Likely 8-10 Horses Killed on Belmont Day

The American public has been seduced. It’s Bob Costas and NBC Sports; it’s Secretariat on ESPN’s Greatest Athletes list (and, on a postage stamp); it’s “Seabiscuit”; it’s Seattle Slew and Affirmed; it’s big hats and mint juleps and radiant millionaires; it’s “The Sport of Kings.” And it’s all one big sham, a myth – a lie. Horseracing has as much to do with sport as bullfighting, which is to say, not a thing. On the same day that American Pharoah was being immortalized as some sort of equine Tom Brady, this, too, was happening on American racetracks (from Equibase):

6-year-old City Cartel ambulanced off after the 10th at Albuquerque
3-year-old Shook Up ambulanced off after the 7th at Belmont
4-year-old Royal Witch ambulanced off after the 7th at Churchill
5-year-old Canny Nanny ambulanced off after the 10th at Churchill
3-year-old Jump On Down ambulanced off after the 4th at Delta
3-year-old Masterkey ambulanced off after the 1st at Finger Lakes
4-year-old Roman Cross “appeared in distress” in the 6th at Finger Lakes

images (7)

3-year-old Good Rider ambulanced off after the 1st at Gulfstream
3-year-old Beach Birde ambulanced off after the 10th at Indiana
3-year-old Witt’s Lizard ambulanced off after the 4th at Lone Star
6-year-old Cammazes ambulanced off after the 7th at Los Alamitos
4-year-old Oration “returned bleeding from the nostrils” after the 2nd at Parx
4-year-old Giroux “returned sore” after the 4th at Parx

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Chances are at least half of the above are already dead. In addition, two horses were listed as “broke down” (racing-speak for dead): 3-year-old Jess One Kiss in the 8th at Arapahoe, 3-year-old Kt Turtle Moves in the 3rd at Les Bois. And two more “euthanized”: 4-year-old Helwan in the 4th at Belmont, 5-year-old Sixteen Stone in the 7th at Penn. In short, in all likelihood, some 8-10 horses were killed on the most celebrated day in Racing in almost four decades. How, America, do we reconcile that?



  1. Broke down is not racing speak for dead, I know of a lot of horses you have assume dead that are very much alive and well.

      • If you would do as much research on After Care Retirement , LOPE , CANTER , as you do searching for sensationalism , you would see that many of these “dead” horses are learning new careers. You assume that every injury is life threatening when is not . Yes some horses need to be put done but not in the numbers you want to imply .

      • You know more horses die of neglect by you back yard people who don’t know how to feed worm or take care of horses that is why you all have so much colic and horses die all sports even on pleasure ride race people most love there horses and are devastated when we lose them

      • You spend so much time trying to dig up dirt , do your own research , you will see the names of a lot of the horses you assume are dead , I could give you the name of a After Care Program that is net working more races horses than CANTER even does , and guess what they doing real well by the horses , but I will not give you the name because you don’t want to see the good , you just want the drama , and that program does not need your drama.

      • Patrick , why sad , you seem to have a lot more time than I do , I work a full time job and have 5 OTTBs to care for morning and night .so do your own research I have gave you some places to look.

      • Patrick, it is time to put the “crazy baby to bed”! I love that statement. Thank you, Joy! Marlene and I are going to use it every single day.

      • 1rst lie revealed…took 1 minute google search

        Per comments on Twitter.
        Shook Up continues to improve. She suffered what’s called a degloving injury to her RFA. Contamination and Blood flow are biggest concern. Checked in on Shook Up this am. She is bright and alert. She had a good night and all vitals good this morning. It will be a long process but she is doing well right now.

        Thank you Judy for keeping us updated on her!

        • Yet again an apologist comes to my site with reading comprehension problems: I never listed Shook Up as dead. So by all means, keep up your desperate, pathetic attempts to discredit me. Lies are what the racing industry have been telling you for 150 years, not what’s found here.

      • Patrick , I know very well that “Bingosablumin ” was not on your euthanized list . My reading comprehension is just fine contrary to what you may think . What Deb and i have a problem with is the ” Better than even chance of dead ” Your words not mine . You only use that wording for dramatic effect to get your point across . When in reality the only fact you have is that they were vanned off .

    • “I know of a lot of horses you have assume dead that are very much alive and well”….”a lot”.

      Still waiting, debraolivaz78, for “a lot” of horses’ names…

      • Look above, I found two in three minute with a simple google search. This is bull shit I grew up on a thoroughbred farm with an equine vet. These animals have it better than half the humans in the world without adequate food, water, and health care. Get your priorities straight and do REAL research before posting this hog wash.

        • I try (very hard) not to place insulting labels on people, but you sir are an idiot: Your Gulfstream link, the one that is supposed to discredit me, is for a race from March 2013. Wow.

    • Debraolivas78,

      Besides the fact that you cannot put together a full sentence, we are all still waiting with bated breath for the names of all these horses that you claim are not dead. So far, you have been unable to name even one, which shows oneself that you lack creditability.

      Look at list after list of horses that have died, the numbers are astonishing, and sickening. They were living, breathing, innocent creatures, that were forced to race to their deaths for a lousy $2. bet. Yes it is dramatic, to see them suffer and die for nothing. And yes, we will continue to be outraged at the sheer brutality of it all, and speak up for the voiceless victims of this unnecessary blood sport.

      Patrick meticulously documents each death, which is 100% accurate. It is done to make an unknowing public aware of what is happening to these precious babies, so that they can make an intelligent decision on whether or not they want to participate in a sport where the horses are the victims. It is not done for the purpose of initiating drama, and to infer this is simply ridiculous. The numbers and the manner in which they are dying is inexcusable.

      So where are all these horses that are alive and well? The truth is they don’t exist…..

      Marlene Thornley

      • Let me start off by saying I am not CURTIS , I have no other accts , only one. And second patting yourselves on the back for your dramatic rescues is all fine an good , glad you helped those horses , however , I would much rather and do support the programs and people that are working opening with owners and trainers to place these horses before they ever leave the track, and they don’t ask for accolades , nor do they spend time bad mouthing the industry. You can get more done by providing a true service and After Care Program , save more horses the way they are doing it. your way the horses go through hell before you get them . And I have to wonder how many you truly save.

      • Deb, The fact remains that Beyond the Roses and so many other groups only exist because the racing industry refuses to take care of the horses. Instead of complaining that the rescues aren’t doing enough why aren’t you getting on board and demanding that the industry take responsibility for the devastation that they themselves cause?

        Patrick, thanks for the info on Shook Up. Good to know she’s currently alive. I’m forever disgusted that her jockey wasn’t permanently removed for not pulling her up.

        Every time I think my opinion of humans couldn’t be lower another pro-racing and/or pro-slaughter idiot comes along and proves me wrong…..

      • Marlene Thornley, Best comment I’ve read thus far! I don’t like to use my teachers hat when on a message board but you hit the nail right on the head! DebraOlivas, cannot construct a sentence period. If it’s not grammar they are just run a long sentences that don’t have any meaning. Before she attempts to school everyone on equestrians, I believe she must know the topic before she spews venom at people who actually know what they are speaking of, Ms. Olivas must learn herself. I am at the point of ignoring her posts. If I could thumbs up you, I’d give you 10 of them! – Be Blessed speaker of truth! – Lepq

    • Ms. CURTIS Olivas, you really should quit while you’re looking like just an idiot. Now, “CURTIS” comes here and provides a link from 2013 in “his” pathetic attempt to show “a lot” of horses you claim to be alive and healthy from the casualty list from just LAST WEEK!!
      No, don’t quit…spend some more of your time frantically searching for those horses you “know” are alive and well (or have “CURTIS” do it). Then come on back here and humor us with your two-year-old links. And BTW, you’re batting a big, fat ZERO.

      • Now, now, Joy…you are NOT following your own advice which is to put both of these “crazy babies to bed!” Yes, both of them…Ms. Curtis-Olivas and Curtis! Perhaps they are the same person (I suspect they are) but perhaps not. It doesn’t matter because they are both “crazy babies”!

        The idiocy of the “crazy babies” posts is actually quite amusing. “Curtis” says…”this is bull shit I grew up on a thoroughbred farm with an equine vet. These animals have it better than half the humans in the world without adequate food, water, and health care. Get your priorities straight and do REAL research before posting this hog wash.” That is EXACTLY what Patrick has done….REAL research reported by….you guessed it….the RACING INDUSTRY! I guess growing up on a TB farm with an equine vet allows you to be a “crazy baby”!

        Oh, how I do love your quote, Joy! I have a feeling that I am going to get hundreds of opportunities to use it on this blog and let’s not forget that Marlene will have opportunities, as well.

      • Joy my dear , do not confuse me with CURTIS , That is not me, so draw in the claws . And Patrick you keep implying that all these horses have a better than even chance of being dead , for the dramatic effect I am sure. You people are not doing one damn thing on here to help horses , this is just your dirty little soap opera.

      • Debraolivas78,

        You really are one crazy baby, and its past your bedtime!!! AGAIN….Over half of the horses that have been eased, or ambulanced off, end up being euthanized. This is a simple FACT. You know how to count don’t you? It is not said to create a dramatic effect. What is DRAMATIC is watching these horses breakdown, suffer, and die. It is heartbreaking, and we on this site suffer with them, and mourn their untimely, and UNNECCESSARY deaths.

        For your information, many of the people on this site spend endless hours of their precious time, rescuing broken and beleaguered TB’s, which are one step away from being slaughtered. They bring them to safe, loving, homes, and find them refuge, where they will receive the proper care and treatment, after the racing industry has totally destroyed them.

        Others on this site FUND many of the TB rescues, and some spend many hours researching and presenting their research on this site for the public’s consumption. Many of the posters on this site do what they can by writing letters to Senators and Officials, to shed light on the plight of the TB, and demanding laws that will protect the health and well being of every TB. Patricks’ dedicated work in methodically presenting the facts of each injury and death for the public to ingest, goes a long way to dissuade every bettor. Many attend Conferences to present their ideas of how the racing industry could improve the health and well being of each TB.

        All of these combined efforts are meaningful, each in their own way. These efforts ARE HELPING the horses in so many ways. Is this too much for you to grasp? You are one dense puppy…and a crazy baby that needs to be put to bed. What in fact are you doing for the TB’s, besides bashing truly good people whose hearts are in the right place…..

