Two Killed in Same Penn Race Last Night

Two horses were killed in the same race last night at Penn National. In the 8th, a $4,000 claiming, 5-year-old Player to Be Named and 4-year-old Thou Art Mary both “broke down” and were “humanely euthanized.”

It is, of course, a fact that on average several horses die on American tracks daily. That said, it is unusual to have two felled in the same race. Because of this, you would think that at least one of the regular rags – Paulick, DRF, Blood-Horse – would cover it. Nothing. Why? Because these were relatively worthless assets running for bottom-feeder connections (Stephen Mick, Joseph Besecker, Lucy Houle Webb, Mindy Githens) at a seedy track. In short, no one, save for us advocates, seems to care that two intelligent, feeling creatures were killed for gambling last night in Pennsylvania.

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  1. What can be said that hasn’t already been said by those of us who simply love the HORSE…

    I’m so sorry Player to Be Named and Thou Art Mary. I’m just so damned sorry.

  2. R.I.P. “Player to be Named”, and “Thou Art Mary”, you are free from your tormentors, and hopefully, in a better world. Those of us on this site valued your lives.

    Marlene Thornley

  3. This is a sport, animals and humans die or are injured in horse racing. They are bred to run then they are either studded out or euthanized.. All sports have consequences, think of all the NFL guys whose brain gets so scrambled they have dementia before they are fifty. Supply and Demand
    , as long as American’s demand horse, dog’s to race they will continue to die, The dogs are treated terribly.

    • Nfl players personally sign up for the abuse they recieve they have a voice of their own n deside there own fate for rediculous amounts of money non the less….this is where the athlete racehorse has no voice no opinion of its own people are the problem n money is the problem I’m fine with racing but answer this if a local racecar driver with a expensive engine has a problem with his expensive engine no local guy would risk his investment why is this not the case in ultra expensive racehorses do the owners generate the amount of money to just say move on and buy another horse also drugs why in hell are horses allowed any drugs or medications before a race doesn’t that compromise the owners investment I just simply cannot retaliate to what’s going on I live 10 min from Penn national n just hope n pray the whole fuckin place becomes a sinkhole it’s wrong n inhumane n all for money

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