Wajir On Me: 11 Years Old, 108 Races, No End in Sight

On January 11, 2007 at Delta Downs, a 2-year-old horse named Wajir On Me was raced for the first time. Since, there is this:

Charles Town 5/20/2015
Penn National 5/2/2015
Fair Grounds 3/29/2015
Fair Grounds 3/15/2015
Fair Grounds 2/13/2015
Fair Grounds 1/22/2015
Fair Grounds 12/31/2014
Fair Grounds 12/12/2014
Fair Grounds 11/30/2014
Louisiana Downs 6/8/2014
Louisiana Downs 5/17/2014
Louisiana Downs 5/2/2014
Oaklawn Park 4/12/2014
Fair Grounds 3/26/2014
Fair Grounds 3/19/2014
Fair Grounds 3/8/2014
Fair Grounds 2/27/2014
Fair Grounds 1/31/2014
Fair Grounds 1/19/2014
Fair Grounds 12/29/2013
Fair Grounds 12/5/2013
Fair Grounds 11/22/2013
Louisiana Downs 9/1/2013
Louisiana Downs 8/8/2013
Louisiana Downs 7/21/2013
Louisiana Downs 7/5/2013
Louisiana Downs 6/22/2013
Louisiana Downs 5/26/2013
Louisiana Downs 5/9/2013
Fair Grounds 3/31/2013
Fair Grounds 3/20/2013
Fair Grounds 3/8/2013
Fair Grounds 2/8/2013
Fair Grounds 1/5/2013
Fair Grounds 12/27/2012
Fair Grounds 12/16/2012
Fair Grounds 11/22/2012
Louisiana Downs 9/6/2012
Louisiana Downs 8/11/2012
Louisiana Downs 7/19/2012
Louisiana Downs 6/30/2012
Louisiana Downs 6/3/2012
Louisiana Downs 5/12/2012
Fair Grounds 2/23/2012
Fair Grounds 1/28/2012
Fair Grounds 1/7/2012
Fair Grounds 12/14/2011
Lone Star 7/8/2011
Lone Star 5/27/2011
Keeneland 4/28/2011
Fair Grounds 3/27/2011
Fair Grounds 3/11/2011
Fair Grounds 2/7/2011
Sam Houston 1/22/2011
Fair Grounds 1/3/2011
Fair Grounds 12/19/2010
Fair Grounds 11/25/2010
Louisiana Downs 9/26/2010
Louisiana Downs 9/5/2010
Louisiana Downs 8/19/2010
Louisiana Downs 7/18/2010
Louisiana Downs 7/4/2010
Louisiana Downs 6/19/2010
Louisiana Downs 5/31/2010
Sam Houston 3/12/2010
Sam Houston 3/6/2010
Sam Houston 2/18/2010
Sam Houston 1/16/2010
Sam Houston 1/7/2010
Sam Houston 12/5/2009
Remington Park 11/21/2009
Remington Park 10/23/2009
Remington Park 10/4/2009
Remington Park 9/13/2009
Remington Park 8/28/2009
Lone Star 7/26/2009
Lone Star 7/19/2009
Louisiana Downs 6/18/2009
Louisiana Downs 5/29/2009
Lone Star 4/11/2009
Delta Downs 2/5/2009
Delta Downs 12/26/2008
Delta Downs 12/5/2008
Delta Downs 11/12/2008
Louisiana Downs 10/16/2008
Louisiana Downs 10/2/2008
Louisiana Downs 9/11/2008
Louisiana Downs 8/15/2008
Louisiana Downs 7/18/2008
Louisiana Downs 6/26/2008
Delta Downs 3/27/2008
Delta Downs 3/5/2008
Delta Downs 2/14/2008
Delta Downs 1/24/2008
Delta Downs 12/13/2007
Delta Downs 11/23/2007
Louisiana Downs 10/12/2007
Louisiana Downs 9/14/2007
Louisiana Downs 8/23/2007
Louisiana Downs 8/5/2007
Louisiana Downs 7/7/2007
Louisiana Downs 6/29/2007
Louisiana Downs 5/18/2007
Louisiana Downs 5/4/2007
Delta Downs 3/28/2007
Delta Downs 3/10/2007
Delta Downs 2/16/2007

108 races: How many cracks of the whip is that?

8 1/2 years: How many injections is that?

An owner/trainer roster measured in double digits: Could we even begin to quantify that emotional stress?

To current trainer/owner Christopher Keller, who just worked Wajir out five days ago (presumably in preparation for start 109), we beseech you to end this horse’s servitude – now. Surrender Wajir to a reputable rescue/adoption group. Enough.