        Marlene Thornley

      • Totally agree! How such a humane love of animals of all kinds, this topic being equestrians, Ms. Olivas is wayyy far out there. Sounds as if all she wants to do is bicker w everyone. Rather than gain knowledge, she is spreading knowledge of things she knows naught about! Excellent post, Mahalo – Lepq

      • Lepq,

        I too, am at the point of ignoring debraolivas78…Her heart, if she has one, is not in the right place. I have no respect for anyone who tries to discredit, or tear apart, the valiant efforts of the very people who are trying desperately to save the thoroughbred. Her comments are as empty as her head. Thumbs up to you too Lepq!!!

        Marlene Thornley

    • Well then back to square one, debraolivas.

      “Curtis” has shown himself to be a complete idiot by trying to claim some horses from last week’s casualty list are alive and well with a piece from two years ago! That had to be one of the best I’ve seen here from the desperate apologists!! CURTIS!..let’s hear from you on your major screw-up!

      So back to you, debraolivas….we’re still waiting and waiting on those “a lot” of horses you claim are healthy and well! Don’t you see how idiotic you look here? You see, we’ll never see those horses’ names and where they are because you are just a desperate apologist with nothing. Zero.

    • Seems if I want to make a new comment , instead of replying to one I am not allowed , also seems that Patrick does not like every thing I have to say , then we have the 3 high and mightys , they know who they are . But what I am commenting on is the comment that 98% of the horses Vanned off are dead within days , so I asked the horse ambulance driver at a track with a very long meet, 6 months to be accurate , how many Vanned off , approx 80 , ( did not have records in front of him ) and how many were actually euthanized or coliced and did not make it , etc , 20 maybe 30 if you combine them all , long way from 98%.

      • Deb, do you really believe that an ambulance driver would even have access to such information? Absurd. The assumptions are equally absurd – that he has access to every horse at the track; that he’s allowed to interview owners, trainers, and vets to get the injury/treatment details, that every single vanned off horse is still at the track (the most ridiculous assumption that implies that NO vanned off horse was taken to an equine hospital). I call bs. Just because a horse wasn’t killed in his ambulance certainly doesn’t mean that it wasn’t euthanized in the barn, off site or sent to slaughter.

      • Patrick your records , maybe you should check your records better , I went right to the source , the person who picked up the horses, and filled out the logs.

      • Debraolivas78,

        Owners and trainers are very reluctant to surrender their NON-PERFORMER TB’s for retirement until they have squeezed every ounce of life out of them, and every dollar they can earn.

        I have seen this just recently when efforts were made by several on this site, to save an OVER-RACED, NON-PERFORMER in New Mexico, and the owner, who was also the trainer, would not relinquish the horse. He was running in very low level claiming races and not a factor at all. He ran his last races 117 lengths behind. The trainer/owner was FORCED to retire him because he hadn’t made enough money to qualify.

        I would also like to see your SOURCE GO ON RECORD, with his numbers of fatalities from horses that were eased or ambulanced off, and we are all still waiting to hear of the names of “A LOT OF HORSES THAT ARE STILL ALIVE AND NOT DEAD”.

        Secondly, I find it very offensive that you have the nerve to come on this site and criticize the efforts of so many good people, whose work is making a difference in saving the lives of broken, destroyed, race horses. Whether the number they save is one, or 100, the effort is still life saving, and is sorely needed after the racing industry has finished their work of destroying and breaking them down.

        You should have ONE ounce of the integrity, heart, and accomplishment, of many of our posters on this site. No one here thinks they are high and mighty, but what you will find here is the truth of a corrupt industry that lives off the blood and lives of innocent creatures that are run into the ground for money. What you will find here are many people who are PASSIONATE about stopping the exploitation, abuse, misery and suffering of a lesser species who are defenseless against their bondage, losing their lives in the dirt for entertainment.

        You don’t belong with the people on this site, you should do some soul-searching and find your heart….

        Marlene Thornley

      • Joyce Moore , can you read ? The person picking up said horses is the one filling out the log , and yes talks to the Vets etc. And for your information if a horse is euthanized or dies from illness etc at the barn , they sure do not leave it there , the same person who picks them up on the track also goes to the barn to get them . Now I know for certain you know nothing about this subject. Ge’ez

      • Wrong again Deb. ‘Your” ambulance driver simply fills out a log. End of story. He DOES NOT have any authority to request or require owners/trainers to give updates on where the horse ended up or if they lived. Right, ‘your’ guy is the only person on the track who transports horses to equine vet facilities. Explain how he can be transporting horses at the same time he’s following them during a race. Are you really saying that a horse that breaks down in the first race on the card is left on the backside until after the final race since your guy is the only one who transports?

        I doubt that you have a super special source on the track. More likely he’s just the guy who picks up the bodies for rendering.

        Give his name. Post the log. Or give it up.

  2. Wondering why you do not report the injuries and deaths that occur in everyday riding/pleasure horses, by your definition all 5 of my OTTBs should be dead , they had their shoes pulled and are tender footed right now and would appear lame , which they are not.

    • Ms. Olivas, you, just like so many other pro-racing supporters seem a bit slow. Can you read? I will assume that you can. This blog is called Horseracing Wrongs, not Pleasure Horses That Die While Walking Down A Path. Patrick works his butt off trying to get the names of the horses that die in the dirt. Try, Ms. Olivas, to get the names of the dead horses that lose their lives at Kentucky tracks. It isn’t easy but I’m sure you would know that IF you have knowledge of the racing industry. Wait, didn’t you and I get into it on the Paulick Report about three years ago when Cactus Cafe and Canuki went to slaughter? Aren’t you pro-slaughter?

    • Because this is HORSERACING Wrongs. But please, start your own blog with your thousands of dead “everyday riding/pleasure” horses! But until you’ve got that up and running, I’m assuming – because you care – that you’ll keep coming here to learn of the abuse and exploitation in the racing industry, to the blogs exposing the Big Lick abuses, to the blogs that address dog racing atrocities, to the blogs regarding the enslaved orca at SW, etc, etc…hope you got my point.

      • On yes I know what the name of this is , and would like to know why you choice racing to go after , no wait I have the answer , because it is in the national spot light and you do not have to leave your house to do your supposed investigating .. You want me to believe you and your accusations maybe you might to take a walk through the barns of a race track. Visit some After Care places , open your eyes and see the OTTBS competing at ROLEX.

      • Ms. Curtis-Olivas, maybe Joy and I should take a walk through the barns of a racetrack? I think a movie was named after you…Dumb and Dumber! Joy spent 10 years walking through barns at Michigan tracks, picking up discarded horses from your freaking industry, and I spent 8 years doing the exact same thing. Joy was on the board of CANTER and the board of SAVING BABY. Perhaps you have heard of them? You are one sharp girl! I watched TB’s competing at Rolex years ago, probably before you were born.

        Joy has a great quote that I will use here. She says, when she encounters a delusional person, such as yourself, to “put this crazy baby to bed”! Don’t you just love it? I know I do. Now, Ms. Curtis-Olivas, go crawl back under your rock.

  3. Ms. Johnson. You are the one that appears “slow”. Just because a horse was ambulanced off or was bleeding from the nostrils does NOT equate dead. I do not like the assumption the author has used. He/She has no first hand knowledge of the horses listeds well being. So please just stop. Sensationalism is not needed in an already beleaguered sport.

    Do you have knowledge of the racing industry Ms. Johnson? Have you ever groomed a race horse or walked hots? Have you ever stayed at the barn all night to walk a colicky 2 yr old colt worth $1 million dollars? Until you have intimate knowledge of the racing industry I suggest you zip it.

    • Sounds like you’re spending a shitload each year just to exploit animals that could care less about sports. The fact that you have the nerve to be so forthcoming with” value” proves that you see these creatures as tools and commodities rather than sentient beings. I hope you get colic and then get trampled.

    • I take really good care of my slave when he’s too sick to work him, he’s worth a lot of money!

    • Arie,

      Mary Johnson has over 50 years experience working with TB’s. She could run circles around what you “THINK” you know; obviously, you are ill informed, or just plain stupid. 98% of horses that are ambulanced off the track, are later euthanized. How could you not know this?

      Sensationalism…You must need your head examined!!! We want the world to know the ugly truth of what is happening to thoroughbreds at the track each day. They are being subject to blatant abuse, mistreatment, cruelty, and dying in tremendous numbers at tracks across the country each day.

      Many of the authors on this site have witnessed much of the abuse, and cruelty, and share their stories with the public. They are people with immense love of animals, especially the thoroughbred, and have the highest degree of integrity. They have seen things that no one should ever see, This site serves to inform the public of the atrocities, misery, and suffering being endured by these precious babies, for a $2. bet. It is disgusting to exploit a species for money, which you seem to be ok with, real high standards there…. They are dying by the thousands, and those that are not profitable, or used up, end up being slaughtered. They are being over-bred and dumped like common trash. Are you ok with this to?

      The suffering endured by these babies is unimaginable, having colick and left to die alone in a stall by owners who don’t want to spend the money for a vet. This is not sensationalism, these are cold true facts, and we grieve for every lost baby who loses his life in the dirt, or alone in his stall. We are devoted to seeing an end to the untold suffering of our precious thoroughbreds, and bringing awareness to a public that is being shielded from the truth.

      You have a lot to learn Arie, and you should think twice, before you open up your mouth about someone who you know nothing about. You could ONLY WISH to be someone as knowledgeable with the racing expertise of Mary Johnson. Your ineptness is showing!!!

      Marlene Thornley

      • Money- the root of all evil. Keep the horses safe and find another activity for yourselves. Makes me so sick

    • ArieTamarein, you seem confused and I always enjoy helping someone out of a confused state, but maybe it isn’t confusion. Perhaps you lack reading comprehension. I called another poster on this blog “slow” since that individual didn’t seem to comprehend that the title of this blog is Horseracing Wrongs. I think the poor girl thought this blog was about “Pleasure Horses That Die While Walking Down A Path”. How wrong she is, don’t you agree?

