5-Year-Old Collapses and Dies at Finger Lakes

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that a mare named Icprideicpower “collapsed and died during [a] morning workout” at Finger Lakes yesterday; apparently, she suffered “a catastrophic cardiac event.” She was only five years old.

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  1. These TB’s should not be running at break speeds in this intense heat. It is cruel to make them race when it is sweltering outside. Of course they are going to collapse.

    Another TB named “Soul House” also dropped dead on his way back to the barn, after running 7th. in a race at Belmont today. These deaths were preventable, if the Race track suspended racing for a day to protect their equine athletes. Soul House died in front of a large crowd, and I am sure many were shaken by this. I hope it upset them so much that they walk away from the track.

    Wake up NY Racing Commission, you better start protecting the well being and welfare of your athletes, because each time the fans bear witness to a death, collapse, or a breakdown, you are losing fans. Hopefully, the wheels will fall off the Racing bus soon!!! What a happy day for the thoroughbreds!!!!

    Marlene Thornley

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