 2 year old. He had 24 starts in 11 months (1.16.15 to 12.18.15). No wonder, this horse went downhill.

    Owner: Dream Ridge Racing
    Trainer: Richard Markham
    Breeder: Edward Charles Sexton and Mary Grace Mead

    Sexton was his original trainer/owner from January to December 18, 2015. SR has changed hands a few times having had 3 different owners and trainers since his first start on January 16, 2015.
    SR is just one example only of what goes on with far too many racehorses, especially geldings.

    • Halos is an early scratch out of the race. A little reprieve again. Have yet to figure out what Norma Mason, the owner, is doing. She seems to be bouncing from trainer to trainer and track to track with this one poor little horse

  2. Jenni- I just want to say- thank you for your dream of rescuing/ rehoming these beautiful creatures. There can never be enough of us until this “sport” comes to an end. In the meantime – if you need some real horse time – you’re welcome to my place- I’m not far from you- and my kids would love all the attention and loving you could give them! And peppermints! Lol

    • Hah, that would be so cool!! I definitely don’t mind the thought of spoiling them! 😁

  3. HALOS AND ANGELS raced at Mountaineer on July 17, 2017 coming home 4th/6.
    Chart says that she weakened. This 6 year old mare has now had 39 starts and last won a race on April 25, 2014 – the abuse of this mare continues with a sale price on her head at $5,000.

  4. SHAMROCK ROAD is entered to race at Presque Isle Downs on July 19, 2017 with a sale price on his head for $5,000. This gelding is now up to trainer no. 4 (Debbie Brooks) and last raced on November 15, 2016. Wonder what was wrong with him causing him to have 8 months out…….

    • I hope they don’t do this to see people like us get upset over it. I swear, some of them do it just to get a thrill out of upsetting people.

      • We’re bigger than that, Jenni.
        Thanks for caring so much for Shamrock Road.
        There’s nothing like a horse fix, hope you can get to SD’s place and enjoy her horses!

  5. SHAMROCK ROAD came home LAST 9th/9 by almost 15 lengths.
    Chart said that he leaned in and bumped with another horse at the start.
    Chart said that he tired.
    He was not claimed.
    Still slaving away and earned the grand sum of $200 for his owner, Dream Ridge Racing.
    This poor horse dropped right back and ran three to four horses wide, covering much more ground when he was fatigued and likely whipped to go faster.

    Are the racing authorities going to permit this horse to continue on racing when he’s clearly not up to the task?

    • Carolyn I’m still appalled at poor Halos – I’m constantly wracking my brain as to what more I can possibly do to end that poor mare’s torment. And Jenni- yes, offer definitely stands! If you’re interested, you can reach me through Patrick!

  6. SHAMROCK ROAD raced again at Presque Isle Downs on July 27, 2017, again with a sale price on his head for $5,000. He was not claimed. Again he tired and came home 8th/8 last. He’d only had 7 days’ respite from his previous start – why would you race a horse again when he came home 9th/9 last by 15 lengths just one week prior?
    Still slaving away and again earned the grand sum of $200 for his owner, Dream Ridge Racing.
    It has been 18 months since Shamrock Road has won a race.
    This now 5 year old gelding had 12 race starts in 18 weeks early in his career including 9 starts as a 2 year old. He had 24 starts in 11 months (1.16.15 to 12.18.15). No wonder this horse went downhill after being raced into the ground at a very young age. His poor body and mind, ruined.
    I see that he’s had another workout today, August 16, 2017.

    Why is this horse being permitted to race when he’s performing poorly, tiring and coming last?

    • The ongoing abuse of Shamrock Road, Halos and Angels, and the vast majority of lower level claimers is primarily due to their main goal of increasing wagering profits by filling races.
      These horses are being exploited by every single human that lays a hand on them from vets to farriers and all supporting personnel who make a living off of them.
      The only entity not making any money, and subsequently dumped after generating profit/jobs are the racehorses themselves.
      They are nothing more than profit slaves, dollar signs, and when that doesn’t work they become a liability that must be dumped.
      Even when they make lots of money many are still dumped!
      Exploiting, dumping, and dying – the dirty truth about horse racing.

  7. HALOS AND ANGELS is entered to race at Mahoning Valley on December 19, 2017. It will be her 42nd start since she first raced in January 2014.
    This 6 year old mare last raced on August 28, 2017 at Mountaineer coming home 8th/8 last by 12+ lens.
    According to the Equibase chart, she was “hustled up racing mid pack, was all done and gave way in upper stretch” … bet she loved that.

    She appears to be resuming from a four months’ spell – reason for such a lengthy spell is not known but it’s usually indicative that the horse has/had a health issue. This mare has not won a race since April 2014 (being her only win) so why do the connections continue to race her and why do the racing authorities permit her to race when she’s proved time and again that she’s not suitable to racing and has been performing so poorly?

    The sale price on her head when she last raced was $5,000.