      Now, let me clear up more confusion on your part, Tamarein. I have ONLY been involved with racehorses since the 1960’s and got my first OTTB in 1963. I spent eight years on the backside of a low level track helping the horses discarded by the racing industry…yes, horses discarded by the “good folks” in racing. What a freaking joke! I was involved with saving two horses…Cactus Café and Canuki…from a Canadian slaughterhouse and I have another horse, Wakiwickedwarrior, who was in danger of being handed off for kill. You know what “kill” means since you are so very knowledgeable about an industry that reeks from head to toe. Now, Mr. Pompous Ass, to answer your ridiculous question as to whether or not I have ever groomed a racehorse. I have groomed plenty of horses, including ex-racehorses but what I have done is even better. I HAVE SAVED THEIR LIVES! I got up off my ass, hooked up my truck and trailer, drove to the track, loaded the horse and took the horse to safety. I have stayed up with a colicky horse although my horse was only worth a few hundred dollars to a freaking kill buyer…you know, like Jaroslav Gold, who is a licensed TB trainer and who also has a contract with a Canadian slaughterhouse. Yep, a licensed TB trainer is also a contract kill buyer. Assuming you are involved with racing, that must make you proud…mighty proud. Intimate knowledge? Yes, I have lots of knowledge.. I had a spy at the track that should have worked for the FBI. Jockeys told me stories of “fixing” races, not many, but a few. I have seen horses injected, ad nauseam, in the shed rows. I have been standing next to horses, hundreds of times, as they got their Lasix injections and their joint injections. I have sat in the truck with the track vet as she looked across the parking lot and stated that the horse she was watching walk, by the barns, was lame. Now that I have answered your ridiculous questions, ZIP your freaking lips!

      I know that DNF and vanned off does not mean a horse is dead. I have a 20 year old gelding (Fleet Crossing) and he had TWO DNF’s back to back. Thankfully, he made it out of racing alive and is actually quite sound. However, the poor horse doesn’t have a job. How awful is that? He just hangs out in a beautiful pasture at a first class facility with three other horses. Poor guy! Now, stop you lies, Tamarein. I NEVER said that a horse that is vanned off or is experiencing pulmonary hemorrhage equates to a dead horse. NEVER! Got it?

      If the “sport” of horseracing is beleaguered, then it is with good reason. Anyone that isn’t “slow” should certainly know that. It seems to me that you defend the sport since you have experience with a one million dollar colt. Again, anyone that isn’t a bit “slow” knows full well that the majority of racehorses in this industry are the lower level claimers and, yes, I currently own four of them. They are just as valuable to me (since I’m not in this for the money or glory) as the one million dollar colt. Again, repeat…they are just as valuable to me as the one million dollar two year old colt that you walked throughout the night. I wonder if you would walk a horse with a $2500 tag or would you just let it stand in the stall and suffer. By the way, what happened to that colt? Is he still alive and serviceably sound? A person has to wonder…Oh, and by the way, I don’t have to “zip my lip”. I stand FOR the horses and if you, and your cronies, don’t like that, move onto another blog where you can hang onto your pompous attitude. It isn’t welcome here.

    • YEP! About the money or you wouldn’t give 2 shits about what happens to that colicky colt, because of the MONEY! Not because you love it or feel a bond with the colt-$$$$$$$$$$! Bleeding from the nostrils most assuredly could mean death. You do it all because of the bucks. It’s a cruel industry, just like greyhoud dog racing. Once they’ve served their purpose a LOT are disposed of!

    • Arie, have you ever held the lead of a three year old filly as she’s being euthanized because racing destroyed her knees? Have you ever had to scrape necrotic tissue out of a racehorse’s neck because the owner decided the horse wasn’t worth spending anymore time or money on? I’ve walked many colicky horses. I’ve never cared what they were ‘worth’.

  4. Just to be clear, Ms. Olivas, Cactus Cafe and Canuki were sent to slaughter by the freaking racing industry. Thank goodness my spy at Beulah Park alerted me to their dire situation and they were “rescued”. They are both alive and doing well.

    • Oh Ms Johson I know all about those two horses and all the fighting an exploitation of them that went with it .

      • Oh, Ms. Olivas, you are so knowledgeable! Were you involved except to slam our attempts to get them out of the clutches of Mr. Mark Wedig, a kill buyer middleman? I don’t think so. In fact, you were NEVER involved so how could you know all about it? Exploitation? Please, Ms. Olivas, saving their lives was exploitation? Wow! You have sunk to a new low but that isn’t surprising, is it? Didn’t your “sidekick” try to derail our attempts to “save” them from slaughter? You need to understand something. When you are on the outside “looking in”, you very seldom, if ever, know the “whole” story. There are a handful of people that know the “whole” story and you are NOT one of them. Again, you are NOT one of them!

        People like you sicken me. Both horses are safe and doing well. That would be enough for someone who espouses to care about horses, but that isn’t the way you roll. You still have an agenda (3 years later) and you will make a feeble attempt to push your agenda which is to make people think you know “all about it”. You know nothing, Olivas, nothing. There are plenty of other horses for you, and your sidekick, to save. Get up off your asses and take action. Got it?

    • Your spy should have alerted you well before these horses got that far , some spy , oh wait , better story the way “you” rescued them.

  5. It was fantastic when Cactus Cafe and Canuki were saved from the Bouvry in Alberta. I do wish that could of been true for Backstreet Bully at Richelieu in Quebec. and so,,,so…many others. To those of you who don’t think this happens …you are so wrong. I worked as a exercise girl at tracks up and down the east coast in my youth, trained my own, and just about everything else in the track, I never sent any of mine to slaughter and made sure they had dam good homes after racing, I didn’t break mine until 3-4 years of age. Yes there are good people on the racetracks’ but the fact remains to be true.. MANY are euthanized, sent to slaughter and abused. Broodmares past their time and ones that are not making it are often straight shipped to slaughter by owners/trainers/breeders. Hidden away so no one knows. You have no idea what it feels like when a horse you are riding goes down has to be put down on the track or you show up for work the next day and they are gone, No one says much, but you know most times where they end up.. Now I try and save as many as I can and work towards positive change on the tracks. It is getting better but not for the many precious spirits that have to walk down that chute to a painful and frightening death who many are skinned alive, There are payoffs after payoffs to ignore a tattoo and send them to their death, It is supposed to be illegal to slaughter a TB in Canada, The slaughter plants ignore this and get away with it Why? Money! Price per pound…
    You may fight and fight here but the reality is that a very high percentage of thoroughbreds go for slaughter each week from Canada and the USA, This is not here say.,,,it is a fact!

  6. I’m so done with racing, it’s completely disgusting. The nursemare foals being killed gets me most. But the drugs , slaughter, pin firing and other crazy medical voodoo not to mention racing them before they’re even fully grown. It’s like a toddler running a marathon. Then you got Victor Espinoza that beat American Pharoah 32 times with the whip coming down the stretch at the Derby. He was almost dq. This isn’t the sport of kings, it’s bottom feeders exploiting these animals for all their worth and then dumping them at auction. I know , I’ve got one. She’s 3 years old and has ulcers and leg issues. It’s too bad the general public has no knowledge of what really goes on.

    • He did not “beat” the horses , and was not almost DQ’d or even close to being DQ’d , the films were reviewed and the horse examined by 3 Vets, and obviously AP is quite fine . As for your 3 yr old having Ulcers and leg problems , that could be any horse racing or non racing. Have you noticed that tack and feed stores sell supplements etc. for these problems ?

  7. Heartbreaking AND unconscionable! I want ALL horses who enter ALL races to be treated with love, care and respect, prior, during and after ALL races — if we have this, good! If we don’t, we SHOULD! Because animals do NOT have a voice, they need the protection of animal lovers who, in turn, ensure that these horses are treated properly — with love, care and respect — if we have this, then we have everything! This is what we should be fighting for, day in and day out! We must protect our horses!

    • First of all as I have already pointed out there are many After Care programs , spent some time checking them out , I personally have 5 OTTBS of my own and guess what I owned 4 of them while they were racing , oh shock , life after the track . And lastly yes the best care is what they deserve , but blogs like this and the uneducated hatred they spread do not help horses at all .And if the only way you are invested in horses of any kind , is by reading the Internet , you are not helping then either . And they are not your horses , are you out at the barn at 4:30 am no matter the weather or your health , are you worried sick because one is running a temp. I could go on but you get my point , you have no personal , vested interest in these horses , and as far as the value of the horse goes, matters not we love them the same , they are not your horses.

  8. I don’t think we need to be so defensive. The simple fact is that a lot of horses die due to ‘breaking down’ and, yes, typically, that does mean they didn’t end up living. Horses die in eventing, in jumping, in every day riding – there are a LOT who die due to track related injuries. Breed for speed and not for hardiness and this is what happens. They are babies running at great speeds in tight quarters (except for AP, apparently… that was a big win). Let’s recognize the problems that come with this sport and others.

  9. This is a very important post that needs to be spread and I hate to see the communications breakdown into just petty arguing and threatening each other. I was in the racing industry for 7 years & I got out of it because of the cruelty and abused to the horses. I had a stable of eight that I raced regularly and we were kind to our horses but I saw so many atrocities that I had to finally give up the sport because it was just too much for me. People choose their horses prior to races, there he goes or tied up in their performance, anyone can get a racehorse, there is so many idiots in the barn that do her rendus things to these horses. If a horse doesn’t pan out like they think it should there’s no qualms and letting it die in the middle of summer in the barn in their stalls they do it on purpose so they can collect insurance money. I witnessed one horse it they would not allow you to feed or water it and it kept them in the store until he died and then it collected a small amount of insurance money because he wasn’t planning out like they thought he should at the track. I’ve also rescue horses and I hope to get back into that part of the business someday where I can actually rescue in place horses in homes loving home. 7 of the horses were on lasix at the race including the winner only one horse was not on lasix a lot of the deaths are related to the these drug induced. I was one of the only women in the industry at the time. My father is a veterinarian and I saw what they would do in the back stretch. There a lot of people needling and juicing their horses that were not qualified. There were a lot of horses dying. There were a lot of horses being beat in the head with hoses and anything they could find because they didn’t do well in a race that wasn’t even their fault. It is a sad industry. Everyone loves a winner and the percentage of winners is so my new compared to all the horses that are destroyed and treated poorly in the process. Not all of them were treated poorly but it is a very tough industry and they are just a commodity and expendable

  10. I was using talk to text to submit my earlier reply…it completely messed it up. My apologies. Juiced. Not choose in the beginning of the paragraph…People juice their horses. The piss test afterwards is a joke.

