Two More Dead in NY

The NYS Gaming Commission has posted the following deaths:

This morning, 4-year-old Zzaj “sustained [a] tibial fracture while breezing” at Saratoga. Euthanized on the track. Yesterday, 7-year-old Clever King, who had been undergoing treatment for colic, was “found deceased in [his] stall” at Finger Lakes. In other words, at least as I read it, he died alone and probably in pain. All told, Clever King was put to the whip 66 times – all but once in claiming races. This is horseracing.

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  1. Had ” Clever King ” been treated in the early stages of colic, he could have been saved. Being found dead in his stall, tells me that he was left alone, and no one checked up to see how he was responding. This is pure negligence. This shows no respect for a living, breathing, creature, who feels the same pain we do. It is inexcusable. R.I.P. Clever King, you didn’t deserve to die that way. R.I.P. ZZaj.

    Until basic protections are put in place to protect the well being of the thoroughbred, these incidents will continue to happen. Right now it is like the “Wild West” at the track. The racing industry, the owner’s and trainer’s are free to do whatever they want without penalty, and it is the innocent thoroughbreds that are paying the price with their lives.

    I urge you to write your senators and demand that they institute protections for the health and well-being of the thoroughbred. The abuse needs to be stopped, and this is the only way that I can see any real chance of change becoming established. We need Congress to step up and reign in this industry, and the thoroughbred can’t wait much longer, as they are being decimated every day.

    Marlene Thornley

  2. Oh and here we have another one – “found deceased in [his]stall” died from colic.
    It is claimed that this 7 year old gelding CLEVER KING was undergoing treatment for colic. I sure would like to know what this “treatment” was if he was FOUND dead which of course implies the horse was alone and not being attended to despite the fact that he was suffering from colic….. this just doesn’t add up to me. And who was administering the treatment? If it had’ve been a vet who was called in in the early stages of the colic, it is highly likely the horse would’ve been saved. If vet had’ve been called in the latter stages of the colic an ethical vet would’ve euthanased him to put the poor animal out of his misery. This horse was not euthanased. This horse had competed in 66 races whilst being beaten with a whip when sore and fatigued and earned money for the owner and others, yet a lousy few hundred dollars to do the right thing by the animal was not a consideration. I hope the trainer and his workers rot in hell and if the owner was made aware of the situation then I hope he/she rots in hell as well.

    When you see the symptoms that MIGHT be colic, if you want to save the horse and prevent it from suffering a most agonizing death, you call the vet in immediately. Racehorses are housed in a confined area so monitoring their health is easy, you’re under the same roof with them so there’s no excuse for not noticing. They are in your face. There is no excuse for a horse to die from colic these days because so much can be done for them if acted upon early. Appears to me that no one bothered to call a vet in.

    The notorious Steve Blasi (trainer with Asmussen) stated to doomed horse, NEHRO: “Quit being such an asshole. Aggravating son of a bitch.”

    After NEHRO died of colic: Steve Blasi said “I have seen a lot of shit. THAT IS THE MOST VIOLENT FUCKING DEATH I HAVE EVER SEEN.”

    • Carolyn, your right. I suspect that John and Sharon Simms unloaded Lame but $Free$ gelding, CLEVER KING, on their way home from Tampa. Dead at 7 in New York, but bred by Anderson Farms once very well known,
      in Caledon, ON.
      Former CEO of Woodbine, owner of Kinghaven Farms Ltd partnered with Anderson Farms Inc
      I can only imagine the number of horses overbred.

      Yeah – John and Sharon Simms – about Geldings – 9yo DISBELIEF and 7yo SERIOUS INDEED
      They must be in great hands!!!

      – ONTARIO RACING COMMISSION – Fort Erie Aug.30, 2011

  3. The link isn’t working, however – the Simms –
    They claimed gelding, ‘Disbelief’ way back on March 6, 2005 for $7,500 at Tampa Bay Downs in Florida
    His last race was on Sept 24, 2012 at Fort Erie track in Ontario
    Number of Starts 100…. Wins 18…Seconds 19….Thirds 17
    Earnings of $291,445.00
    I’m sure he has a good home today?

    ‘Serious Indeed’ has more to prove so entered at Woodbine May 27th, 2015
    Number of starts 55…Wins 6…Seconds 5 … Thirds 10
    Earnings to date $291,331.00
    I guess not enough$ for retirement home?

    • Thanks for this information Jo-Anne Ward. If I have understood correctly, it appears that JOHN and SHARON SIMMS might have dumped CLEVER KING on their way home – then if that’s the case, these people are despicable lowlives.

      DISBELIEF earned $291,445 (plus the betting) and had one hundred (100) starts with 18 wins, 19 seconds and 17 thirds, oh boy did this horse work hard for them. This nine (9) year old gelding was used and abused right to the very last ounce of energy left in him. And what was his reward? Hmm…. we don’t have to guess that one.

      SERIOUS INDEED 55 starts to date and a 7 year old – his future is looking grim in the hands of these people.

      I have assumed these 3 horses were/are geldings. They really do cop it the worst in my view – no future in the breeding barn therefore they’re raced and raced until their poor bodies (and minds) are so damaged they cannot take it any more and succumb. AN UTTER DISGRACE.

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