Moonlit Stroll Dead at Churchill

The Daily Racing Form reports that 4-year-old Moonlit Stroll is dead after breaking down (“badly”) while training at Churchill on May 23. This, of course, is only newsworthy because Moonlit Stroll was a successful horse (placed in a Grade 1 just three weeks prior). In fact, the DRF calls it “a horrible shame, particularly for trainer/co-owner Grant Forster.” Racing’s priorities laid bare, yet again.

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  1. Ahhh yes “a horrible shame” meaning no more $$$$$$ out of this animal! Blast, it was going so well for us! Could’ve made us heaps of money and now it’s dead.

  2. Just putting up the following to give an example of a racehorse in low grade racing coming down with a problem.
    Ginger blundered behind coming out of the gates and was retired from the race by its jockey. Post race vetting found the gelding to have a suspected broken pelvis or to be displaying nerve damage and ataxia to the hindquarter. Ginger was treated with anti-inflammatories and was held for observation overnight. Trainer advised Stewards Ginger had not shown any soreness or lameness behind and had never had any injury to its hindquarters. He added Ginger had trialled well leading into today’s race and had been working favourably. Trainer was advised that Stewards would consider the racing future of Ginger when a full veterinary assessment is completed on the gelding.
    5 days later – Stewards continued their inquiries into the reasons for Ginger being retired from the race by its rider. A report from a Veterinary Hospital advised that Ginger, was found to be lame in the right hind leg however, the gelding was not exhibiting several of the symptoms consistent with wobbler’s syndrome, which was an initial possible diagnosis for the hind limb ataxia. Trainer undertook to have Ginger undergo a thorough veterinary examination, including x-rays on the gelding’s neck and pelvis and further investigation into any underlying neurological disorder.
    I watched this race, he was upset in the gates, the racecaller also mentioned this and I noticed he was not galloping right but kept on going. Racecaller says Ginger seems to be bucking or something and then further along says oh I think he’s broken down.
    For far too many years I’ve seen far too many horses upset in the gates and then come to grief. Horses have no voice and the only way they can communicate is through their behaviour. It never ceases to amaze me when trainers are questioned the response is always that the horse has been going just fine and hadn’t had any issues ….
    Needless to say horse did not reappear. He had 4 wins, 6 seconds and 2 thirds and earned prizemoney of $40,000 over a 2 year period. A gelding, no breeding barn for him, no good to anyone and off he goes to slaughter.
    Ginger is a classic example of the many thousands of racehorses out there working like Trojans whilst their bodies (and minds) are being cruelly damaged right before our very eyes. This is totally UNACCEPTABLE in today’s society. And they call this a “sport” for human “entertainment”.

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