  11. You will never convince me that racing of any kind with any animal is just in any way. I’ve worked on the adoption end with racing greyhounds. They, like horses were never meant to be used as a spectator sport. Each one of these souls have been placed on this earth to teach humans lessons. If you ever knew a frightened or apathetic greyhound and watched them blossom after their racing career into loving, happy pets, you would get it! Too bad so many humans don’t recognize the gift of love – that’s what animals teach us. Karma will reign on those who exploit and dishonor these loyal creatures. Shame on you!

  12. Just because a horse gets taken off by ambulance does not mean it is dead. As for the appeared in distress that also does not mean that the horse is dead. That could mean any one of a number of things including quite simply the heat got to them. You want people to prove that they aren’t dead but I don’t see you proving that they are. These horses are athletes and athletes get hurt, that doesn’t mean they die. I have seen a Thoroughbred come back limping after a race and the only thing wrong was a loose shoe but I guess you think he died also. You really need to get your head out of your behind and post facts, not lies, falsehoods and innuendo.

    • The names on my KIA list were confirmed – mostly through state FOIA documents. I report facts and choose my words quite carefully. Perhaps you should take a bit more time reading (and read more than just one post) before making accusations.

  13. Thank you for caring about the real victims. The horses… Let your haters be your motivators! They are looking for a fight, or defending how they make their money. Trolls are everywhere…it’s a shame.

  14. You are doing a FANTASTIC service with your blog!!! It is despicable and deplorable not only with the body count during racing season but when these poor majestic creatures end up in kill pens; broken and doomed after they are tossed out like garbage by their breeders and trainers. I receive notices on a weekly basis to help raise bail money not only to save their lives but for the thousands of dollars needed to rehab their broken bodies and minds.

    If the breeders and trainers REALLY care about their horses then they would donate a small percentage from their winnings to care for their cast-offs such as CANTER USA, Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, Beyond the Roses, After the Finish Line, and all the other non profit rescues desperate for funding across this country. WHY do these rescues EXIST to begin with???? To pick up the remnants of their greed!

    I own an OTTB and it took me loads of money, time, and love to rehabilitate this poor soul after finding him dull, dejected, underweight and lame in a rescue here in southern California. His last race was at Del Mar…just one of hundreds of horses who have died or had career-ending injuries on that cursed track!

    Hold fast and be strong for you are exposing racing’s underbelly of horror!!

  15. It’s so hard to read comments from so many people that all want to see a terrible industry either do a better job or simply go away. It won’t do a better job but it will go away, surely later than it should. There are no trends up for racing all are down, so it’s end is inevitable.

    So you turn the coin over and that means there will be no racehorses runnimg in the US, BUT they will still be bred in Kentucky and run with no regulation around the world. We just wont see it much.

    Loving racehorses is a tough proposition all around.

  16. It’s wrong in all accounts and for someone to defend this cruelty saddens me. Animals are not here for our greed, ignorance or punching bag.

    I pray for the human heart to be kind, for humans to co exist, in harmony with all animals. I pray for justice and comfort over these horses and the next ones.

    Let’s be kind to them,and out our selfishness and greed aside. The world will be a better place when we do.

  17. I agree these horses are being exploited, and I admit I have very little knowledge of the industry. Unfortunately, status, wealth & tradition is what is keeping these races going. It’s no different than throwing slaves in a pit and forcing them to fight to the death in my honest opinion. But as long as they have funding and we all tune in to watch, nothing will change. As for the malicious comments I’ve read on this thread, all I can say is wow. If we all turned the passion we have for fighting against (and bullying!) each other about who knows more about what–into educating people about the sad truth of the toll these races take on these horses… what a wonderful world it would be. Please be kind.

  18. Its pretty crazy, scary, and sad to go through and read some of these comments. People are nitpicking on little points when I think the big picture is being overlooked. The reality is…..HORSES AND ALL OTHER ANIMALS ARE NOT OURS TO USE FOR OUR AMUSEMENT AND PROFIT. ESPECIALLY WHEN THE END RESULT IS ABUSE, INJURY, NEGLECT OR ANY OTHER FORM OF ANIMAL CRUELTY. There is no excuse for any of it. No organization will fall until us consumers stop supporting it…its all a business…and if there is a demand, a business will continue to succeed. When demand falls, change will happen.

  19. I agree with Christina. I’ve been strongly advocating for legislation against big lick Tennessee Walking Horses. Like race horses, they suffer terribly and they often end up going to slaughter. Too much breeding and greed – it has to stop! I’m now more enlightened about race horses and am appalled about the number of horses being sent to kill buyers. I’m focusing on both issues because I love all horses, and have been a horse owner all my life. A horse lives at least 25 years, so when you breed one, you need to be responsible for him/her for their entire life, and that is quite a commitment.

  20. The sad facts are… check it out for yourselves. The death of race horses is a great number. whether it be on the track, drugs, or other circumstances. We have also lost jockey’s to death on race tracks and training facilities. sure there are a few saving organizations that take in the retired or injured race horses, but not enough to save them from the death tolls in this sports. Another aspect of race horses is nurse mares, check that out and find out the thousands of foals born, that are discarded as trash after the mare has them. The industry is nothing about the prestige of a great horse, or great breeding, or great attributes of that horse. Its about money and as long as the bets come in, the money flows, the track will exist. Same as any other dangerous sports to horses and riders out there, involved in the entertainment for money games. History has it posted every where, the death tolls, the wins, the losses and even horses that went to slaughter, euthanized, or destroyed. a race barn can not keep on hand & fund the loser horses, they do go somewhere and its not to some nice person that wants a horse either. Adoption programs are in place, but its just a dribble, and a means to look good and nice, but money talks, and BS walks, thats the program. The secrets are much greater and more hidden by the race horse industry. Still there is enough informations, to warrant concerns, of the cost of the lives of thousands of horses over the years that have been involved, or born to racing industries. Not to mention the dead foals that were born of nurse mares by the thousands.

  21. it is really sad, that all of you are bickering and yelling each other. If you think that horses aren’t abused you are naive to say the least. Yes a lot of horses at race tracks die, and unfortunately go in noticed because it is all about money.

    For those of us who are horse owners myself being the owner of two OTTB’s from CANTER who now love their new job. It’s very sad to see what racing did to them.

    As long as all of the negative side of racing is suppressed, this huge problem will continue to grow…

  22. Patrick why are you so selective , my post to Joyce was informative as how the horse ambulance works , she seemed confused , and you wanted to know who made the 98% remark so I gave it to you , you let something that false get posted , but not how it works when a horse is Vanned off ? Want to know a little more about horses being Vanned offed , ask me I have rode in the trailer with them myself , fun no , but at least you will learn something.

    • Debraolivas78,

      So far, on this site you have repeatedly attacked Patrick, Joy, Mary, Joyce, and myself, with your insulting, and negative, comments. You have tried to BELITTLE and discredit, Patrick and the rescuers on this site, and their life saving efforts, which is inexcusable, and pathetic.

      Believe me, the one who has something to learn is you!! Get off Patrick’s case, his information is 100% accurate, so stop trying to discredit him, he has nothing to learn from someone like you, and neither does anyone else on this site. Mary and Joy’s expertise with the racing industry is experience learned over DECADES. You could only WISH to be as knowledgeable, or have the integrity they possess.

      If you want to talk about falsehood, lets start with your comment about “a lot of horses who were reported dead, but are alive and well”. Where are these horses? You have not been able to name, not one horse. Who is posting false information here – YOU – debraolivas78. Post a copy of these logs that show our figures are incorrect, or name your source so we can contact him. You won’t, and you can’t, because it is all untrue. More false information from, you guessed it, DEBRAOLIVAS78.

      MOST of the horses that are eased, and ambulanced off, are either euthanized at a later time, (could be minutes, hours, days, weeks, etc.), or are never heard from again, ESPECIALLY in the low claiming races. From what I have seen, and I have been watching races since 1970, VERY FEW of them have minor injuries and come back to race again. I am basing my statements on what I have seen with my own eyes, and read, and there is nothing false about it.

      No one on this site has anything to learn from someone like you. Why are you wasting your time on this site, when there are pro-racing sites that I am sure would love to hear from you, with plenty of others that think the twisted way you do.

      Marlene Thornley

      • Debraolivas78,

        I AGREE with Marlene completely.

        PLEASE go away and start your own website. You are wasting your time here.

        HORSES are dying every week at the racetrack.

        Why don’t you go away and leave all these good people alone. PLEASE get some psychological help. You sound incredibly angry. I am away on a project so I will not respond if you post to me.

        GOOD BYE

      • Marlene , let me start with your 98% comment , that Patrick must not have agreed with ,as he questioned it , that is the most ridiculous number I have yet to see. As for my source , I am not about to give you his name so that you all can attack him because you refuse to believe any one but yourselves . As for attacking you , , you are attacking racing as a whole with inuendo and half truths , things you want to believe . Patrick’s list of actual euthanized is most likely correct , but it is his choice of wording for the other horses , that leads people such as yourself to believe they are dead that I object to. As far as going through his list and comparing it to horses that I have saw being alive and up for rehoming , well sorry , I just do not have time to appease you , but I sure name some Programs to check for yourselves, and I will give you another RacehorsestoSportshorses .. As for my expirence , I have spent the last 40 years of my life at the track , so do not tell me about expirence , I live it . Lastly I do not see how you consider this a rescue page , have not seen any evidence of that , what would you be rescuing , 98 % percent of them are dead according to you .

  23. debraolivas78,

    Of course you are not going to release the name of your “so called” source, because he, in all likelihood, does not exist. We will be waiting until the cows come home, for you to name a horse that has been listed as euthanized, that is alive and well. They simply do not exist, we all see right through your ploys.

    We could care less whether you agree with Patrick’s wording or not, the fact is that TB’s are suffering and dying in droves for nothing. They are dying for a $2. bet, for entertainment, for money. They are treated as nothing more than common trash, once they are used up, they are discarded, and many end up being slaughtered. Some, if they are lucky to live long enough, find safe, loving homes, but they are in the minority. I could care less whether you agree with my numbers, or not, one just has to go to the track to see them break down and die before their eyes. You will see the sad truth of how they suffer.

