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A few odds and ends:

In a weku article (4/29/15) on Lasix, longtime (45 years) equine vet Mark Chaney offers his reason for supporting the raceday medication: “If you and I were in one of those stalls 22 hours a day, we’d have COPD so bad and emphysema. You know, you probably couldn’t even breathe.” How’s that for a (probably) unwitting condemnation of his entire industry?

In a Wall Street Journal article (5/25/15) on Victor Espinoza’s merciless whipping of American Pharoah in the Kentucky Derby, former Vice Chair of the CHRB Bo Derek is referred to as an “animal-rights activist.” Sorry, racing director and animal rights activist are wholly incompatible terms.

From the Santa Anita “Stewards Minutes” for May 21: “Jockey JOSEPH TALAMO was in the office this morning to review the stretch run of the fourth race from May 17, during which he hit his mount over the left ear with his whip several times. After viewing the race, the rider said he did not realize that it was improper to hit a horse on the ear as he had seen old videos of Hall of Famer CHRIS MCCARRON doing the same thing.” The next day, a ruling was issued: $300 fine and a “warning” – because, you know, “a warning [is] sufficient for a first time offense.”

This is horseracing.

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  1. That vet is a lunatic :) What about all the other horses around the world that don’t race on Lasix/Salix? Does this mean NA TBs are feeble shadows of the others? SMH.

  2. Don’t you “love” it when grown men say, in effect, “But I saw Daddy do it!” when caught in the act? Talamo is lying, and he knows it. Nobody who has ever spent a single day around horses can fail to note how sensitive a horse’s ear is. Perhaps the most readily visible indication of a horse’s mood and disposition is in his expressive ears. And they are filled with tiny nerves and blood vessels. Many horses like to have their ears gently squeezed now and then; it releases endorphins. The freight loaders (gate crews) will sometimes squeeze the ears of a recalcitrant horse, overdoing it, of course. What amazes me is that Talamo, for as long as he has been riding, thinks that hitting a horse on one of the most sensitive part of his body will encourage greater effort! As for the slap on the wrist fine, in most racing jurisdictions outside the US, it would have been five to ten times higher and/or he might have received a suspension. Just more fuel for my contention that US racetrack stewards are foxes guarding henhouses.

  3. Sunday musings, May 28, 2017…

    From the May 24, 2017 pro-racing PR, the article titled; “Dozens of Drug Positives Thrown Out Due to State Incompetence”.

    Florida’s Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering is the state’s government agency that regulates Florida horse racing – and because the agency employees didn’t comply with Florida law in how to collect and process post-race blood samples, just over a year’s worth of drug positives were thrown out…totally disregarded and all of the offending trainers went on their merry way.

    Following, the offenders, their horses and the drugs found in those horses’ blood…

    Juan D. Arias Jr. (2): Tiger Bourbon, 2/26/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone); Michaelslittleally, 5/16/16, Gulfstream Park (bethamethasone)

    Horacio Alberto Barbaran: Alto Precio 1/26/17, Calder Race Course (flunixin and phenylbutazone)

    Gerald S. Bennett (2): This Boy’s Sharp, 6/1/16, Tampa Bay Downs (xylazine); Angel Falls, 3/28/16, Tampa Bay Downs (flunixin, ketoprofen, phenylbutazone)

    William Jordan Blair (2): Faction Cat, 4/11/16, Tampa Bay Downs (dexamethasone); Bet With Charlie, 3/21/16, Tampa Bay Downs (methylprednisolone)

    Maria A. Bowersock: Sandia Crest, 4/20/16, Tampa Bay Downs (dexamethasone)

    Ashlee Brooke Brnjas: Augusto B, date not available, Tampa Bay Downs (dimethylsulfoxide)

    Edwin T. Broome: Castleboy, 5/17/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone)

    Mark E. Casse (2): Kaigun, 5/6/16, Gulfstream Park (betamethasone); Spring Spirit, 12/19/16, Calder Race Course (methylprednisolone)

    Jane D. Cibelli: Spender, 1/17/17, Gulfstream Park (isoflupredone)

    Jason Anthony Dacosta (2): Strollingintherain, 3/21/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine); Man o Bear, 6/10/16, Tampa Bay Downs (betamethasone)

    Bobby S. Dibona: Vow Me Over, 12/13/16, Calder Race Course (flunixin and phenylbutazone)

    Luis Duco: Motion’s First, 10/11/16, Gulfstream Park (methocarbamol)

