Dead: Hughes Next, Also Mighty, Sea Fighter

At least two horses were killed on American tracks yesterday:

7-year-old Hughes Next, being raced for the 44th time, went down in the 6th at Finger Lakes. The NYS Gaming Commission says only that he “broke down in the stretch and was euthanized on track…investigation to follow.” In this year alone, this pitiful piece of chattel had been shuffled among three trainers: Rodolfo Romero, Barbara McBride, and finally, Jeremiah Englehart.

In contrast to the well-worn Hughes Next, 2-year-old Also Mighty was felled in his very first race, a maiden claiming at Fair Meadows. The Equibase chart says: “forced into rail, fell, euthanized.” How’s that for an epitaph?

Also, the Gaming Commission tells us that 6-year-old Sea Fighter died Tuesday at Finger Lakes from “chronic diarrhea, laminitis.” While the Commission shamelessly attempts to wash industry hands by calling this a “non-racing” death, make no mistake, Racing killed this long-abused horse: 60 starts in all (most recent just two weeks ago); over last 20 races – all cheap claiming at bottom-feeding Finger Lakes – finished higher than fourth just once; multiple barns/trainers/owners/whippers.

Three more dead as Triple Crown frenzy builds. This is horseracing.


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  1. Shared, with love and respect for the fallen. Hate and disgust for the murdering industry.

  2. its all about money, they dont care about these horses, i pray horse racing ends one day,;;;;

  3. Just the tip of the iceberg. Think of all the breeding (to get more winners) and then inevitable foals that will end up in the slaughter factory.

  4. I agree, no horse racing, dog racing or any other kind of animal athlete. Period.

  5. start them running before they have a chance for their legs to finish growing together at the knees, fill them full of drugs, make them do things that their bodies are not built for…… lets do this to the owners and see how fast we get in trouble

  6. The suffering that these three horses endured is tragic. Poor Sea Fighter’s agony and subsequent death is especially disturbing.

    And Jeremiah Englehart makes Horseracing Wrongs news again with the death of his Hughes Next. The following is from Horseracing Wrongs, August 22, 2013, when Englehart’s My Darling Deb was reported as “blind both eyes – euthanized” at Finger Lakes:

    “My Darling Deb (pictured above) suffered the following mishap on May 3rd while under the care of multiple stakes-winning (over $8 million career purses) trainer Jeremiah Englehart – who, by the way, has been fined five times in NY, including once for using the sedative acepromazine: “stumbled unseating rider-ran through rail- into car – lacerations to chest and legs–rider treated and released-horse doing well-given several months off.” And now she turns up blind and is euthanized. How did this happen? More to the point, will the NYS Gaming Commission investigate? With the dead horse being a five-year-old claimer with one 2013 start, any scrutiny is likely to be superficial at best.”

    And what did the little two-year-old Johnie On the Dash suffer that required she be euthanized? One can only imagine and the worst is highly likely.

    Hughes Next, Johnie On the Dash, and Sea Fighter…your sufferings and deaths matter to those of us who value you for simply who you were and not for what was expected of you. Your enslavement is over.

  7. Is the cost to repair the horse too much? It seems that if it can be repaired like setting a bone or physical problem it would be ascertainable to cost. Maybe its some custom.

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