    We are outraged by the inhumanity of your sick industry. Look at all the trainers who have been fined and suspended for numerous infractions, like drugging, etc. What about just last week one of the jockeys was found to be in possession of a buzzer. Real nice, shocking the horse to run faster. Your industry is devoid of integrity. There is no innuendo or half truths here, these are all DOCUMENTED, PUBLISHED facts!!!!

    YES, we are attacking the racing industry and all of its corruption. The drugging, the whipping, the electronic devices, the over-racing, the over-breeding, the abuse, the mistreatment, the suffering, the isolation of the TB, sending them out to race with injuries, the death and destruction of an innocent creature. These are the true facts, not innuendo, or supposition, but the cold, hard, truth, and what is sad, is that you are a part of it all, and have lost your soul.

    So the next time a 2 year old snaps his leg off, while being furiously whipped to his breaking point, and ends up breaking down, pat yourself on the back for being part of his demise. You probably sleep like a baby at night because you have no heart, or soul. I truly feel sorry for people like you, you are truly lost, and I hope one day you find your way……….

    Marlene Thornley

    • Marlene…

      Your posts always ring with truth – your love of the animal is so pure and it shows. What “race trackers” don’t want to acknowledge is that we – those who oppose this gambling industry – have absolutely nothing to gain by exposing the exploitation and abuse of the horses! Why would you or I or any of the many others who come here to learn and comment in support of the horses spend our time doing that?…why? What IS very obvious is that “race trackers” like olivas have EVERYTHING to lose when this industry finally goes under. Everything. She mentions her years – a lifetime – at the track. And therefore, she knows nothing else, likely has no other skills, likely has no higher education to propel her to an admiral profession…no, olivas has nothing but the earning power of the horses which she hijacks to butter her own bread. Pretty disgusting. And you’re kind, Marlene, to feel sorry for her and the likes of her. I just find their cruel exploitation of a defenseless animal disgusting.

      Her kind do offer some comic relief from time to time…like using the excuse to not name her non-existent “source” because “we” will attack him. OMG, yes…we will hunt him down like rabid dogs and attack him! And if it was meant the attack would be with words, good lord, maybe this “source” needs to grow some testicles. No, people like her protest our truths with their “facts” but then can never prove them. Sorry, I’m just chuckling at the ole song-n-dance…we’re just a bunch of “haters”. There is just no creativity with these pro-racing exploiters…

      I’m hoping this is the last comment to this olivas. I’m amazed at the time she has on her hands. She clearly needs some attention and unfortunately, we have given it to her by replying to her absurd comments. Our tireless defending of the creatures she willingly abuses nudges us to automatically respond to her kind…but they are not who our desired audience is. Let’s move forward and continue reaching that audience. Those with hearts.

      • Here is a response Patrick received from Dr Bennet on another blog , you going to allow this Patrick ? All — I have permitted a couple of responses from Patrick Battuello because it was, first, necessary to determine whether he is on a campaign to change what other people do with their livestock; and second, whether he might be willing, even so, to apply his morals and beliefs to himself without imposing them on others.

        It is characteristic of the rabidly partisan person — that is, the moral campaigner — to switch, as we see Patrick doing here, from high praise to caustic criticism and name-calling when he finds that I do not appreciate having my work used to foster or promote his favorite cause, or any cause. This same type of behavior we have seen here in this Forum many times from persons indoctrinated by, for example, the Parelli organization. But animal rights activists are no more welcome here than Parellioids, and for the same reason: they are not willing to use their own heads to make their own judgements, but rather they permit the very “soreness” of their feelings to govern their responses — that tender inflamed spot that, when pressed, causes them to lash out. For in their minds, their cause, their organization, their guru, can do no wrong, can have no downside. In short, they cannot see or bring themselves to acknowledge that there is always at least two sides to any issue, and many different ways to solve problems that we may all acknowledge.

        It is my belief that the most effective way to solve the world’s problems is through the individual change of heart. For all evil comes from the person’s “heart” — that is their connection to God or their ability to hear the voice of God — and for those who do not believe in a personal God, then we can say that this is their innate conscience or moral sense. When that changes to a point where the person can see “from the horse’s point of view,” then that person will, at the very least, begin investigating what the true life and needs of horses are. He or she will read the “Ranger” paper that Patrick read, and they will use the information it contains for the benefit of the horses they have under their control — for the horses that God is going to hold them responsible for. They will not, however, blame their neighbors who do not yet have eyes to see, nor will they have the slightest inclination to turn in anger toward the one who has provided the information. As I said, all I did was compile it; the information itself has been well known for over a century.

        Of course the racing industry is all about money. So is the cutting industry, the reining industry, the heavy-shod TWH industry, the dressage industry — all at different economic levels, but yes, it is certainly about money and also about prestige and power. None of these things does any horse understand, and anyone looking out through the horse’s eyes does not consider them, either. But as Jesus said, “the poor will always be with you.” What Jesus meant by that was not primarily the economically “poor”, but “poor excuses for human beings.” And he means that such people are going to always be around — until the end of time, certainly through all of our lifetimes. This tells me that certainly, no campaign but the same campaign that Jesus himself was on is going to work, that is, healing people one “heart” at a time. When their hearts change, they will find something better to do with their horses than to race them at a young age.

        This will, of course, leave a certain cadre of people who will continue to think it’s OK to race horses at a young age, or who will continue to race them because they haven’t, or refuse to, think about it at all; or because for them money is a greater consideration. There is no alternative to this but to turn our backs on it.

        The same applies to horse showing or horse competition of all types. ALL TYPES have the same problems as racing, and the problem in all types of competition is amenable to the same solution: the change of heart, the change of basic perception, on the part of the horse rider, handler, owner, trainer, veterinarian, or anybody else in contact with the animal.

        Students who hear me say this at a live presentation often, somewhat tremulously, come up to me afterward to assure me that they do go to horse shows and they hope that’s OK with me. Or they assure me that they do go to horse shows but they “don’t try to win”. To the first I reply, “you can do what you want with your own livestock, just make sure you feel right about doing it.”

        To the second group I say, “you’re trying to get me to believe bullshit. For there is but one purpose in going to any horse competition, and that is to win it. Therefore, if you go to a horse show NOT intending to win, you disrespect the judges and yourself, and you’re also not sufficiently considering your horse.” This surprises or even shocks them. What am I telling them? Just this: if you want to go to a horse show, then you be 110% prepared to succeed at every single thing that is going to be called for at that show. If it calls for sliding stops, I want to see those perfect at home before you load into that trailer. If it calls for extended trot, I want to see a real extension in complete softeness and total balance at home. If it’s a barrel race, there had better be zero chance of your horse running out or running wide on any barrel, and you better be able to softly bring him through the down transition without excitement or tension after the finish line.

        I would apply the same to racing. Jockey club statistics show that the number of career starts for 2 and 3 year-olds is now about half what it was even ten years ago. It’s down to less than 8 starts per horse per career. If we go to the track and observe and make friends so that we can ask around, or we talk to the track vet privately, we find that many trainers today are afraid, because of the chance of injury, to take the horse out to train it and condition it before the race; so that the animal is brought to the race in a condition that can only be regarded as “precarious” or “marginal” as to being physically fit to run in that race. This, on top of the intractable backwardness of the racetrack’s understanding of the biomechanics of speed, and its general resistance to seriously taking up any new training techniques.

        This is where my “Ranger” paper DOES come in — along with all the rest of my work. The one horse, for example, that I regularly cite as having (apparently) taught itself to run straight — a la the “Woody” paper — is Secretariat. If you’ve ever seen film of this horse running toward the camera, you’ll see he had astonishingly clean “technique” — but it isn’t technique as to the animal somehow precisely controlling the swing of each leg; it’s because he ran spinally straight, that is to say, in proper balance — a balance that could be taught to every racehorse.

        For another example, I’ve recently been corresponding with an animal biomechanics professor at a certain university, who wanted to do a study on racehorses and who had heard that I have a way to greatly increase the bettor’s chance of beating the house at the track. As indeed I do. It has to do with detecting which horses come through the post parade “humping” the best, i.e. using their Ring of Muscles the best. One bets on those horses after having thrown the Racing Form into the garbage bin, and one wins around 80% of the time. This is what I mean about the track not understanding the biomechanics of speed — which have also, by the way, been known for more than two centuries — there is mention of it in the appendix to La Gueriniere in the mid-18th century.

        So I come along and I present all this stuff to you, and I expect each and every one of you to read it and think about it and use it. But please don’t do like Patrick and try to play God, telling your neighbor what he should do. You all who are committed to the betterment of horses please consider that you have but one job, and that is to set an example. You set the example with your own horses, in whatever you do. When you do that, though it is sometimes very hard to believe, people do notice the difference, with sometimes the most hardened-up people noticing the most. You focus on just doing a great job with your own horses, according to the principles we teach here; you learn how important getting and keeping the softness is; you consider your horse first in all that you do and all that you plan to do; you go to shows — if you go — fully prepared to win. In this way, a person who is already a success with horses can also be a winner.

        • Yes, I remember it well. I’m the one “playing God” by telling people to stop making these animals (now that’s playing God), abusing these animals, and killing these animals? Please. She’s a joke, doctor or not.

      • Thank you for allowing my post , now after having read that blog , and another about dogs and cats you commented on , would you mind telling me which ARA you belong to , that would go along way in clearing up a few thoughts I have had .

      • You are so right in everything you say Joy. I always love your posts, they are right from your heart, and you have a great one!! I am moving forward and not spending anymore time trying to reason with olivas, it is a worthless pursuit…

        Marlene Thornley

    • Marlene,

      debraolivas78 says that she has spent 40 years at the race track. This is the life she lives.

      She lives in her world surrounded by her horses or those she takes care of and blocks the rest of TRUE reality of the bigger picture of abuse and death out of her mind. Many people do that to justify what they do for a living at the race track.

      To actually face the truth of how dangerous racing is to horses would mean she would need to admit that she spent 40 years contributing to an industry that abuses and drives horses to their death and I do not think she is ready to see that. She may never be ready to see that or admit that into her consciousness.

      • Kathleen,

        You are right, she definitely may never be ready to see the truth, or accept it. I have given up trying to reason with her. People like olivas have no guilt, because they don’t think they are doing anything wrong.