    Rodolfo G. Garcia (2): Moonless Sky, 1/9/17, Gulfstream Park (methocarbamol); Rock All Day, 7/13/16, Gulfstream Park (betamethasone)

    Jose R. Garoffalo: JR’s Holiday, 3/21/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone)

    Christos Gatis (3): Royal Fighter, date not available, Tampa Bay Downs (methocarbamol); Drama Princess, date not available, Tampa Bay Downs (methocarbamol); Pom Pom Power, 6/2/16, Tampa Bay Downs (methocarbamol)

    Stan I. Gold: Sunshine n Shadow, 11/1/16, Tropical Park (mepivacaine)

    Anthony J. Granitz (3): Epic Journey, 3/2/16, Tampa Bay Downs (dexamethasone); Rizzi Girl Twelve, 3/30/16, Tampa Bay Downs (dexamethasone); Long to Win, 3/30/16, Tampa Bay Downs (triamcinolone acetonide)

    Alison Hassig: Sandro, 2/14/17, Tampa Day Downs (glycopyrolate)

    Jennifer A. Hayford-Quinones: Diamond Tour, 2/16/17, Tampa Bay Downs (triamcinolone acetonide and xylazine)

    Ian Robert Hemingway (4): Leroisgoldanimal, 6/10/16, Tampa Bay Downs (hydroxyethyl promazine sulfoxide and methylprednisolone); Proud Mary Strikes, 6/10/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine); Annabella Hall, 7/29/16, Tampa Bay Downs (hydroxydantrolene); Bridles Holiday, 11/1/16, Gulfstream Park (methylprednisolone)

    Rosemary B. Homeister Sr.: Blessedwithprayer, 5/16/16, Gulfstream Park (dexamethasone)

    Timothy J. Kelly: Next Cowboy Up, 1/18/17, Calder Race Course (triamcinolone acetonided)

    Dane Kobiskie: Lallie, 9/20/16, Gulfstream Park (mepivacaine)

    Paul Kopaj (2): Starship Galaxy, 4/17/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin, ketoprofen, phenylbutazone); Starship Galaxy, 5/2/16, Gulfstream Park (clenbuterol)

    Tamara Levy (2): Pathos, 5/16/16, Gulfstream Park (betamethasone); Dancin in the Heat, date not available, Gulfstream Park (betamethasone)

    Braulio M. Lopez Jr: Indio Nativo, 3/7/17, Tampa Bay Downs (phenylbutazone)

    Aubrey A. Maragh (3): Tuneintobow, 3/21/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine); Love Rules All, 5/25/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine); It’s Not Me 6/15/16, Gulfstream Park (dexamethasone)

    Clyde W. Martin Jr.: Sister Caro, 2/6/17, Gulfstream Park (xylazine)

    Alejandro M. Maymo: Majestic Maiara, 2/6/17, Gulfstream Park (dimethylsulfoxide)

    Kiaran P. McLaughlin: Farz, 5/16/16, Gulfstream Park (betamethasone)

    Angel M. Medina: Big Distinction, 7/8/16, Gulfstream Park (phenlbutazone)

    Keith Raymond Nations (2): Morning Fire, 3/3/16, Tampa Bay Downs (isoflupredone); Global Glow, 3/3/16, Tampa Bay Downs (betamethasone)

    Jorge I. Navarro (2): Vera’s Finally, 6/2/16, Gulfstream Park (mepivacaine); Chatt Hills, 5/9/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone)

    Marcial R. Navarro (4): Britannia’s Moat, 10/11/16, Gulfstream Park (methocarbamol); Bluegrass Lady, 6/28/16, Gulfstream Park (methocarbamol); Fan Base, 10/11/16, Gulfstream Park (methocarbamol); Little Twitch, 10/11/16, Gulfstream Park (betamethasone)

    Ralph E. Nicks: Awesome Sting, 6/10/16, Gulfstream Park (mepivacaine)

    Kathleen O’Connell (3): Bettarun Realfast, 4/13/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone); Romantic Henry, 6/9/16, Tampa Bay Downs (phenylbutazone); Game Lad, 7/20/16, Tropical Park (betamethasone)

    Pasquale Parente: Extremist, 3/28/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin, ketoprofen, phenylbutazone)

    Todd A. Pletcher (4): Stanford, 4/11/16, Gulfstream Park (betamethasone); Destin, 5/16/16, Tampa Bay Downs (isoflupredone); Brinkley, 5/16/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine); Gracious Plenty, 5/16/16, Gulfstream Park (betamethasone)