    Trainer – David St Clair
    Owner – O Mason Racing Stable

  8. And they have her in a freaking allowance race. This poor little mare can’t race her way out of a brown paper bag and yet he has her in an allowance with zero chance of even hitting the board

    • Pardon my ignorance, SD, but what is an “allowance race”. I understand the claiming races, is an allowance race similar?

      • It’s ok Carolyn, the only ignorant one is the person who thinks poor halos has a chance in this. An allowance race is usually a “higher class” of horse than those who run in claimers, at least in Ohio.

        Allowance races are the next step up from claiming races. These horses are not for sale and the purses — the money available for horses and owners to win in each race — are greater.

        The horses in these races must carry a certain amount of weight or be allowed to carry less weight due to certain factors, thus the name “allowance.” Typical conditions of these races are that only non-winners of a certain number other than maiden, claiming, or starter can run.

        The allowance is usually five pounds off the assigned weight if the horse hasn’t won since a certain date, or if it hasn’t won a certain amount of money. Those five pounds can matter a lot. It’s generally accepted that a horse will run about a length slower for each additional pound he carries compared to his competitor, assuming they’re equally talented horses.

        A special kind of allowance race is known as a “starter allowance,” or abbreviated to “starter.” These races are restricted to horses that have started for a maximum claiming price.


  9. Sadly, this poor horse has run horribly at the bottom level claimers. So in an allowance race- she will be very overclassed, and has almost no chance of doing any better than last, but for the most part, that’s where this poor girl usually ends up. One has to wonder what the hell the connections are thinking, and why they insist on breaking this poor horse’s heart and spirit. She will also have to try harder to keep up with an allowance field – so that will put her in more physical danger too.

    • Agree. She’ll be wanting to keep up with the field, feeling safer amongst the “herd”. And no doubt, her rider will be whipping her, pushing her through the pain barrier and pushing her beyond her limitations.

  10. As a 3yr. old she was started 6 times in barely 5 weeks at Belmont.
    These people can abuse and overwork horses as they please. Racing does absolutely nothing to prevent horse abuse Society looks away while racing is not held to basic animal cruelty standards.

    The HSUS, ASPCA and other organizations oppose horse slaughter but ignore the cruelty of racing and what miserable lives these horses are forced to endure. Cruelty for these animals starts in the racing business and progresses to the ultimate betrayal of the slaughter pipeline.

  11. HALOS AND ANGELS was scratched from racing at Mahoning Valley on December 19.

    • Apologies, meant to add that it was a veterinarian scratching. Fingers crossed that her connections will do the right thing and find a genuinely good home for her.

  12. HALOS AND ANGELS is entered to race on January 9 at Mahoning Valley. She has a sale price on her head at $7,500.
    She was a vet scratch on December 19.
    The ongoing abuse of this mare continues……

    And where is SHAMROCK ROAD ?

    And where is JILL’S REFLECTION ?

    Both these racehorses seem to have disappeared after being raced into the ground for years with their connections showing no consideration for their welfare.
    It is likely that these two racehorses, after years of serving the industry, ended up in a slaughterhouse – the ultimate betrayal.

  13. I see that SHAMROCK ROAD was scratched by a veterinarian at Mahoning Valley on December 4, 2018.
    Ever since he was raced into the ground as a baby, he’s been going downhill. This gelding has been racing for 4 years now, presented to race yesterday and scratched because a vet found him not suitable to race.

    What next for SHAMROCK ROAD ?

    Will his breeder and original owner, EDWARD CHARLES SEXTON save him from the slaughter pipeline ?


    At Mahoning Valley on December 4, 2018 SR was scratched by a veterinarian who found that this horse was not suitable to race. Shamrock Road then raced on December 16, 2018 at Mountaineer.

    On May 21, 2019 raced again at Mountaineer coming home 6th/7 by 13.5 lengths for the grand sum of $69 when he performed poorly. According to Equibase, the chart says he hopped at the start and was always outrun. It’s quite a mystery as to how this horse is being managed in recent years – he had only 7 starts in 2017 and and 7 starts in 2018 and once again is under yet another trainer. The sale price on his head has dropped from $5,000 to $4,000.

    This now 7 year old gelding had 12 race starts in 18 weeks early in his career including 9 starts as a 2 year old. He had 24 starts in 11 months (1.16.15 to 12.18.15). SR has had 50 race starts to date for earnings of $38,688.

    From his first race start to date, SHAMROCK ROAD has been owned by the following –

    Edward Sexton
    Richard Zielinski
    Dream Ridge Racing (current owner)

    And trained by the following –

    Edward Sexton
    Richard Zielinski
    Richard Markham
    Debbie Brooks
    Donald L Radcliff, Jr
    Terry Crago (current trainer)

    Will his breeders Edward Charles Sexton and Mary Grace Mead and original owner, Edward Charles Sexton who was also his original trainer from January 16, 2015 to December 18, 2015 save him from the slaughter pipeline?

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