        Marlene Thornley

  24. debralivas78, defending the indefensible is a though undertaking, in fact it is impossible.
    Just accept the fact that racing is what it is, a gambling business where the horse is a disposable commodity, exploited for money and then tossed aside like garbage. Of course a few horses make it out alive and get to retire but those numbers pale in comparison to the numbers of horses that die at a young age on the track, in the barn or in the slaughterhouse The statistics are indisputable.

    • Here is some abuse for you, and is happening daily all over the country , but you all don’t care about this , because there is no spotlight to share.
      In September 2014, a neighbor found 14 horse carcasses inside a barn that Rick and Sherri Brunzell leased, and several days later, the El Paso County Sheriff’s office Investigations Division seized 10 live horses and four llamas from the barn. Included was a horribly emaciated but well-known, money-earning cutting horse stallion Dual Peppy.

      The other horses were also in bad shape, from loss of weight to hooves that hadn’t been trimmed and parasite infestations. It wasn’t long before equine activists had a Facebook page up called “Justice For Dual Peppy,” that drew thousands of horse lovers from throughout the country and even internationally. None of the horses weighed 1,000 pounds when they were confiscated; however, at trial time, four were over 1,000 pounds and four others were over 900 pounds.

      The eight living horses and four llamas were sent to the Dumb Friends League Rescue facility at Harmony, and Brunzell was ordered to pay $5,400 per month for their care. She was also suspended from the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), which took away her rights to transfer the horses. There was no word on the future of the eight horses.

      While still in the courtroom, Brunzell was heard saying that she was going to sue the rescue facility, accusing them of ruining her horses.

      According to, in other horse abuse cases across the country, Mark Arballo, a North Carolina horse trainer was sentenced to three years probation for felony animal cruelty on May 27. Judge Garry Haehnle also sentenced Arballo to 180 days of house arrest with GPS monitoring that includes alcohol monitoring. He allowed Arballo to serve the in-custody portion at his home in North Carolina and he will only be allowed to leave his home for work, church and medical appointments for the duration. He also imposed a Fourth Waiver, meaning Arballo has given up his right to refuse a search by law enforcement.

      Arballo had left a customer’s horse alone in an arena with her head tied around and a long-shank bit in her mouth. The Paint mare, owned by a customer, injured herself and had to be euthanized.

      Also, posted on, Dayle Kountz, Bozeman, Mont., the owner of Kountz Arena was charged with felony animal cruelty charges after he allegedly kept his stallion alive without vet care, while the stallion was missing part of its leg. Kountz was charged with three felonies due to a previous charge of animal cruelty in 1999 when for four months, he failed to provide vet care to a mare with a broken hind leg. If convicted of the most serious charge, aggravated animal cruelty, Kountz faces up to two years behind bars and a maximum fine of $2,500. He is scheduled to appear in court on June 15. His 1999 sentence resulted in him paying only a $130 fine.

      • debraolivas78

        I STRONGLY suggest you start your OWN website about ALL the abuse that YOU want to talk about.

        Then PERHAPS you will see how much work it is to build and maintain a site like this .

        Then PERHAPS people will come on your website and ask you why YOU do not care about

        the 4 MILLION horses being slaughtered every year


        the 10 MILLION dogs being slaughtered in China every year


        the 30,000 ELEPHANTS being slaughtered every year,

        etc etc. etc.

      • Well maybe I will start a group or page , dedicated to this group , you have proven to me that you are not any different than PETA , whom I suspect Pattrick is a card carrying member of , to HSUS , at any rate , you all want to rate and rave , but as Dr Bennett pointed out you really do not help the horses.

      • Debra,

        Please start a cause YOU believe in.

        You are wasting your time trying to insult Patrick. He is Strong. He rolls with it and moves on. He is too busy to argue with you or defend his position.

        HIs position is to work hard to enlighten people as to how dangerous horse racing is and how it should end.

        What is your position. What do you care about ?

        Start a group. Make a stand. that is what Patrick has done. You will not succeed in turning any of us against him. We value him and appreciate all his hard work he does on behalf of horses.

        I am connected to aprox 10 groups fighting to help stop the Slaughter of HORSES, DOGS, BEARS and ELEPHANTS.

        No one on any of those groups goes on those websites or facebook pages and tries to pick a fight with the person that started the group.

        What you are doing here makes no Logical sense.

        So PLEASE go in PEACE.

        • There is a book called Animal Liberation , written by Peter Singer , has anyone one on here heard of this book or read it ?

      • My Cause ? LOL ! You ARs are the ones with the cause , so noble you are . I am sure I will not sway any of you away from RARA Patrick , but if I can possibly sway someone else reading this extremely biased and one sided blog , then I guess that is my cause .I have a question though , do you believe horses should be rode or shown in any capacity or are they only to be free in green pastures ?

  25. My name is Gina Powell. I was raised in this business since the 60’s. I was naive and socially programmed to accept this deplorable industry. I can’t call it a sport because it doesn’t qualify according to the definition of a willing participant. So later in life I invested a ton of money in this business entering with an idealistic notion that many of you pro- racing people who commented here are accepting. I can tell you that it’s a lie – a big lie. The industry is rife with corruption. This comment is based on my direct experience whereby the majority of Owner/Trainers don’t have fair, and equal access to the system. The industry sells a golden dream that any horse can be a Derby winner, that anybody has access to this dream – wrong. However, many people (about 90%) buy into this lie, and go broke pursuing it. Just look at the statistics. They are fact. They speak for themselves. It’s the same Owner/Trainers (about 10%) winning about 90% of the top Stake Races which is where the money is at. The other 90% are just filling races for them. Sadly, it’s the racehorse filling races for them, and they are paying with their lives because they don’t live up to this “Derby Dream,” that the industry strongly promotes. Moreover, when a racehorse is no longer profitable it becomes a financial burden to most Owners, and that burden translates into a disposable commodity once the dream is broken. The multi billion dollar racing industry does and/or donates little (compared to the obscene profits) or nothing for these racehorses. They conveniently pass this off to the,usually, financially broken Owner. Frank Stronach, one of the biggest racetrack Operators, has said that a racehorse is the property, and responsibility of the Owner. True, but how convenient is that? So now that the racehorse has filled the race for the racetrack operators, and wagering outlets that make millions in profit it’s time to say Bye Bye. There are some individuals commenting here about the facts stated by Patrick Battuello. I can tell you that Patrick does extensive research to state which racehorses have died on which racetracks. These are facts, and are indisputable. The only time the information becomes difficult to accurately report is because the horse racing connections can obscure the facts or make it difficult to obtain which I think is deliberate. However, there is something called the Freedom of Information Act. Moreover, these tracks must accurately report the breakdowns and deaths via the Racing Commissions which are Public Information sources. This is where Patrick obtains his Informatiin – directly from the source. Anyways, what I find so incredibly disturbing, among other things, is how the horse racing industry creates this mess of unwanted horses that is dumped on people who have nothing to do with the industry. It’s time they clean up their own mess. For those of you here who have defended the business it seems to me you are angry, and I suggest you direct your anger to where it belongs: the horse racing industry. Better still, get out of it while you are, perhaps, still financially stable? After my husband and I went through about 1.5 million ( a drop in the bucket in this industry) chasing the impossible dream I’m now struggling with paying my horses board, and the sad part? He filled races for them, generated a hefty profit for the racetrack and wagering operators! Get Down Wolfie was a crowd favourite, many people made money off of him. They are nowhere to be found now when I’m borrowing from family members to pay his $300 per month board. Never thought I would end up this way, but most do. Only most don’t want the financial burden of an OTTB that’s no longer viable. This isn’t Wolfie’s fault. It’s not any racehorses fault. They never asked to be bred for this stupid industry or even participate in it. Yet, they find themselves running for their lives either in Claiming Races or at the Kill Auction – their last stop of hope before their standing in a Kill Box waiting for a captive bolt to the head. This is the horrific truth behind this industry. The racehorses are the casualties of an industry that promotes an impossible dream. Sadly, the racehorses pay for this dream with their lives. This is horse racing.

    • Gina,

      THANK YOU for your post.

      What you stated is the reality for the majority of those who get into racing.

      I agree with Marlene.

      MAY GOD BLESS YOU and PATRICK and JOY and MARY and JoANNE and CAROLYN and MARLENE and everyone else on this list that rescues horses, speaks out about horse abuse and prays for the horses deliverance from the horrific world they live in.

  26. Patrick,

    Can you please email me privately. the email I sent you did not get through. i had information I wanted to send to you.

  27. For Gina, Here is a list of the Derby winners sold at public auction since 1970 with their sale price.

    Animal Kingdom, 2011 … $100,000
    Mine That Bird, 2009 … $9,500
    Big Brown, 2007 … $190,000
    Funny Cide, 2003 … $22,000
    Monarchos, 2001 … $170,000
    Fusaichi Pegasus, 2000 … $4,000,000
    Real Quiet, 1998 … $17,000
    Silver Charm, 1997 … $100,000
    Thunder Gulch, 1995 … $40,000
    Go For Gin, 1994 … $150,000
    Lil E. Tee, 1992 … $25,000
    Unbridled, 1990 … $70,000
    Sunday Silence, 1989 … $32,000
    Winning Colors, 1988 … $575,000
    Alysheba, 1987 … $500,000
    Genuine Risk, 1980 … $32,000
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    Spectacular Bid, 1979 … $37,000
    Seattle Slew, 1977 … $17,500
    Bold Forbes, 1976 … $15,200
    Foolish Pleasure, 1975 … $20,000
    Canonero II, 1971 … $1,200
    Dust Commander, 1970 … $6,500