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  1. Hi Patrick update on WAJIR ON ME I have contacted his owner he has officially retired him he is trying low level Eventing and if it doesn’t work out I have a loving forever home for him

    • I just looked on Horse Racing Nation and this horse is still listed as active.

      • Sometimes Linda, trainers and owners are slack/negligent in properly informing the racing authorities that their horse has “retired”. This might be the case with Wajir On Me.

  2. This horse’s history is a shocker. An owner/trainer record revealing this horse changed hands at least ten (10) times over an eight and a half years period. Began racing at 2 and now 11 years old having had 108 starts – SICK. Not only are the owners and trainers responsible for this animal abuse but the “vets” and racing authorities are accountable for condoning and permitting Wajir On Me to be run into the ground without ever interfering on behalf of the horse (the racing industry’s “product”).
    Oh for God’s sake EVENTING??? albeit “low level” still means this will be stressful for this particular horse. Given this horse’s history and age (if he hadn’t raced age would not be an issue), why would any sane person try this horse out in eventing when he’s already stuffed? For his sake I sure hope he fails dismally and that his current owner does the right thing and gives him to a rescue group.
    They talk about some ex racehorses going on to great careers in eventing – well yes this is true but in my experience these successful event horses have more often than not been chosen when they’ve failed in trialling for a racing career or just had a few races BUT they’re young, healthy and not ruined. I hasten to add that the racing industry knows that only a very small percentage of ex racehorses go on to careers in equestrian disciplines. I’ve been told about 10%. I hope a genuinely good home is found for WAJIR ON ME. However, the irreparable damage done to this horse’s body will see him living on with pain and it is highly likely he is suffering from arthritis.

    • Hey, I happened to be researching Wajir’s race history out of curiosity and read some of these comments. I am now the current owner of this amazing horse and just wanted to get back to you (even though it’s almost a year later whoops) about some things you said in your comment. I got this horse about 4 months ago after watching a short video and completely falling in love with him. We got him vet checked and I was shocked to hear that the x rays and flexion tests were nearly perfect. He has no arthritis and is in great condition. Shocking considering he raced for so long… horrible. He arrived a week later and immediately I could tell he had the sweetest most intelligent personality. I began to restart his training in dressage and jumping, with the help of my amazing trainer. He has learned so fast and continues to amaze me every day with how well he is doing. He has fun and loves working and is also a very spoiled horse. (Haha sometimes way too many treats). I completely agree with your opinion on the horrible racing industry. I would love to hear back with any questions or comments you have about Wajir… thanks

      • This is wonderful news, Christine and thank you for letting us know that the long suffering WAJIR is now in good hands. I stand by my comment a year ago. He began racing at 2 and raced for 9 years so there is definitely wear and tear in his body. I do question him not having any arthritis. Osteoarthritis is far more common in racehorses. The results you have are based on the tests carried out. I would be very surprised if the latest scientific tests now available did not find any trace whatsoever of osteoarthritis. For Wajir to have gone through so many trainers and owners suggests that he had a health issue. Good that he passed a flexion test. No doubt you know that when trotting up to check lameness, etc. it needs to be done on a hard surface. He would appear to be jumping OK but that doesn’t necessarily mean he “enjoys” it. Given his racing history, if it were me, I would desist involving him in jumping. Does he have free choice stabling? Best wishes with dressage, his lovely nature and your love and care for him will be a special partnership. Again, thank you for sharing and giving him a life he so deserves, Wajir is one extremely lucky ex-racehorse.

  3. Wajir on Me is currently listed for sale on Ballyclare Farm’s website under horses for sale.

  4. I rode this horse a few months ago — he was happy, sound, and an absolute pleasure to be around and ride. If he was in my price range I would have bought him. Super cool horse with a lovely personality. He will make someone very happy.

  5. Good to see him out of the cruelty slave ring. That said, it took a tremendous amount of pressure from horse lovers, and animal advocates to get this horse retired. It wasn’t a compassionate epiphany from the current or past owners nor was it a bright idea from the horse racing industry.
    The numerous connections of this racehorse, and the industry as a whole were the abusers.
    It’s seems clear that not one of these previous owners donated one dime to Wajir’s aftercare – so typical of the “good” folks of horse racing. They are always quick to jump into the winners circle or to financially support the ongoing abuse of many racehorses such as Wajir, but run for the hills when a much needed donation is solicited.
    This is horse racing.

  6. Mare SUN CITY 11 years old started racing at.3 all but 6 I believe I. The claiming ranks 137 STARTS has not been raced in almost three months now …….

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