The Casualties, 6/8/15-6/14/15

The following horses were raceday casualties on American tracks last week:

Reported as died, euthanized, or “broke down” – racing-speak for dead
Shayenut’ntonobody, Delaware
Forestry’s Majesty, Delaware
Doc’s Son, Evangeline
Sea John’s Spirit, Santa Anita
Hugh Knew, Santa Anita

Reported as “vanned off” – left via ambulance, a better-than-even chance of dead
Astonish, Mountaineer
Mr. Espresso, Parx
Zenon’s Star, Ruidoso
Far Away Moon, Indiana
Over the Cliff, Delaware
Pinball, Belmont
First Streakin Vike, Canterbury
Tiz Ready, Prairie
Propulsion, Prairie
Carrick Bay, Santa Anita
Tiz Snazzy, Santa Anita
Lamar Special, Albuquerque
Another Blue, Canterbury
Mariano Intheninth, Churchill (later confirmed dead)
Gemini Gold, Evangeline
Penny’s Maeham, Eastern Oregon
Jamisonsjester, Prairie
Kicking Bear, Ruidoso
Covert Ops, Albuquerque
Tiz the Moment, Belmont
Estimated Prophet, Charles Town
Madre Ditutticapi, Delaware
Dream of Pegasus, Delaware
Jetblack Gold Streak, Delta
Culiquitaca, Gulfstream
Lds Bridger B, Ruidoso
Weeping Aly, Ruidoso
Get Goin Matty, Emerald
Cheops, Mountaineer
Our Hope, Prairie
Might Be a Eagle, Ruidoso

Rebel’s Mistress, Charles Town, “bled”
Mr. Lit, Charles Town, “bled”
Naturally Charming, Canterbury, “hit the rail, stopped badly”
Jess Caroline, Delta, “bled”
Cosinos Gray Girl, Delta, “bled”
Indy Turn, Indiana, “returned bleeding from the nostrils”
Grand Sendero Dash, Eastern Oregon, “reluctant to load, went wrong”
Cool Samurai, Belmont, “bad stumble,” DNF
Fifth Amendment, Monmouth, “eased, then fell”

(source: Equibase)

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    • Yes, Joyce, 3-year-old Danzig Moon was killed, too. Patrick’s weekly casualties lists are for American tracks…imagine how long the lists would be if they included the horses killed on Canadian tracks, as well, like Danzig Moon!!


    Some excerpts from the above article

    He stressed that marketing of a sport was worthless unless the product was a good one and that racing might need to take steps to improve the image some have of the sport: “You have to fight with anybody who doesn’t treat your sport with the respect you think it deserves,” he said.
    “We are one of the few countries permitting race-day medication,” he said. “Our fans are concerned about the integrity of the sport. And we are divided on exactly how to reform our medication policies.”
    “Bettors, who are the lifeblood of our industry, understand the value of an independent science-based organization to ensure racing integrity,” he said
    “The most important thing in any business is integrity,” he said. “We have to prove to public that racing is stricter run than stock exchange. [At Stronach Group tracks] our top priority is to eliminate any cheating.
    “I do agree we need a uniform drug testing program; it’s absolutely important. If a horse is sick, it shouldn’t run. You shouldn’t mask it with medication. And race-day medication should be eliminated starting in 2016.”

    Yes, well Patrick’s list above of all the horses that have died in just one week in America tells us that horseracing is not a sport, not a good product, not deserving of respect and without any integrity whatsoever. It also tells us that the racing industry is constantly killing horses in races, injuring them and watching them bleed with their lungs filling with blood and then pouring out of their nostrils.

  2. Hi Temp Joker is very well alive. He was never vanned off. Tiz Ready fell then Joker tried to jump then fell. He stood up on his own and walked back to the barn, and continued to race two more times and is still in training at PRM.

    • According to, Tiz Ready was not in your horse’s race, he was in Race 4, went amiss and was vanned off. Your horse was in Race 9 and tried to jump over the fallen Propulsion who was vanned off. In Joker’s next start he copped a bump and tired, coming home second last. His 3rd start on 12 July he swerved out at the start, lost his rider and was walked off.

      Just a three year old and what a torrid time he’s had so far – wonder what he thinks about racing?

      Glad that Joker has survived but so sad about Tiz Ready and Propulsion.

  3. According to, HI TEMP JOKER raced on 21 Aug at Canterbury Park coming home last 11th/11 by TWENTY (20) lengths. Chart said HTJ was bumped at the start, then showed brief foot and stopped. His claiming price has now come down to $6,250 (at one stage it was $15,000). This baby has now had 5 starts: did not finish twice, came home 18 lens 2nd last once and yesterday came home 20 lens last.
    This is most certainly not indicative that this horse LOVES TO RACE!
    More importantly, it appears that this horse is not coping with racing.

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