Despite “Terrific Effort” to Save Him, Bluecam Dead at Parx

Bluecam, a 5-year-old gelding, is dead after breaking down in the 6th at Parx yesterday. The chartwriter reports (Equibase): “DESPITE A TERRIFIC EFFORT BY JOCKEY RIVERA TO PULL BLUECAM UP AND DISMOUNT IMMEDIATELY, BLUECAM WAS HAMANELY [sic] EUTHANIZED.” “Terrific effort”? The skewed, self-deluded mind of an insider. In truth, Mr. Rivera – along with trainer Louis Linder and owner Over The Moon Racing – is complicit in this horse’s death. This is horseracing.

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  1. That’s it – skewed ideas of an onsider. The jockey pulling him up and jumping off was more than likely to save himself. The damage had been done.

  2. But Bluecam was so difficult to pull up, with his catastrophic injury, because he just loved to run, isn’t that right racing apologists?

    With each injured, damaged, abused or dead horse’s name printed here, I become increasingly appalled that people who claim to love the equine can also love and support an unnecessary gambling industry that is responsible for this suffering.

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