    Robert A. Raymond: Jockey Jills Dream, 3/3/16, Tampa Bay Downs (xylazine)

    Juan P. Rizo: Admiral’s Win, 2/7/17, Gulfstream Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone)

    Darien Rodriguez (2): Lighthouse Sound, 3/21/16, Tampa Bay Downs (flunixin, ketoprofen, phenylbutazone); Awesome Prizes, 3/21/16, Tampa Bay Downs (betamethasone)

    Juan Andres Rodriguez (3): My Wish List, 5/25/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine); Let Love Rule, 5/25/16, Gulfstream Park (mepivacaine); Let Love Rule, 7/13/16, Gulfstream Park (mepivacaine)

    Derek S. Ryan: Mythical Man, 2/18/16, Tampa Bay Downs (methylprednisolone)

    Antonio Sano: Elsenordeloscielos, 11/7/16, Tropical Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone)

    Jason J. Servis (4): Ramblin N Gamblin, 6/10/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine); Ramblin N Gamblin, 5/13/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine); Indian Splendor, 6/2/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine); Gran the Man, 5/13/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine)

    Chad J. Stewart: Replay, 5/16/16, Tampa Bay Downs (betamethasone)

    Amy E. Tarrant: D’Oro Tomorrow, 3/11/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone)

    Ray Trisler: Onceaboutadream, 2/22/17, Tampa Bay Downs (dimethylsulfoxide)

    James G. Tsirigotis Jr.: Indy Silver Bullet, 3/8/16, Tampa Bay Downs (flunixin, ketoprofen, phenylbutazone)

    George R. Weaver (2): Madame Barbarian, 5/18/16, Gulfstream Park (betamethasone); Requite, 7/13/16, Gulfstream Park (ketoprofen)

    Martin Wolfson (11): Best Bahavior, 4/8/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin, phenylbutazone, dexamethasone); Miss Melinda, 4/8/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone); Gem Twist, 3/21/16, Gulfstream Park (dexamethasone); Curlin’s Princess, 5/18/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone); Curlin’s Princess, 6/2/16, Gulfstream Park dexamethasone); To Remember, 6/2/16, Gulfstream Park (dexamethasone); Best Behavior, 5/18/16, Gulfstream Park (dexamethasone); Happy’s Causeway, 6/2/16, Gulfstream Park (dexamethasone); Kiss to Remember, 6/10/16, Gulfstream Park (dexamethasone); Kiss to Remember, 8/23/16, Gulfstream Park (medication unavailable); Liberty Road, 6/10/16, Gulfstream Park (dexamethasone)

    Gilberto Zerpa (2): Dearest, 5/9/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin, methocarbamol, phenylbutazone); Dunkin Bend, 8/15/16, Gulfstream Park (triamcinolone acetonide)

    Ralph G. Ziadie (3): Misty Phyllis, 4/11/16, Gulfstream Park (clenbuterol and phenlbutazone); Baby I’m Worth It, 10/14/16, Gulfstream Park (methocarbamol); R Cat Daddy, 10/14/16, Gulfstream Park (methocarbamol)


  4. It’s been just over 5 years since the NYT’s piece “Big Purses, Sore Horses, and Death” was published…and the industry just keeps on crippling and killing horses.

    “As he trained for his first race, at Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens, the 3-year-old thoroughbred Wes Vegas galloped on the track most mornings and had two timed workouts. But his handlers also prepared him in another way: In the month before the race, records show, he received 10 intravenous injections of potent drugs for pain, one the day before he ran; two injections of a drug for joint disease; corticosteroid injections in his two front ankles; a sedative; and an ulcer drug.

    For all the preparation, that first race, on March 3, turned out to be his last. As he approached the first turn, Wes Vegas broke a leg and had to be euthanized.”

    Read more here – but be prepared.


  5. There are a plethora of reasons to immediately SHUT DOWN this vile business.
    It’s absolutely unacceptable that our government continues to be an ATM machine for these hell holes that are legitimized animal abuse sites, and corruption pits.
    Our government condones, and supports this by permitting millions in casino profits to go directly into their purse money, which exacerbates the already existing animal cruelty.
    The fact that they can hide and keep secret their medication records amounts to, what seems to be, FRAUD.
    The unchecked drugs, and slap on the wrists when caught can only result in racehorses dying, and it does.
    This business is a blueprint for animal abuse and/or dying, and it has got to go!!
    Anybody who participates and/or supports this, at any level, needs their head examined.
    I would have included heart in that statement, but you would have to be heartless to subject a sentient being to this ongoing inhumane treatment.

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