The Everyday Abuse You Won’t Hear About on NBC

A week ago, I highlighted an abused horse named Shamrock Road. Well, his ordeal continues: Tuesday, Shamrock was put to the whip yet again – 7th of 8, 16+ back.

This morning, we turn our attention to 4-year-old Hear Me Purr. In the last 12 weeks, this filly has been raced an unconscionable 10 times – all maiden claiming (and all at Gulfstream Park). The results are as ugly as her people:

June 4, 6th of 11, 12+ back (earned $140)
May 29, 5th of 8, 17+ back (earned $150)
May 16, last of 6, 26 back (earned $140)
May 8, 6th of 10 (earned $140)
May 3, 5th of 7, 15 back (earned $170)
April 17, 8th of 9 (earned $170)
April 9, 7th of 9, 27 back (earned $150)
April 4, 7th of 10, 15+ back (earned $140)
March 29, DNF
March 11, 7th of 8, 23+ back (earned $140)

And she’s entered to race again today – the 11th time in 13 weeks.

Because Gulfstream is a racino track – where casino gaming not only artificially jacks purses but also allows the track to pay first through last – and because these are claiming races, meaning there’s a good chance that at some point someone will buy this will-never-be-a-champion horse from her present owner (Birbal’s Racing Stable), there is every incentive for trainer Randi Persaud to keep Hear Me Purr running at a pace that no equine vet with an ounce of integrity would endorse.

As most tracks in America are racinos and most races – up to 70% – claiming, these are the kinds of run-em-into-the-ground stories that are the rule. But you won’t hear of them from Bob Costas or Ray Paulick. Instead, we continue to be fed a steady diet of repugnant American Pharoah fluff.

This is horseracing.

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  1. If you call Gulfstream they will have the horse vetted. Gulfstream is really good about that kind of stuff they do not wantvabusecor bread downs.

    • That won’t work. You need to speak to other owners and trainers and wake them up. This trainer needs her horses pulled today.

  2. I also do not know why you blocked me from making comments on your page. It’s obvious you want to censor other people’s opinions and factual information.

  3. Thank you Patrick for the information about the ugliness of the racing industry and putting me in contact with Mary who is wonderful because of you I. am attempting to save a life and get him off the track it only takes one person to care which turns into a vilage that cares

  4. Hear Me Purr’s owner BRS and trainer Persaud should be ashamed and embarrassed at the abusive treatment they are heaping onto this filly. And the same goes for Gulfstream and its “officials” for allowing – no, encouraging – her exploitation. There’s clearly not an ounce of decency in any of them.

  5. These are the facts so many cannot comprehend but make up the backbone of this beastly business. Praying for this gallant girl’s safety.

  6. This trainer has another horses in today named Keep in Mind who’s run 7 times in 9 weeks! What’s going on here?

  7. As of 06.11.15

    Shamrock Road (FL)

    CH , G, foaled May 25, 2012

    ( Bellamy Road – Bengalesa (ARG), by Rainbow Corner (GB))

    Current Workouts
    Pedigree & Reports
    Auction History
    Track Date Race Race Type Finish Chart Video
    Presque Isle Downs 6/9/2015 7 Allowance 7
    Presque Isle Downs 6/1/2015 6 Maiden Claiming 1
    Presque Isle Downs 5/26/2015 8 Maiden Claiming 3
    Presque Isle Downs 5/18/2015 7 Maiden Claiming 4
    Gulfstream Park 5/8/2015 4 Maiden Claiming 8
    Tampa Bay 4/24/2015 8 Maiden Claiming 5
    Tampa Bay 4/12/2015 3 Maiden Claiming 8
    Gulfstream Park 3/26/2015 6 Maiden Claiming 6
    Gulfstream Park 3/17/2015 8 Maiden Claiming 5
    Tampa Bay 2/28/2015 11 Maiden Special Weight 7
    Tampa Bay 2/12/2015 7 Maiden Claiming 5
    Tampa Bay 1/16/2015 10 Maiden Special Weight 9

  8. ADD TO
    Hear Me Purr (FL)

    CH , F, foaled January 12, 2011

    ( Hear No Evil – Kit Cat Caton, by Dr. Caton)
    Racing achievements and Top 100 Rankings include North American (U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico) Thoroughbred races only.


    Jockey: Alejandro Moreno
    Trainer: Randi Persaud
    Owner: Birbal’s Racing Stable
    Breeder: Jacks or Better Farm Inc.

    Sold to Prem Birbal
    Consigned by Journeyman Bloodstock Services

    Pedigree & Reports
    Auction History
    Track Date Race Race Type Finish Chart Video
    Gulfstream Park 6/4/2015 8 Maiden Claiming 6
    Gulfstream Park 5/29/2015 8 Maiden Claiming 5
    Gulfstream Park 5/16/2015 2 Maiden Claiming 6
    Gulfstream Park 5/8/2015 9 Maiden Claiming 6
    Gulfstream Park 5/3/2015 5 Maiden Claiming 5
    Gulfstream Park 4/17/2015 6 Maiden Claiming 8
    Gulfstream Park 4/9/2015 3 Maiden Claiming 7
    Gulfstream Park 4/4/2015 3 Maiden Claiming 7
    Gulfstream Park 3/29/2015 3 Maiden Claiming DNF
    Gulfstream Park 3/11/2015 5 Maiden Claiming 7
    Calder 9/21/2013 2 Maiden Special Weight 6

    This one , I will agree with, too much, never said there were no asshats out there. This is when you contact track management and ask WTF.

  9. The systematic, almost weekly, abuse of these horses is unconscionable. Under any proper definition, people like Randi Persaud cannot be considered trainers, let alone horsemen.
    Those of you active in TB rescue… Any suggestions for what I, as a California resident, might do to make an effective difference in these out-of-state (Pennsylvania and Florida) racing jurisdictions? Usually, I get a “Oh, you don’t live here, don’t vote here, and don’t bet our simulcast races? Then to hell with you” runaround.

  10. I sent an email to Gulfstream asking why this abuse is being tolerated. I doubt I will get a response. I will call the racing office, too.

    There needs to be a flood of “enquiries ” as to why this is being tolerated and why there are not even the most basic of rules to prevent this abuse. The track is complicit, to say the least !

    • I also contacted Gulfstream, and asked for a suspension of the trainer at the very least. Persuad should have his license revoked. This is BLATANT animal cruelty, and it needs to be stopped immediately, before this horse breaks down. What is wrong with these people, how callous does one have to be to abuse a horse to this degree? I am also contacting the Attorney General for immediate action.

      Marlene Thornley

  11. Doesn’t running in a claiming race mean you can claim her? Do you need to one a trainer to do that? Can’t someone just claim and retire her?

      • Got it. Thanks for the info! Wonder if there’d be a trainer willing to claim her to retire her.

  12. Persaud should have license revoked. Fever Las Vegas won on June 27th and Persaud claimed her. Persaud then ran her back July 1st, four days later, and entered her again to run July 5th, four days later. Why does Gulfstream allow this??? Get Persaud out of the horse racing business. This is animal cruelty.

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