  28. The horses sold at Auction are 1% or less so that leaves 99% of horses sold that never made it to the Derby. That, my friend, qualifies for an unobtainable goal. Moreover, the majority of those horses had upper level connections since it’s rare, if not impossible, that the majority of Trainers ever make it to the upper echelons of Training. It has absolutely nothing to do with lack of horsemanship or a good horse because without the connections you can’t win. Further, just look at the facts of the last years of either the Derby or Breeders Cup or even Stake Races: the majority of Winning Trainers are multiple Drug Violating Trainers. Obviously the industry has no interest in cleaning up their mess whether it’s on the track or at the Kill Auction.
    Now let’s examine the implications of a Multiple Drug Violating Trainer. First, most of them have repeated offences which can be attributed to the “slap on the wrist,” penalties. There is little deterrence. However, it equates to “race fixing.” It really does. For example. A Favourite can be deliberately slowed down with a drug while the long shot can be diberately speeded up. Thousands of bets later the minuscule penalty doesn’t come close to the high odds payoff. So they can get away with this. Owners like Maggi Moss complains about the trace amounts of drugs found in racehorses, but that’s not the point. By the time they test the horse a minuscule amount was probably a large illegal amount pre-race to affect the outcome of the race. Another thing, the majority of multiple drug violating Trainers have a direct connection with the wavering outlets of either TVG, Expressbet etc. so this circumstantial evidence solidifies the “race fixing” scenario. So what happens to the honest Owner/Trainer – they get screwed. What happens to the wagering public? They get screwed. Most importantly, what happens to the racehorse? They pay with their life because it’s a known fact, that studies conducted by reputable Equine Vets confirm that breakdowns are. a result of chronic issues that are masked with drugs. Take for example the Plate Trial at Woodbine. The heavy favourite DANZIG MOON snapped its back leg and died on the far turn. Now, and this is just a unproven hypothesis, what if the Trainer knew that the horse was bad on its bad leg? Pumped it up with a pain masking medication to placate the wagering public while placing a huge bet on the long shot that eventually won? Just saying that this is totally possible. I wouldn’t put it past them. I’ve seen these things with my own eyes. I was too naive to film it at the time and this was before iPhones and other things like that. It’s a dishonest product – a big lie. I can’t think of any other business that’s getting away with this. I just can’t at least not to this degree. Moreover, the entire Ontario Racjng Industry is financially supported by the Ontario Taxpayer most of which want nothing to do with this business. Now I will present FACT. My horse Get Doen Wolfie should have been a Grade I Stake Horse, but the connections made sure he wasn’t. I knew he was. When I entered him in upper level races at Woodbine noticed he was owing down heavily in the stretch, and that something was not right. There was nothing wrong g with him either physically or fit wise. I used to tell everyone e they are doing something to my horse. I knew something was not right. Everybody told me that I was crazy. That’s just crazy Gina. I especially noticed it when Patrick Husbands rode him. During the post parade Patrick broke-off from the pony horse (against my instructions) and galloped Wolfie HARD half a mile prior to the race. I was screaming at the top of my lungs I was so upset. I thought what the f***k is he doing? Of course Wolfie was out of the money that race – slowed right down. Then I started closely monitoring Patrick Husbands riding. I noticed he did this to certain horses, usually small Trainers like me, and the horse always finished out of the money. I knew he was doing something, but couldn’t figure out what? Fast forward 5 years later. Both Patrick Husbands and Emma-Jay Wilson were found guilty of paying-off the Clerk of Scales at Woodbine to weigh down horses to effect the outcome of races??!!! Finally, a few jockeys came forward to tell me that I was crazy and that Wolfie was heavily weighed down to ensure he was out of the money! This is outrageous! These jockeys are STILL RIDING when they should be banned for life! You know how many people they screwed??? Not to mention the fact that the horses were physically exhausted when heavily weighed down probay contribution v to physical ailments and breakdowns., but the damage was done. They knew I had. great horse, but made sure that chance was taken away from me and my horse. I don’t mind losing fair and square, but that was my chance. I waited years for this opportunity and to get s horse like Wolfie, and they screwed me! They screwed many others too. I should mention that during this time Frank Strinack was in charge of the Ontario Jockey Club. Ironically, he won the upper level races that Wolfie was weighed down in – go figure. You can vdate these facts via the Onario Racing Commission. This scandal, like so many others, was swept under the carpet quietly. The Clerk of Scales appealed the decision to fire him. The idiot had the audacity to say that he was financially struggling since losing his job. What a joke! I guess all the Owner/Trainers like myself who spent over a million and the wagering public who all got screwed doesn’t count right? I despise this corrupt business. Nothing is ever done. It’s one scandal after another with all the same Owner/Trainers winning the majority of the money. The rest get screwed. It’s the racehorse that gets the bad end of the stick. They are recipients of this horrific business. They pay with their lives.

  29. Debra, I have divulged my identity on this blog. Since you are so involved with this discussion it’s only fair that you divulge your identity don’t you think? Let me make something clear I don’t give a rats ass whether you address my complaints or not. I have nothing to prove. I spent most of my life in this business – probably unlike you. My family invested their lives in this business, and I did later. So many years and millions of dollars later I don’t care what people think. I know. I experienced it. They will never use the term race fixing, but they are using other words. It’s just that simple. So let me make the definition clear. Race fixing is deliberately doing things to either a human or equine athlete to affect the outcome of a race and/or the human involved with the horse doing something that affects the outcome of the race. That can be either the Jockey, Owner and/or Trainer. This industry does an incredible job of playing down things, and keeping things mysterious enough for people to invest money.The reason why they get away with this is because they police themselves. They are the most vocal at Senate Meetings ensuring that this continues. They don’t want outside interference. That should tell any person with half a brain something. The Racing Commissions are supposed to be neutral, but many scandals later, their neutrality is highly questionable in the least. I also know that I’m one of many that have experienced what I’m saying, but they either didn’t know or didn’t care to find out. So here’s another link: If this Link doesn’t work just Google Clerk of Scales Woodbine, and up will come lots of articles regarding this serious misconduct that affected many including myself. Most importantly, it affected both equine and human athlete horses -their lives – their safety. Another thing you need to know Debra is that the Racing Industry has billions at risk. They will go to any length to ensure that these scandals get played down not unlike any profitable corporation. Much of what went on here was addressed in a very indirect way. Another reason why the Racing Industry does this is to avoid lawsuits from the wagering public. When they find out about these things they wait many months before releasing the information to the public. By then, Joe Gambler has long forgotten about the money he lost, and moves on. This is one individual of many who have control, and the ability to affect the outcome of races whether you are a great Trainer, have a good horse with good intentions. Keep in mind, this is one example of many, this is the tip of the iceberg. It only stands to reason that a person going to this length to affect races will go to any lengths to affect the performance of a horse. Another thing, when I suspected this was happening I put in a request to watch my jockey weigh in and weigh out. I was denied. When you go to any Jockeys Room it says on the outside NO OUTSIDE PERSONNEL ALLOWED or something to that affect. So as an Owner/Trainer you can’t confirm the weight that the program has published for the wagering public. I bet you haven’t come close to investing millions into this business, but I can assure you that if you did, you would be outraged at what’s going on. Like I said in my previous post, most Owners know that this business is high risk. They just want a fair shot at it. Most Owner/Trainers don’t get that fair shot. We don’t mind losing if there is a fair playing field. It’s not a fair playing field when you have jockeys still riding involved in such serious misconduct, multiple drug violating Trainers, Drugs, Electrical Devices, etc. etc. When they re-license these people, they are giving them Carte Blanche to do it again. It’s like giving a Bank Teller who committed Fraud & Theft their job back to handle cash. What’s so disturbing about this business is that the racehorse is the biggest victim. They have no voice. They are the recipient of these horrific scandals. Debra,You were not there when Wolfie came back gasping for air. You were not there when I could see he was in distress that only a weighted down horse would exhibit since the post-race vet check showed nothing. You were not there feeling, and smelling his sweat from running his fanny-off trying to win because of the champion he will always be. I also bet your not there on the track watching the racehorses fall from breakdowns or are you there when they are having a needle plunged into their jugular vein to put them out of their misery from this horrific business? I’ve been there for it all Debra. I’ve been up close, and personal. I’ve cradled bleeding racehorses in my arms to comfort them in their time of need, and they were not even my racehorses. I’ve put calls in to people while I see racehorses being loaded into a van on their way to the Kill Auction trying desperately to save them – their Owners nowhere to be found. There will always be greedy people who will find a way to cheat, but it’s the racehorse that pays with their life. This is the horrific world of horse racing.

    • Gina , I am not hiding behind any screen name , I do not feel the need to give you my minute by minute life history and you to think you do . May I point out that you were speaking of weighing down horses , that has nothing to do with the charge s the clerk of scales faced in the link you provided. And also I do not believe the reporting media gets all the facts straight , in as much as I do not believe you do . You sound , once again that you sound like a disgruntled ex owner/trainer and are blaming every one else for your failures . Not once have I said HorseRacing does not have problems , every org has problems. Trying to ruin an entire industry for the sins of a few is wrong, you people are not judge and jury . If you , Gina Powell feel so strongly when are you not actively on your local HBPA board , fighting to end the problems , why are you hiding on a blog bitching . Have you written your racing commission,,have you went before your racing commission and spoke of these problems ?

    • debraolivas78,

      I really appreciate the posts that Gina writes.

      Gina is a loving kind person who has devoted much of her life to horses.

      You, on the other hand, sound very angry and bitter and you continue to distort what is written here.

      You have shown clearly that you do not understand or appreciate the good people on this list.

      You have no idea what Gina or anyone else on this list is doing in their personal life to help horses.

      You are the one playing judge and jury.

  30. Gina,

    Don’t waste your valuable time and effort on the likes of debraolivas78, she is a lost cause. She couldn’t fill your shoes for one day Gina, and is dense to the 10th degree!!!

    Marlene Thornley

  31. Ahh have I touched your nerves Marlene ? Getting right with the personal insults now , lol.

    • Yes Meghan , you people wow me in your , I know better than any one else comments , not one of you look to see the other side .the better side , the side that loves these horses 100% more than you , the side that fights the wrongs in a positive way , aside that does not try and stop them from doing what they love , a side that cries and morns the loss of one , the side that immortalizes them , all something you people can never grasp, because your cause is so perfect . I truly hope none of you you own a pet or animal of any kind , because the whole idea that that Patrick believes in is against that. I am resonbly sure he will omit this post.

      • Deb,
        You do not know me. You have no idea how much I feel and care for ALL animals. Yes, I do have pets. But I do not force any of them to do things against their will which is the whole point of this blog. Apparently you cannot get past your own ignorance to see that. Please, answer me this question. At what age does a horse’s bones finish developing? Because I can promise you, its not by age 2,3 or 4. I do not doubt that you love your own horses and other animals etc. That is not the argument here. My personal issue is that these horses are too YOUNG. Their bodies are not done developing. They are being drugged, whipped and pushed to the limit. That has nothing to do with “loving horses”. Further, no one said anything about stopping the horses from doing what they love (running). But let them do it on their own terms. In an open field. Please do not assume you know me or any of the other people on this site. Honestly Deb, do you believe it is right for a young horse to be pushed the way race horses are pushed? Do you believe it is right to drug and whip these animals? Do you believe it is right to send them to slaughter once they are “retired”? Because if you honestly think those things are right, and believe in an industry that is cool with all those things…. then I actually feel sorry for you. Open your eyes Deb. You are missing the big picture here.

  32. Question for Patrick , how many horses do you own , do you help or volunteer at any rescues , sanctuaries, therapeutic riding places . Do you own any pets ? Or is this blog your sole “contribution ” to the world of horses ?

  33. Debra, whats your capacity in the horse racing industry? Or do you just interrogate everybody else? After many years of trying to change things for the better most good people get out of the business because they realize that the industry is so broken, and corrupt. There is no doubt in my mind that the tentacles of corruption have permeated the Drug Testing Process resulting in about 10% of Trainers winning 90% of the money. This contention is supported by the fact that the same Trainers are winning year in and year out. Just look at the Trainer Stats! You then realize that your just filling races for them. It doesn’t matter how good a person is in this business, they get drowned out by the multiple drug violating Trainers, and the Owners who support them. This is fact. Just look at the Trainers who won on the Derby Day Race card? About 90% had extensive drug violations so nothing has changed. It doesn’t matter how good you are you can’t win against the level of cheating that continues to this day. The corrupt Clerk of Scales at Woodbine in conjunction with jockeys Patrick Husbands and Emma-Jay Wilson was messing with the weights. Very reliable sources have told me that 50% of the charges were reduced even before they reached the media so weighing down horses was one of them. This is business as usual in the industry because they police themselves. No doubt in my mind that Wolfie was weighed down. Of course you would resort to the “disgruntled Owner” attack. So I guess an honest Owner/Trainer who has attempted to change the business for the better should be punished according to you? This is precisely why the business is so horrible. Good honest people get punished, criticized, attacked, and put down. While the cheaters get rewarded.. The industry has no credibility as far as I’m concerned. Scandal after scandal. So many examples that a book could be written about it. I can go back 40 years, and the same issues are still going on the only thing that has changed is the faces. Have you ever heard the line: Meet the new boss same as the old boss? That says it all. This entire industry is based on the exploitation of a sentiment being (the racehorse) for profit. I’ve seen, time and again, all these “good people with good intentions” not take care of their horses. When it got right down to it they dumped them. I saw it with my own eyes. That’s why there’s so many going to slaughter. The horse racing industry is responsible for providing about 30% of horses to slaughter. It’s astounding, and horrific, but so is breakdowns, and deaths. The racehorse is a disposable commodity, and this entire business is based on this exploitation model. The industry is very cruel to people who speak out about it as seen here by your comments and attacks on me. I will never return to a racetrack. The only racehorse I like to see is an OTTB in a grassy paddock with a good home. Sadly, this is an idealistic expectation, but this is horse racing.

  34. Debraolivas78,

    Patrick had the COURAGE to create this website and stand up for the horses.

    Yu do not have the courage to even tell anyone your last name.

    You have no idea how long it takes to research and add all the content to this website.

    What is YOUR contribution to the world of horses.

    There are MANY people on here who are not speaking up because they just want you to go away. Some of these people have been saving horses for over 50 years.

    What is YOUR contribution to the world of horses.

  35. MEGHEN,

    Thank you for your excellent point.


    You may really love your horses.

    this website is not about individuals who love their horses.

    this website is about a horse racing industry that kills over 20,000 horses a year to horse slaughter and many thousands more a year at the race track plus thousands more that are being abused at the race track every single day.

    There are many people on this group that were race horse trainers and race horse owners. These people witnessed a horse die at the track or some other traumatic incident and that changed their life forever and after that they could no longer be a part of the horse racing industry.

  36. Right on Kathleen. As most of you know I grew up in the industry, Owned and Trained for years. I kept so many things bottled up inside of me, horrific things that I saw, and witnessed. I had 2 serious conflicts as to why I kept silence at the time. One, my husband and I had so much money invested that we were trying to figure out how we could get out without going completely broke. Once we figured out exactly what was going on – we were in too deep financially. I really think that many find out when it’s too late. In fact, some of our neighbours in Kentucky found themselves in the same situation that we did. We would often talk about it. I will never forget this one couple. We met them at the Keeneland Sale when all our hopes were high on pursuing this impossible dream that the business promotes. Then, two years later we were sharing the real world of horse racing: the breakdowns, deaths, drugs, corruption, denial of stalls, not getting races, denial of access, watching the same multiple drug violating Trainers winning year in and year out, and we all realized that it’s all a sham. Through all this we always maintained, like most honest Owners, that we didn’t mind losing if it was a level playing field, only to realize that it wasn’t and that nothing was being done about it. Sadly, iall of this was being done at the expense of the racehorse. They pay the price. So then we all tried to find homes – good homes for many of our herd that we accumulated. Like most farms the first thing to go is the Broodmares, then the non- profitable racehorses. We then witnessed another negative. It’s so difficult, if not impossible, to find a decent long term home for an OTTB. There are thousands of OTTB’s looking for homes, and this is all the result of a business that creates this mess of unwanted horses to fill races. It was heartbreaking all around first for the horses, and then financially because horses that we had $100,000 into were being either given away or sold for $500. We all took responsibility for our actions, the fact that we supported this industry. We all realized how horrific it was. Two, we had a good racehorse, and the only way to get out of the business with something was to race him. I vowed that I would take care of him, and I did. I still do to this day long after the finish line and his last race in 2006. The truth of the matter is that he took care of me. He took care of everybody. However, we were denied so much directly due to the intimidation, and harrassment that we experienced. That’s when I really learned about this business. I fought hard to protect my horse, and our investment. The more I fought the more I learned just how corrupt this business is, and the personal attacks ensued. These attacks were malicious meant to discredit me and my horse. They got you between a rock and a hard place. Your expected to keep your mouth shut, but it’s okay to spend a fortune. So if you speak out about it your attacked. If you keep silent about it your screwed. So either way you lose, but the biggest loser is the racehorse. Once I was unfettered from the confines of my situation I vowed to educate people on this business and what’s going on which is precisely why I actively participate on this Blog. My main motivation has and always will be the health and welfare of the racehorse that carries this business on their backs – literally. I realize that I can get emotional about some things, and if you don’t want to believe what I’m saying – that’s fine. However, the facts speak for themselves. The dead horses littering racetracks all over the U.S as published here. The corruption scandals as published on Racing Commission websites, this years Derby Day Race Card full of multiple drug violating Trainers winning, the 3 musketeers (Baffert, Pletcher, Asmussen) unscathed by their long list of violations and scandals while having the most horses on the biggest day of Racing – and winning. How can anybody think that their wins are drug-free and corruption-free based on their track record? I certainly can’t, but it’s the racehorse who is the innocent victim in all of this. If that isn’t worse enough this multibillion dollar industry does little or nothing for the racehorses, and gets away with this unscrupulous degrading approach to a sentiment being. This is the horrific world of horse racing.

    • Ms. Powell, I’m glad you love your horsie, Get Down Wolfie, and I hope you’re able to continue to care and provide for him, but you haven’t been completely truthful in your statements about him. Using Equibase as a source –
      “Two, we had a good racehorse, and the only way to get out of the business with something was to race him. I vowed that I would take care of him, and I did. I still do to this day long after the finish line and his last race in 2006.”
      actually, it was July 17, 2008, for owner/trainer Richard H. Jukosky, where he finished 6th of 7, unless you are speaking about another horse
      and looking at his racing record, unless you’re claiming he was sabotaged in nearly every race, to say he ‘should have been a GI Stake horse’ is a stretch, at best…I understand that horses are people’s babies, and everyone wants to believe the best about their babies, but he wasn’t as good as you wanted to believe. Perhaps he could’ve been more successful if he’d been dropped into lower-level claimers, but his connections kept shooting for the moon, which must’ve been very discouraging for Wolfie. He had a steady diet of Allowance, and AOC, as well as a few listed (and one GIII, where he was creamed, right after he broke his maiden – in his 9th try) Stakes, but he just couldn’t cut it – producing minor placings at best, and one listed Stakes win. You say you thought he could be good, but the owners didn’t, so why was he continuously placed over his head, where he couldn’t win? Weren’t they interested in winning?

      You stated, ” I especially noticed it when Patrick Husbands rode him.” … “Ironically, he (Frank Stronach) won the upper level races that Wolfie was weighed down in – go figure.” I checked ALL of Wolfie’s charts, and only found two times Patrick Husbands rode him, 10/15/04 (last) & 6/5/08 (4th). 10/15/04 was an AOC ($80K) with a ~74K purse, not quite what I, at least, would call, “upper level,” but leaving that, the winner was owned by James Perron Racing Stable. 6/5/08 was a $20K claimer, where, being at a lower level, he did do better, but, again, the winner was owned by Formula One Racing Stables. Frank Stronach races as Stronach Stables, breeds as Adina Springs. Also, in both races, the weights carried are comparable with the other horses in the race. If you thought your horse was carrying more weight than was assigned and reported on the charts, you should’ve reported it to the police or the Canadian equivalent of the FBI, because there are crimes involved, fraud, conspiracy, etc. and I’m sure Equibase would like to know that incorrect information was reported to them to record on their official charts.

      I’m glad Get Down Wolfie is happy and safe now, with someone who cares about & for him. Funny thing, he was eased and DNF once, came back 7 months later, and raced 28 more times, but, I guess, on this site, he would’ve been listed as ‘probably dead.’

      my point being that, if you can’t/won’t/don’t present facts correctly about something so easy to check (GDW’s race record), how can we believe anything else you’ve said?

      • You Mindy obviously can’t read.
        My entire point is that my horse was a victim of the corruption going on at both Woodbine and Ft. Erie.
        Another thing I’ve never mentioned is that we sent blood tests, immediately after his races, to an outside source in the U.S.,and it came back with a tranquilizer-type substance in it.
        So he was a victim of somebody reducing his racing ability which is reflected on his race records which you so arduously analyzed while not knowing shit about the details behind it.
        So you Mindy get your facts straight.

  37. Horse racing needs to be recognized as Animal Abuse. Get rid of it. All about $%$$%. The American way.

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